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  1. K-man

    Members Profiles

    In days past there was a section, when you joined MT, to list your information regarding arts practised and arts that were of interest. It is still possible to put those things in your profile but for new members it isn't something that would seem top of mind. Is there some way the profile page...
  2. K-man

    MMA fighter in court over one punch death.

    We have discussed the stupidity of fighting on the street. Here is yet another example, this time an MMA guy. The stupidity here was that the guy hit and killed an innocent bystander. He has no defence for what he did, excuses maybe, but no justification. Cookies must be enabled. The Australian
  3. K-man

    Breaking Structure

    A very good example of a top Aikido guy's ability to break his partner's structure to enable an effortless takedown.
  4. K-man

    Defining Bunkai

    This discussion is splitting off from the 'Shotokan for SD' thread because it is just too mixed up to pursue a more detailed discussion. Cool. Here is the paragraph you are wishing to discuss ... Traditional karate is close quarter fighting and the kata is designed around that. If that is not...
  5. K-man

    Some grappling advice please.

    Last night at training we were playing with knives as we do every session. My partner was a karate guy (BB) with experience in grappling and aikido. He had the knife. We were both sweating so his wrist was quite wet and slippery, same as it would be if there was blood. I managed to control the...
  6. K-man

    How effective is sport BJJ (or GJJ) on the Street?

    Over the past 18 months, every thread where we have tried to discuss Karate, Aikido, Wing Chun or any other martial art you'd like to name, eventually it has turned into an arguement where it is pointed out how BJJ or MMA is so much better and the training inherent in any other style is vastly...
  7. K-man

    Shotokan for self defence.

    In an earlier thread a member who claims to be 'highly ranked' in Shotokan was rubbishing it as being pretty much useless for 'real' fighting. My view has been that Shotokan, like most Japanese karate, has moved away from its roots in to a more competition based style of karate but here is an...
  8. K-man

    Difference between Okinawan and Japanese Karate

    From time to time I have written that Okinawan karate is different from Japanese Karate. Those who know the difference understand where I am coming from but there are many who have limited knowledge of karate that look at the Japanese way as the only way. I came across this article this morning...
  9. K-man

    Happy Christmas

    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; Well guys, it's Christmas Eve here and it's all quiet, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse ... well the three German Shepherds are a bit restless with a noisy possum outside ...
  10. K-man


    I'm posting a reward for information regarding the person or persons responsible for cutting off my ears and docking my tail. :(
  11. K-man

    Hello MT!

    Well how about this? New, bright and shiny, yet to be tarnished. Wow! I'm sure we'll soon fix that, ;) Welcome to the new MT. :)
  12. K-man

    When do you correct Kata?

    In light of a discussion on another thread I thought it might be interesting to have a discussion on the correction of your kata. I am aware that many martial arts have kata and that kata has many forms. This thread is in the Karate section for that reason. I am primarily interested in...
  13. K-man

    Self Defence or Murder .. a fine line.

    I was about to post this in the anti-grappling thread but it deserves a life of its own. The details are a little sketchy but what we have here is a mixture of alcohol and testosterone. Also a salient lesson to those who say martial art techniques whether used by a martial artist or an...
  14. K-man


    As the result of numerous disparaging references to a anti-grappling in a couple of other threads I thought it might be interesting to flesh out the concept. To be honest, I had never heard of anti-grappling until Hanzou threw it in to take a low shot at WC. So we are all on the same page...
  15. K-man

    A Question of Technique and Practical Application.

    In another thread this video was put up to show that Krav techniques are not effective for Reality Based training. The original poster seems to be an expert on YouTube clips but little else, but I digress. ;) In this clip a guy called Moni Aizik is demonstrating a defence against a shoot...
  16. K-man

    A whole new meaning of finding Ki/Chi (or Key) :lfao: :lfao:
  17. K-man

    Improvised Weapons

    In another thread of knife against empty hand the focus turned to using a weapon to overcome the attacker. In a situation where you are not armed in the conventional sense you may have access to other articles that increase your chance of survival. How many here train regularly to use improvised...
  18. K-man

    Inequality: Why Australia must not follow the US

    An interesting read that addresses some of the issues that have been raised in recent threads such as inequality, health care, education and social welfare. The author is an American.
  19. K-man

    Did Man make God?

    Interesting article in today's paper in light of another thread. And another source. Fascinating! :hmm:
  20. K-man

    Help required to find Video.

    About two months ago somewhere I saw a series of videos of Philippine military combatives for sale. I'm not sure if the link was posted on MT or the Black Belt Magazine site. Long story short, I can't find again. The video trailer demonstrated unarmed defence against realistic knife attack and...
  21. K-man

    When faith just isn't enough!

    God calls Jamie home! Stupidity knows no bounds. :asian:
  22. K-man

    Happy New Year!

    As a representative of one of the first countries in the world to celebrate the passing of the old and the introduction of the new, I feel it to be my solemn duty to lead off and wish all on MT a happy and prosperous New Year. Thank you all for the inspirational, challenging, educational and...
  23. K-man

    America in the New World

    How do Americans view the changes brought about in the past five years? :asian:
  24. K-man

    Does Your Martial Art Teach Self Defence?

    In a recent post the observation was made that training a martial art doesn't automatically teach self defence. I would like to explore whether you think that your Martial Art does equip you with the skills needed to defend yourself on the street if the need were to arise.
  25. K-man

    Crass Stupidity

    I really didn't know whether to put this in the comedy cafe or weapons thread (imaginary). What are these people thinking? Boy aged 10 suspended for firing IMAGINARY bow and arrow at school :asian:
  26. K-man

    Martial Arts vs Multiple Attackers

    In the "Sport and TMA ... Again" thread Steve posed an interesting question .... I have trained in different places with different people proposing different solutions, most of which have been IMHO less than optimal. Possibly the best I have seen is the Systema defence which I have included...
  27. K-man

    Global Warming ... Myth?

    The Melbourne Age, today. Funny, despite Bill reassuring us that global warming is a myth, more and more people seem to be concerned. Why could that be? :idunno:
  28. K-man

    How to handle your car on icy roads?

    Just stumbled across this and thought I'd share. Enjoy! :asian:
  29. K-man

    Traditional Karate - Samuri Spirit

    I came across this and thought that those who have never seen Traditional Okinawan Karate might find it interesting. This is a relatively long video, 44 minutes, but gives a good insight into the principles involved in traditional training...
  30. K-man

    Global warming pause caused by La Nina

    One for Billc. :asian: