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    Helping out the Homeless

    Well you were caught in a situation where you couldnt do much. From what I gather you couldnt go against your elders? Right? So you should'nt be feeling guilty about not helping him out, because the money wasnt really yours to spend. If I'm understanding you right? But this desire to help the...
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    Have you seen the Bruce lee last footage?

    Yeah you can tell the footage is post 1973, even though its was trying appear 70's.
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    New girl from West Midlands, UK

    That's interesting. When I once inquired about Wing Chun frrom a Mixed Martial arts school this guy told me he didint offer it, even though he could teach it, because only 2 pecent will get it. I noticed that England has a lot of Kung Fu Mantis schools? Maybe one of those if you don't like Wing...
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    Friend in immigration holding. Questions?

    A good friend of mine from Italy let his visa expire, and then he got picked up on his job by immigration. Now he can only call us, we can't call him, plus the call is short and recorded. Its too bad because he worked real hard, not a great jobs, but managed to save alot of money. We think...
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    I may have to go back to Christianity ...

    To the dude Omar who said "Even nude women in my bedroom would not make me go into Christianity. You dont have to go into Christianity, but I hope you have a greater sense of purpose? Just preparing for and fighting people, or just making money, or looking to get laid, in the long run is...
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    So, help me "Escape From NY".

    Have you considered Fredericksburg Texas? Its 45 minutes from both San Antonio and Austin. Its an old German with a lot of kitschy shops, strudel and rathskellers, plus wineries near by. The cost of living is lower than the national average and I think it would be an easier move than Austin...
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    Newbie Popping In to Say Hi

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    Have you gone from Kenpo to JKD?

    I had been involved in Kenpo for a while (liked the techniques) but the classes were done too much like the military for me so I left. Now I'm doing Filipino martial arts at a School run by a certified JKD instructor who studied with Dan Inosanto. I don't currently take the JKD class,but I was...
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    new guy here

    Whats up welcome.
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    McDonalds robbery Sugar Land texas

    My question is were the robbers ever caught by the police? I think they got a pretty good likeness of them on tape so they could be caught.
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    Your lifestyle/menu choices influenced by your MA?

    Well when I was doing Judo, I liked Japanese food. Now that I'm doing more Eskrima its hard to find a Filipino resteraunt in Albuquerque. They probably have one in your area of California, yes?
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    Hello Everyone!

    Good on blue, welcome.
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    Hello from Mantismaster

    They call Mantis somewhat of a grappling art, do you find this to be true? Can you name some of the techniques? I'm just curious.
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    Natalee Holloway and Joran Van der Sloot

    Yeah he probably was, I remember him saying "If there's no body they don't have a case," Maybe there's a way they can discover what happened without a body?
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    Obama = Marial arts Spirit.

    If you take a martial art, chances are its roots are from Asia. Chaun Fa Kenpo for example. Chinese in origin. Brazillian Jiu Jutsu obviously Japan to Brazil. Now I'm taking Escrima from the Phillipines. Am I Filipino? Chinese? Japanese? Brazillian? No I'm not African American either. But I...
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    Obama Effigy at George Fox U

    This just shows the hidden prejudice of America. Incidenlty, I got an email from someone in Oregon on My Space, with all kinds of racial slurs and threats towards me, because I support Obama.
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    McCain Chickens out of Debate.

    Absolutely not. The point is McCain trying bolony excuses, looks bad , regardless of outcome.
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    Palins Preacher-Witch Hunter for real

    Sarah Palin Heaps Praise On Witch Hunting Preacher Robert Paul Reyes September 20, 2008 Americans recoil in horror when we remember the Salem witch trials, which resulted in the hanging of fourteen women and five men. We gain some comfort knowing that this outbreak of religious hysteria...
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    McCain Chickens out of Debate.

    Below is copied by Frank Schaeffer. McCain's poll members are tanking. The war and deficit-driven economic Armageddon that McCain, the Republicans and President Bush unleashed is in full flower. McCain's joke running mate's has to be protected from the press, but claims she's ready to go up...
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    What's yur quirk?

    Teeth grinder sometimes. Trying to kick it though.
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    Dissapointment Sonny Chiba films

    I didint like it I thought the storyline wasnt good. But I could glance at it again.
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    Dissapointment Sonny Chiba films

    I had never seen any Sonny Chiba movies other than the Yakuza, and he dosent do Karate in that. I know that Quinten Tarantino raved about how great his films were, so I thought I'd rent the Street Fighter pack. Cheesy doesnt even begin to describe it. Sonny hits one guy over the head and breaks...
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    Who takes Speakman 5.0?

    Been thikning about doing this one. formerly I had a different Kenpo, I take Judo now. Want to know how you like it?
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    Italian soldiers floored by 77-year-old Japanese woman

    Not bad, I also tip my hat to the Italian soldiers who are willing to learn from anyone.
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    Happy Earth day.

    Do what you can for the enviornment.
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    "I believe I was next"

    I like that.
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    "I believe I was next"

    I have a hypothetical situation for you. You're standing in line at at Java Judy's, or Andrew's Autoparts, doesnt matter. But someone looks right at you, acting like they were next, they walk in line ahead of you. You know different. How did you handle it? Or what would you do next time?
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    3rd Grade Killers...

    Yeah, I read that, its really a tragedy in more than one sense.. They've got LD's I know what that's like, but they have sabotaged help they need. Now I'm sure that will have a damning effect on them. I hope they can straighten themselves out.