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    Lens choice question

    So in preparation for Retirement from Law enforcement I started selling Real Estate. I'm trying to figure out what lens would work best for taking indoor picture of smaller rooms. Like a wide angle type lens. I don't want a fish eye type.
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    Firearms section

    Am I going crazy or did the firearms section get removed?
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    Gracie Combatives

    So this "new" BJJ school opened near me...I say new because its the same school but its changed name school affiliation. The instructor seems legit I've personally seen him enter and win several local NAGA and Judo tournaments but he's never had a Gracie affiliation before He was trained by a...
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    80% Lower

    Anyone built an AR using an 80% lower. I just bought one I'm going to give it a try seems pretty simple
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    How fast it goes bad

    Rockford Scanner ~ Kentucky State Trooper Killed, Scanner Audio
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    Finally put the Smoker together

    Finally had the day off to put my new Smoking brothers 30 together. Got the traditional added a bottom shelf and front folding shelf. Picked it up at our warehouse. Started unpacking
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    Need a Plan B

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    Darn Cops

    Darn Cops might not be the exact words I hear ofter but I tried to keep it family friendly. Ive been in Law enforcement since 2001. Over that time Ive seen and done alot. Ive been in several different units from Patrol, K9, Narcotics, street crimes unit, ect. I say this not to brag but to...
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    Went to a new dojo last night

    So I was taking Judo classes but it was located on a military base. The base decided to no longer allow us to take classes because of liability issues. So I was looking around for something else and found an Aikido dojo in an old textile factory. I took Aikido fr a little while few years ago...
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    FBI moving back to 9mm

    The FBI is Going 9mm: Here Comes the Science | The Loadout Room This information was published by Loose Rounds on September 21, 2014. After the Miami Shootout in 1986, the FBI invented modern ammunition testing and led the law-enforcement movement to .40 caliber. The FBI is very conservative...
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    Why can't I ever see this type of stuff

    GAINESVILLE, Fla.: Man run over by own truck during road rage | Weird News | The State A man in Florida apparently got a dose of road rage karma when police say he was run over by his own pickup truck after getting out to bang on another driver's window. It happened Tuesday evening in...
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    Pablo Escobar's Hippos

    Pablo Escobar's Hippos Run Amok in Colombia In the 1980s, Colombia drug lord Pablo Escobar built himself a zoo, because even brutal gang leaders love fuzzy animals. Escobar smuggled exotic animals into his personal zoo, including one male and three female hippos. Escobar died 20 years...
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    I'm going to start chewing gum

    How does chewing gum change your appearance? ? Glenn Beck
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    Not gonna lie this made me tear up a little

    Michigan 14-year-old begins 40-mile trek carrying brother on back | Fox News TEMPERANCE, Mich. A 14-year-old Michigan boy set out on a 40-mile trek on Saturday with his 7-year-old brother strapped to his back, hoping to raise awareness about the muscular condition that prevents the younger...
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    Quote Issue

    Whats up with the quote function its being strange
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    NY Approved AR-15

    LOL now whats NY going to do?
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    GSP sour grapes or legit concerns GSP upset over PED use in the UFC.
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    Judge rules NSA spying OK

    What was I was saying about courts hmmmm.... A federal judge in New York has ruled the National Security Agency's massive data collection program is legal, one week after another federal judge ruled the opposite.*...
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    Would you do this? Parents beat daughters drug dealer up

    Updated: Wednesday, November 13 2013, 11:01 PM EST The parents of a young woman face criminal charges in Carroll County after police say they beat a man for giving their daughter drugs. FOX45 learned that doctors have treated and released the victim from the hospital. Police are still in the...
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    Walmarts like a small country

    Saw this today I was amazed: We compiled some facts about Wal-Mart that will blow your mind: Wal-Mart averages a profit of $1.8 million every hour. 35 million people shop at Wal-Mart every day, as much as the population of Canada. Wal-Mart's $316 billion U.S. retail sales exceed those...
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    90 Elephants killed

    That Sucks Almost 90 elephants have been slaughtered by poachers who poisoned them with industrial cyanide, authorities in Zimbabwe said Wednesday. Rangers in...
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    should we step in yet? gas attack in syria

    Sad video. I dont usually like getting involved in other countries affairs but how long do we let this go on? I've had about enough.
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    Teen not allowed to get heart transplant According to the kids parents its because hes a criminal. Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand Hearts are not in great supply so if the choice was between this kid and another kid that hasnt been in trouble Id rather the...
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    this stuff is cool I want some
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    RIP Little Guy Logan Stevenson, the dying 2-year-old who broke the country's heart when he served as best man at his parents' wedding on Saturday, has passed away. He died Aug. 5 of complications from Fanconi anemia, the...
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    Would you eat it?

    Im grossed out just thinking about it. Ive ate some unusual things in my life but Im not sure Id want to try this LONDON After years of research and weeks of buildup, taste testers...
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    My home Town St Michaels MD

    In the spirit of the My new office thread. I thought it might be cool with the vast range of people on this forum to post some pictures from your home towns. It would be neat to see. Ill start with mine. Took a walk with the Boys today around town while my wife had a girls day with my...
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    Honduras Trip

    Just got back from my trip thought Id post some pictures
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    new to me camera

    I decided to buy a real camera and take some better pictures I bought a used Cannon Rebel I know nothing much about cameras or photography so I was just playing around with it today
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    the News

    I was reading a story comparing the murder of the baby in Brunswick Ga to other recent popular news reports. I won't post it since it used less then acceptable language but it got me thinking First I didn't even know about the Ga shooting and how disgusting it was and 2nd what makes the news...