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  1. John Bishop

    Early Hollywood Kajukenbo

    Found this clip recently. Fight scene between Robert Conrad (John Leoning student), and Don Stroud (Sijo Emperado black belt). They actually had a earlier fight scene on Conrad's show "Wild Wild West", but I haven't been able to find any video of it...
  2. John Bishop

    My New Book

    More info here:
  3. John Bishop

    My 2nd Kajukenbo Book Released Today

  4. John Bishop

    Kajukenbo Co Founder Joe Holck Passes

    Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 745am, Joseph Holck, Colonel, U.S. Army Ret., Shihan-Dai, Founder of the Kodenkan Yudanshakai, Co Founder of Kajukenbo, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. Condolences may be sent to Amy Holck & Family, 2640 N Tomahawk Trail, Tucson AZ 85749.[/h]
  5. John Bishop

    There is NO successor to Emperado

    This public statement is to address any questions concerning a successor to Sijo Adriano D. Emperado, Founder and Creator of the Kajukenbo system. Sijo Emperado passed away on April 4, 2009. Prior to his passing he did not name anyone to be his successor. In 2007, Sijo Emperado named a...
  6. John Bishop

    Mark Dacascos on Hawaii 5-0

    Kajukenbo WHKD stylist Mark Dacascos, will be cast as the villain "Wo Fat" on upcoming episodes of Hawaii 5-0
  7. John Bishop

    Kajukenbo stats

    One of the European organizations is collecting stats on the worldwide size of Kajukenbo. You can input information here.
  8. John Bishop

    Liddell Vs. Dacascos

    Now the real competition starts %-}
  9. John Bishop

    K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

    KAJUKENBO BOARD OF ADVISORS Aloha, A meeting was held May 23rd, 2009 by members of the K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors on Kahului, Maui. All were there to pay our last respects to our Sijo,Chief, Ninoy, Adriano D. Emperado. 6 of 9 board members were present, constituting a majority. Present...
  10. John Bishop

    Old School Sparring

    The Upland (So. Cal) Kajukenbo school held a old school style tournament this past sunday. Traditional kata competition, no music, no costumes, no back flips. And some old school hard contact continuous sparring. Everyone was told in advance that the sparring would be hard contact, even the...
  11. John Bishop

    So who taught who?
  12. John Bishop

    History of Tracy's Kenpo

    History of Tracy's kenpo; Told by Jim Tracy
  13. John Bishop

    Grandmaster Sid Campbell

    Sid passed away on August 18th, after a long fight with cancer. Sid's bio. Sid Campbell, founding president of the World Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do & Kobudo Association, was the first American to open a Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan dojo in the United States. This auspicious authorization was...
  14. John Bishop

    West Coast Kempo/Kenpo Unity Seminar

    Oct. 3 & 4 Fairfield, California Seminars by: Master Bill Chun Jr. Go Shin Jutsu Kai - Chinese Kempo Grandmaster Emil Bautista Kajukenbo Soke Thomas Mitose Kosho Ryu Kenpo Professor James Muro Go Shin Jutsu (Chow-Hoon lineage) Professor Russ Coelho Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Renshi Hans...
  15. John Bishop

    Sijo Adriano Emperado on You Tube

    I uploaded 4 short vid clips of Sijo Emperado talking about Kajukenbo and Kenpo history. Sijo discusses the Palama Settlement and early 1950's Kajukenbo and Kenpo: Sijo discusses his promotion to "Professor - 10th Degree": Sijo talks about John Leoning, Marino Tiwanak, and other early...
  16. John Bishop

    Fight Quest - Discovery Channel

    FIGHT QUEST - KAJUKENBO Fight Quest will be a Discovery Channel prime time flagship program of the Spring and Summer of 2008, airing in 80 countries worldwide. They will be filming a episode on Kajukenbo November 28 through December 6 , 2007. Doing the work for the Discovery network is...
  17. John Bishop

    Early Ed Parker video

    Here's some early Ed Parker clips with actor Nick Adams and Joe Hyams. Part 1 Part 2
  18. John Bishop

    The Beginning of an American Martial Art

    The Black Belt Society From the immigrant groups of Hawaii came the five kajukenbo founders. Adriano Emperado and Frank Ordonez were of Filipino descent. Peter Choo was of Korean descent. Joe Holck (birth name: Joichi Matsuno) was of Japanese descent. And George Chang was of...
  19. John Bishop

    Kajukenbo Book

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the second edition of my book is now available. For those of you from the Karazenpo lineage, this book discusses the history and people involved in the development of Kajukenbo. Basically, pre-Sonny Gascon. This second edition is the same with the...
  20. John Bishop

    Ed Parker TV Commercial

    A stroll down memory lane.
  21. John Bishop

    Adriano Emperado Bio

    Over the years I have read differant biographies on Sijo Emperado. Many of them were laced with inaccuracies that were either intentional, or unintentional. This is understandable when a story gets told many times, by many people, over a period of many years. The bio of Sijo Emperado that I...
  22. John Bishop

    Professor Chow, Always the warrior

    I've read on other forums attacks against Prof. Chow by people who never met the man. People calling him a "alcoholic" and such. Which is really odd, since people who knew him much of his life, disagree strongly with that assessment. Professor Chow all his adult life did what some so called...
  23. John Bishop

    For those new to, or wondering about EPAK

    Ed Parker's Kenpo: More Science than Art (Black Belt Magazine, July 1995) by John Bishop Ed Parker Edmund Kealoha Parker was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 19, 1931. Growing up in the rough Kalihi district made the acquisition of fighting skills a necessity more than a hobby. In his...
  24. John Bishop

    No More Trolls?,+go+to+jail/2010-1028_3-6022491.html
  25. John Bishop

    Grandmaster George Iversen

    Grandmaster George Iversen of Mililani, Hawaii passed away on October 1, 2005 Bio: Grandmaster George W. Iversen has been a student and teacher of Kajukenbo since 1961. He received his black belt from man he called "Chief", his original teacher, Sid Asuncion, a first generation black belt...
  26. John Bishop

    Diamond Bar, Calif. - Kajukenbo Classes

    Bishop's Kajukenbo Academy K.S.D.I. Diamond Bar, Ca. "ORIGINAL METHOD" Instructor: SIGUNG JOHN BISHOP Assistants: Sifu Renee Bishop Sifu Sussette Blasa Sifu John Wallick Sifu Leland Akasaki (909) 839-7070 1600 S. Grand Ave., Diamond Bar, Ca. 91765 e-mail: website...
  27. John Bishop

    Doe's anyone recognise this form?

    This is a mpeg of Professor William Chow performing a form in 1966. Prof. Chow was one of the senior Hawaiian kenpo practitioners and pioneers. There have been claims that he also learned kung fu from his father, possibly Hung Gar. Doe's anyone here recognise this form as a kung fu form...
  28. John Bishop

    More Professor Chow video

    I added another mpeg of Professor Chow to my website. This one is from the 60's. It should put to rest the rumor that "Professor Chow didn't do any katas".
  29. John Bishop

    Prof. David Nuuhiwa

    Prof. David Nuuhiwa of Anaheim, Ca. passed away yesterday in Hawaii. Prof. Nuuhiwa was a early Danzan Ryu jujitsu/Judo black belt from the Okizaki Dojo, and one of the first men to teach the Hawaiian art of "Lua" on the mainland. His martial arts career spanned over 70 years. He was also a...