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  1. Seabrook

    Jamie Seabrook Kenpo Karate Staff Set Seminar

    Hi Friends, On Friday, January 25th, I be conducting a seminar at the Berkshire Club in London, Ontario from 6:00-8:00pm. For this seminar I will be teaching the American Kenpo Karate Staff Set, which is a great set for tournament competition and to improve your overall skills. The cost of...
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    Annual Kenpo Karate Camp in Manfield, MA

    Steve Arsenault's Kenpo Karate Studio Presents FRANK TREJO 10th Degree Black Belt 8 Time World Karate Champion February 8th and 9th, 2008 Other camp instructors include Henry Agri, Moe Caldwell, Mike Cassidy, Sibora Chan, Paul Dawdy, Brian Diffley, Leo Lacerte, Robert Lublin, Dan...
  3. Seabrook

    Why Don't Many of Kenpo's "Top Guns" Spar?

    One thing that I truly believe in is spontaneity training. No, not just drills. But via fighting someone who is trying to hit you back, and hard. One of the reasons, in my opinion, why a lot of MMA guys are tough, is because they fight....a lot. If someone holds a high-ranking black belt, say...
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    Film - Protecting the King

    Hi Everyone, While I missed the show, apparently lastnight on Access Hollywood, David Stanley was to be discussing the film, "Protecting the King", as the film opened yesterday around the globe. Mr. Tatum, who plays Ed Parker, informed me yesterday that it opened in South America, Australia...
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    Street Fighting or Personal Growth?

    Hi Friends, I thought everyone might enjoy reading my new blog that I wrote today: Feedback welcome.
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    Evading a takedown

    Hi Friends, Here is a link to the blog that I wrote today about how to avoid being taken to the ground by a grappler: Feedback welcome.
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    New Kenpo Karate Website!

    Hi Friends, My wife, Chantel, has created a new and improved website for our school. Please take a look when you get the chance. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to send me an email. For the new website, please click here...
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    London, ON, Canada, Kenpo Karate Camp!!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Paul Dawdy and myself will be hosting a Kenpo Karate Camp from August 17-19th in London, Ontario Canada. The event will consist of 10 different seminars, plus a special kids seminar as well. Six of the seminars will be taught by 8th Degree Black Belt, and...
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    London, ON, Canada, Kenpo Karate Camp!!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Paul Dawdy and myself will be hosting a Kenpo Karate Camp from August 17-19th in London, Ontario Canada. The event will consist of 10 different seminars, plus a special kids seminar as well. Six of the seminars will be taught by 8th Degree Black Belt, and...
  10. Seabrook

    The "Higher" Degrees of Black Belt

    As many of you are probably aware, there is required material in American Kenpo up to and including the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt (Long Form 8). But what about all subsequent ranks? How does one continue to improve, learn, and ADVANCE in one's art, besides practice and teaching? Here are a...
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    Clipping the Storm

    Hey Everyone, My latest blog is on Clipping the Storm. Please read and we can discuss what you like or do different in the technique on this thread. Just click here:
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    Rearrangement Concept

    Here is my latest blog on Kenpo's Rearrangement concept: We can discuss further on this thread if you would like. Jamie Seabrook
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    Jamie Seabrook Seminars, Cambridge, ON, Apr 14/07

    Hi Friends, If anyone in the Cambridge, Ontario, region is interested, you are welcome to come out to any of the following seminars that I will be teaching at Karate for Christ Canada on April 14/07: 9:00-10:15am – Striking Set 1 (kids) 10:30-11:30am – Self Defense Concepts...
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    Jamie Seabrook Seminars, London, ON, Mar 23/07

    Hi Friends, If anyone in the London, Ontario, area is interested, I will be conducting two seminars at the Berkshire Club in London, Ontario on March 23rd. Seminar #1 (kids only) 6:00-6:40pm Sparring Strategies (cost is $10) Seminar #2 (adult intermediate/advanced only)...
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    Martial Arts Blog to help people in journey

    Hi Everyone, My wife has created a blog for me to share insights and ideas into the martial arts. While some of it is Kenpo Karate specific, lately I am trying to target beginners on new and innovative ways to practice and see martial arts from a different perspective. If interested, just...
  16. Seabrook

    New American Kenpo Blog Website

    Hi Friends, My wife has created a blog website for me to generate interesting discussions as they pertain to American Kenpo. I try my best to share advice that will help others in their journey. To view just click here: There is also a link of this blog...
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    American Kenpo Testing/Showcase

    I just wanted to take the time to mention a martial arts event that I hosted yesterday in London, Ontario. Scott Southwell, whom many of you know, was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt, and Matt Trejo was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt. I also had a student (Alexa) test and be promoted to...
  18. Seabrook

    Book - American Kenpo Mastery: A Guide for Students and Instructors

    Dear Friends, Just wanted to let all of you know that my latest book, American Kenpo Mastery, is now available as a fully published book, available in paperback format, if anyone of you are interested in purchasing it. I will be getting a stock of books by the end of July for those living in...
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    Jiu-Jitsu Clip

    Hey guys, This is a lengthy clip that I came across of my former kung fu instructor demonstrating jiu jitsu and wanted your feedback of the video.
  20. Seabrook

    Saber Form

    Watch this video of the saber I came across, and provide some feedback.
  21. Seabrook

    Dragon & Snake

    Hey Guys, Watch this video I came across and give me your feedback please.
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    EPAK Seminars in Cambridge, Ontario, Feb 11, 2006

    <B>Anyone in the Ontario Canada region that is interested in attending my seminars, I wil be teaching 3 in Cambridge, Ontario on Feb 11th, 2006: </B> Location: Karate For Christ Canada Cambridge, Ontario Kids Seminar - Topic: Coordination Set 1 Adult Seminar: Takedown Techniques - An...
  23. Seabrook

    Sean Kelley in London Ontario, Feb 2006!

    Hello Everyone, On February 24th and 25th, 2006, I will be bringing Sean Kelley in from Florida to teach seminars for us in London, Ontario, Canada. Sean is a good friend of mine, and really goes out of his way to make sure that everyone learns a lot, and has a great time. His focus for the...
  24. Seabrook

    Student performing at NBA game tonight!

    I am very proud to say that my new student, Heather Grandy, who is a black belt in Shorinji-Ryu Karate, and who now cross trains under me in American Kenpo, will be in Oklahoma City today (Nov 18/05) getting ready to perform a karate demo during the New Orleans vs Atlanta NBA game with her XMA...
  25. Seabrook

    EPAK in Calgary Alberta?

    I have a student who is moving to Calgary in late October and was wondering if anyone on this forum knows of any EPAK there? Thanks in advance. Jamie Seabrook
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    Long Form 4 Seminar in London, ON

    Dear Friends, This is an announcement that I will be conducting a seminar on Friday September 16th from 6:00-9:00pm at the London Police Association Building in London, Ontario. I will be teaching the entire American Kenpo Long Form 4. As most of us are aware, this was Ed Parker's...
  27. Seabrook

    Another EPAK 10th Degree?

    I heard that Dennis Tosten is now a 10th Degree American Kenpo black belt. Can someone verify this? I think he is still a member of the WKKA. Does anyone know if he received this promotion from Joe Palanzo? I haven't seen or heard from him in 9 years. I have had the opportunity of learning...
  28. Seabrook

    Kenpo Sets

    Here's a few questions to get some discussion rolling. Does your kenpo school teach all of the sets (including the first and second of each set)? If yes, which set is your favorite and why? If no, how come? Jamie Seabrook