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  1. morph4me

    Seminar with Kenji Ushiro, 8th Dan, Kyoshi of Ushiro Karetedo

    Kenji Ushiro Sensei teaches a style of Okinawan Karate called Ushiro Karatedo. Ushiro Sensei is an 8th dan Kyoshi of Ushiro Karetedo and 7th dan Kyoshi of Iaido, All-Japan Kendo Federation. His teacher, Nikichi Zaha, learned Okinawan karate from his own father, who was the direct student of...
  2. morph4me

    Kata in Aikido This forum is kind of quiet, so I thought I'd try to liven it up a little. It is said that there is no kata in aikido, and it is also argued that kata is useless in learning to fight. I think that the problem is that kata isn't recognized for what it is, a training...
  3. morph4me

    Learning the truth about God

    This topic came up in another thread and it was suggest that it would be a good subject for this forum. You don't have to agree with a person, but please be respectful of other people's beliefs and keep the conversation civil. First, I just want to say that I'm not a religious person, I think...
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    Question about training and self defense

    This question came up in another thread, and rather than derail that one, I am starting this thread. When you train SD you can't destroy all your training partners so that's what you can do outside if attacked, you have to pull your punches. If you are what you train does that then mean you...
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    Showing off doesn't pay

    No matter what the art, there are some people who just don't get it.
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    Enjoying the journey

    I spent last week in Disneyworld with my wife, now I've been married for 31 years this year, and I know my wife, I understand that she is very organized and that she needs to have a goal or a destination before she sets out. On this trip it really struck me. I would have been very happy to...
  7. morph4me

    Happy Anniversary Martial Talk

    Today is the 7th anniversary of Martial Talk. I want to take this opportunity to thank Bob Hubbard for all of his hard work keeping it going, and to say thank you to all of the members who have given me many pleasant hours, and have shared so much of themselves and taught me so much. :-partyon...
  8. morph4me

    A little help needed

    Does anyone know where I would go to report an internet crime? I recieived what appears to be a chain letter on my family email account, but it is basically saying that someone hired this guy to kill me and if I want to live and to get information on who hired him I should contact the guy and...
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    Congratulations Kidswarrior

    On 36 years of wedded bliss. Happy Anniversary :highfive: :cheers: :-partyon:
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    Where'd it go?

    I saw an error in one of my posts this morning and went in to edit it, but I didn't have an edit button.
  11. morph4me

    What happened to my post count?

    When I look at the window it shows a post count of 1,222 what happened to the rest of the posts? I have more than that on the next poster thread:(
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    Profile yourself

    Mine was pretty accurate.
  13. morph4me

    Porta potty

    I love the reactions of these people
  14. morph4me

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers here. I wish you all a great day and hope you all realize how special you are. :asian:
  15. morph4me

    Karate to the rescue

    Saw this one on the news last night. Guess some criminals don't know how to pick their victims, too bad they learn.
  16. morph4me

    Listening to the whole story

    Little Johnny watched his daddy's car pass by the school playground and go into the woods. Curious he followed the car and saw Daddy and Aunt Jane in a passionate embrace. LittleJohnny found this so exciting that he could not contain himself as he ran home and started to tell his mother...
  17. morph4me

    It's Tough To Get Old

    An 85-year-old man was requested by his doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar, which...
  18. morph4me

    A Holiday Tale

    Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. "In honor of this holy season" Saint Peter said, "You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven." The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it...
  19. morph4me

    A Helping Hand

    A woman from New York was driving through a remote part of Arizona when her car broke down. An American Indian on horseback came along and offered her a ride to a nearby town. She climbed up behind him on the horse and then rode off. The ride was uneventful, except that every few minutes the...
  20. morph4me


    Hello All, Just wanted to introduce myself, I have been studying Nihon Goshin Aikido for almost 20 years. I also have a background in Ku Ki Do, Goju, Kempo and BJJ. I hope to learn from an contribute to, the discussions here.