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    Personal Observation - Books about Taijiquan

    I picked up "The Tai Chi Space How to Move in Tai Chi and QiGong", by Paul Cavel. Its a pretty good compilation of tai chi concepts, very good for beginners I would think.
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    My favorite Ed Parker comment

    The 1st and 3rd paragraph. Parkers techniques are collections of physical movement patterns. But "underneath" them are concepts and principles Parker wants us to "get" those principles.rather than forcefully Memorize the sequence in a rote manner without any further thought And when it...
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    My favorite Ed Parker comment

    I don't practice Kenpo but I keep going back to this statement of Parker's and mull it over. Ed Parker on Techniques: I teach Kenpo, not for the sake of teaching the techniques, but for the principles involved in them. And even then, these principles must be altered to fit the individual. The...
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    Xing-yi hands, Taichi waist, and Bagua legs

    The only place I see that kind of statement used is in describing Liu He Ba Fa, or the 99 posture Tai Chi form created by Chen Pan Ling. But as Xue Sheng points out, they rose in history separately.
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    Wu/Hao's Rock or Wei Shu Ren's Energy Ball, which is it?

    I am reminded of "You say tomato, and I say toe mah toe". LOL
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    Wu/Hao's Rock or Wei Shu Ren's Energy Ball, which is it?

    In the Wu/Hao teaching at 11:05, a door is imagined in the chest that supports a rock. The doors open and the the rock drops into the lower torso. In Wei Shu Ren's animation, at 0:32, the door is shown and an energy ball drops at 0:36 So I guess its anybody's choice.
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    Was Funakoshi Gichin a "sell out"?

    i found the following title very helpful in researching the evolution of karate into modern times : Hidden Karate: The True Bunkai For Heian Katas And Naihanchi
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    A big "Thank You" to Kyoshi Castelli explaining the 11 hands of buddha

    It would be interesting to know the actual history of this.
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    Liu He Ba Fa/Lok Hup Ba Fa - experiences

    No not with any formal teacher. I recently found out Master Jimmy K Wong in Texas is a lineage holder in it. Thought you might be a student.
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    A big "Thank You" to Kyoshi Castelli explaining the 11 hands of buddha

    I was curious about just exactly what is the 11 hands of the buddha and here is an excellent overview. Each one has its own video clip
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    Liu He Ba Fa/Lok Hup Ba Fa - experiences

    Would you tell us who you train with? Is it in the U.S.?
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    Hapkido schools a dying breed?

    I used to think that too. Not so sure now. Highly effective teachers may just choose to not have a strong web presence.
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    Three generations of Yang Tai Chi doing posture fa jing

    AT 13:13 I found this interesting because I have not typically seen Yang stylists do this kind of work
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    Interesting grappling application of Grasp Sparrows Tail

    I enjoyed this presentation from a Mantis and BJJ practitioner on a possible grappling application of the four move Yang family GST. He mentions a Beijing Shuai Jiao site at the beginning and also a site called Yang Lu Chans Cotton Boxing.
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    What will the Martial Arts be 50 years from now?

    At the end of three months, you log on and take an accounting of your permission status. State and local law enforcement agencies have been notified, the national clearinghouse for all martial training has reviewed your application and received your application fees. Medical records proving that...
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    Stand up grappling applications in Isshin Ryu kata at 10:22

    At about 10:22 Javier Martinez shows applications commencing with finger and elbow locks. Interesting !! Towards the end a kata is performed as applications are shown. Anyone know if the kata is Seisan ?
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    I really enjoyed this Wing Chun teacher

    Pretty clear explanation of Internal concepts
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    Long time Ba Gua player showing applications

    He shows them nice and slow so maybe I can pick up a few LOL Tai Chi's standard ward off application is at about 4:38 he says "This is a common one".
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    'Evolutionary Alternatives' of the IKCA curriculum

    Good point. Not being a practitioner, I don't know if at some time they address the point you are making,
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    'Evolutionary Alternatives' of the IKCA curriculum

    I am not an IKCA student but occasionally I stop by their site and look around. I noticed some of their techniques have been changed slightly to make them work better. An example is at 1:29:31.
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    Shackle Hands demo

    Yes I think I see the similarities. Deep stance work like most Chen, lots of elbow work.
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    Shackle Hands demo

    Aha !! I should have checked MartialTalk's own info base. A list of African arts has been made and the Shackle Hands system is described. African and Caribbean Martial Arts List Here is the description: -Kiungo Cha Mkono (a.k.a. "Shackle Hands" and "The Shackle Hand Style") is an art...
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    Shackle Hands demo

    "It's meant to be a metaphor", I guess of a strong blast of strength that breaks the manacles. Here is the Chinese form I was thinking of. So the first one may indeed be indigenous to Africa.
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    Shackle Hands demo

    First of all, a big WHOOPS. If this form is indigenous to Africa, I put it in the wrong place! I have been aware of a form called "Shackle Hands", with origins in China, for many years. I assumed this was an adaptation of that form, I may be in error. Other than that thought, the form has...