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    What would you do?

    I've been teaching Kenpo in a City Park & Rec Center for 3 months. Because I don't meet the required 8 students to make a class, I was told I will have to leave. But........I was told that if I wanted to teach TKD as an alternate, they would give me another 3 months to see if a class would make...
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    Getting Students

    This may sound like a tired question, but what have you done to get students? (I don't teach children) I've tried: One week free lessons, they won't bite, and or stay. Adverstising, Lost lots of money, no bites. My students try to get others to come, no takers. I offer next to nothing...
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    Where's the IKKO?

    Where's Prof Conatser, and his team? I come to visit the forum, and they scatter?:idunno:
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    Any problems on teaching two different styles?

    Do any of you see an issue with this, and feel that you can handle it properly? Especially when the philosophies may differ?:asian:
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    American Kenpo Senior Council

    Anything new with the Council as of late? Is the Council accepted by other main AK groups as being the "spokesman" for AK? Respects
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    On Dr. Beasley

    Boy, I'm gone a few weeks, and I miss all the fun. However, I enjoyed the thread by Dr. Beasley. It's nice to know one can train, learn, and be treated like a professional for a change. Thanks to the Mods for locking that thread up, and keeping order!:asian:
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    Who know what I wish I could see?

    A video clip of someone performing techniques that are AK, and those of Tracy side by side so that I can see the difference. Since it's been said before that the latter's are outdated, I want to see for myself. It doesn't matter whether the persons performing are great, or not, but just to...
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    Wing Chun Dummy Plans

    Anyone here know of any plans out there one could get to build one? The ones now are nice, but 800 on up is too steep. There has to be a better/cheaper way. Respects:asian:
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    I'm looking for that piece of equipment where you can attach it to a heavy bag. Looks like a modified wing chun apparatus. They went out of business for the time being. Does anyone know of thier status, and/or if I can buy one from elsewhere? Thanks