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    Martial Arts expert gets 52 year sentence

    I saw this on the news last night and I just thought that I would pass this along. I don't know David Haraden as he is from Maine and I am from Massachusetts. He was convicted of beating his girlfriend to death over a four day period in a hotel. All while he drank beer and watched movies...
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    Another LOSER Black Belt

    Last night I heard a first hand account from a woman who is leaving another local dojo that her son was at and is now having her son attend ours. Its seems that the other owner/instructor belittles his students. For instance he allegedly told a young boy student in front of the class that he...
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    World Combat League

    Chuck Norris is promoting a new martial art competition called the World Combat League. Teams of martial artists from different reigons in the USA will meet and fight to determine what region is the winner. Has anyone witnessed any of these events and what are your thoughts on it. Would it be...
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    Twas the night before Christmas....

    I thought this would be fun, add on to it. Twas the night before Christmas.....and I saw Santa sparring with the Elves.
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    Black Belt for sale

    I found on EBAY an 8th degree black belt for sale. Not a home course but just the belt belonging to someone named Berry that I don't know. I dont know how to attach a link for it but it is item #7202068216. I found it under a search for Parker Kenpo. So I thought that I would ask if you...
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    Are you thankfull?

    With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I thought it might be interesting to see what people are thankfull for from their Martial Arts. Secondly what are you thankfull for outside of your Martial Arts?
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    Parkers patch

    In some portraits of SGM Parker he is shown wearing a patch on his right chest that has the Kenpo flame on it. I was wondering if anyone new of the meaning of the patch. Also I was told that in order to recieve such a patch that you would of had to compete in the Long Beach Tournement...
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    Tales of Parker

    Hi All, I recently read the book "Striking Thoughts" that was a collection of quotes from Bruce Lee or interpertations from others that new him. I began to think of some of the stories that my instuctor has told me of his experiences in training with SGM Parker and wonder if anyone has...
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    Hi All

    I just thought that I would finally introduce myself. I have been sitting on the sidelines since I was about an orange belt, now I am currently 2nd brown in EPAK. This site has been great and I have learned alot from all of you. I look forward to now being able to contribute to some of the...