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    40 cal carbine choice

    For those with handling experience what would you choose? a- hi point 4095 b- kel tech su2000 in 40 cal or c- glock 40 cal with mech tech ccu cx storm was original choice but became aware of some other options, I have heard good and bad about the kel tech and the hi point and not much...
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    Another Glock Thread

    Can uppers be easily bought/ordered through a local dealer? I figured they must run around $200? I tried looking on the internet to see prices but cant find anything. ( I am licensed).
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    Another Glock Thread

    Is swapping the upper on 35 to a 22 or 31 that simple ,slide off, slide on or do you need to change anything else when you do the swap ( other than the cartridge)?
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    Lack of Foundation?

    1-I believe you miss my point, 2-I do understand that alot of people go to jkd because they may not be interested in learning all the intricasies of a given style of silat, or wing chun, or escrima etc. 3- As i said earlier I believe Bruce was more interested in producing competent fighters as...
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    Wing Chun vs Wing Tsun

    wing chun/ wing tsun etc is like karate or aikido - infinite variations on the same theme and everybody thinks thier way is correct, while a good chunk of it is garbage. Which it were a little more consisitent like judo
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    Pros/Cons of the blitz method

    Great post. I dont like chain punches for anything more than a training tool.
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    Lack of Foundation?

    1.-I think in these posts people are using structure and foundation interchangeably, when they are 2 seperate things. 2.- IMHO I beleive many people aredrawn to jkd because they think its a faster route or shortcut ( classical mess) however there is no way to avoid endless repetition - whether...
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    sparring vs chi sau

    Many styles preferred distance is farther than wing chun, a wing chun person has to a) learn how to close that distance while being attacked in a very aggressive and dynamic way and maintain their prefered distance while being attacked thats where sparring helps grapplers practice the shoot...
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    Flow Drills or Sensitivity Drills?

    I think people gravitate towards what they pick up more quickly. I have a harder time with sensitivity and need to work on it more,yet I do prefer flow drills or smooth automatic continuos reactions which do build sensitivity anyway.
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    UFC proves KF useless

    I am not arguing against the usefulness of mma or its value, its just that it is taken out of context, alot of the mma guys are PROFESSIONAL, and semi- pro athletes competing within the defined rules of thier sport, i am sure most of them or any other professional athlete can kick some butt on...
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    UFC proves KF useless

    1-Very quickly the mma guys found what worked best for the ufc cage environment and stuck to it until now they have it down to a science PERIOD. (jujitsu, and limited stand up striking) 2- Many if not most of the mma guys could not hold thier own in a professional boxing match or muay thai...
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    Ranking System Within Wing Chun

    Unfortunately in chinese martial arts there is little consistency period. Lineage while nice is no guarantee of anything. You could learn from someone who knows his stuff but either a) doesn't teach everyone the same by choice ( to put it nicely) b) doesn't know how to teach what he knows c)...
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    tri-pole form

    From watching the clip, the main purpose of the drill is to teach footwork, and hand combinations coordinated with the footwork, some of the people were a little "loose" but no big deal. As someone else mentioned there are poles planted in the ground for kicking, stepping and kicking but that...
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    judo/jujitsu new york

    Zujitsuka- Hows it going? I was actually at mcburney for a couple months, good people and instructor. As usual though its hard to keep up with/ make the time for anything outside of my "main arts". I noticed they also had a zujitsu class there but never had the time to take a look.
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    Wall bag punching

    Shock ups if you are talking about what I think are okay but train something different than wall bags ( no root) To me wall bags are partially like pre-training for the wooden man. Wall bags arent a replacement for the heavy bag, and the heavy bag definitely wont give you what you will get from...
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    Northern Mantis vs Wing Chun

    I agree, I was trying to be nice in my comments........:), but people think too much about sparring if someone wants to punch or kickbox, you have to try to get in and still do your wing chun or mantis and end it, not easy to do, since most people rather practice sparring than what I am talking...
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    Sifu Hsu: internal vs. external (revisited)

    In an external style you actually start out using your body/structure LESS than internal styles, then over time you get better at the external style and then move even less than when you started because you became more efficient with your external style (nothing wrong with that) Internal you...
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    Northern Mantis vs Wing Chun

    You can be friendly, and still show some degree of skill, without hurting someone, especially if its with someone you know.
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    Sifu Hsu: internal vs. external (revisited)

    1.EXternal mechanics are different from internal mechanics 2. While practicing any art over time you will get more efficient at using it I dont think it will necessarily become "internal" ,meaning you may become more efficient using but still not use internal mechanics.... 3. A given art can be...
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    Northern Mantis vs Wing Chun

    I have seen that clip b4 neither guy seemed to have the intention to close and execute anything, which is hard to do against resistance but............ That motion capture video of northern mantis was pretty good
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    W.C's conditioned sudden reflexes

    I would say that when around the average person I know that is non threatening I am definitely more resistant to reacting to thier movements than when I am around classmates. I would imagine because I know that they would not react as fast as a classmate would to my actions. Bottom line its a...
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    Palm up block

    THe point isnt inside or outside position alone, but inside or outside with inner or outer forearm contact, in which case you will fook or something else instead of tan, instinctively because of yor training
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    Palm up block

    I had to think about what you said for about 5 seconds. Yes you are correct in terms of contact on the arm. and I was talking in terms of position ( inside of the oppenents arm or outside of the opponents arm) but in both cases you would be making contact with the outside of your arm unless you...
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    Palm up block

    to my understanding tan sau is tan sau whether you tan on the inside or the outside
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    Aikido and X-training: No Faith?

    Jenna - I respect your dedication to training, and your honest attempt to plug holes as you find them. Still even if you dont train in other arts there are some things you should take a look at to broaden your prospective on things you may have to deal with. At the same time often the way...
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    holding the basics

    First off I LOVE wing chun When I say wing chun is UNNATURAL, I am referrring to the elbows in the center for tan, the bong sau, the yee jee kim yung ma stance etc. All these positions you dont normally do in everyday life so you have to get comfortable with them before you really use them...
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    holding the basics

    Not everything you read is true, or should at least be taken with a pound of salt. Yes in 5 years time you could definitely show someone the entire system of wing chun or any other style, how good they would be at it or any other system is another story. There are so many things that could take...
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    Pekiti-Tirsia, Sayoc Kali and Sabayan Kali - difference?

    To know the difference between sabayan and pekiti ask the man who teaches sabayan.
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    judo/jujitsu new york

    Sounds interesting what ryu of jujitsu do they teach?