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    *WARNING - LINKS TO PAIN AND INJURY* how is this possible?

    I have to admit that is some of the grossest stuff I've seen.
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    Non sine wave form videos?

    try this site
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    The Martial Arts Mentality

    I would bet that the guy talking in the video was the kid who got his head dunked in the toilet.
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    who have you met?

    I used a urinal next to The Undertaker. Several years ago there was a professional wrestling event in St. Louis. I was at a night club that evening and I guess after the show alot of the wrestlers decided to go to this same night club. I used the restroom and The Undertaker and a few more pro...
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    youn wha ryu

    The Grandmaster Han schools are all over in my area. I too am from missouri. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I am going to be honest. When people on this site begin talking about "McDojos", these are the schools that I think of and make my comments on. You will never be allowed to...
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    Art most commonly trained in for high-risk careers...

    I would say that whatever the art may be, it most likely has a lot of joint lock and takedown techniques.
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    McDojos and 'The Worst Martial Art': A Controversial Question

    In my opinion, a "McDojo" may be doing the same moves as a "legit" school, and they may have shady business practices, but where the "McDojo" really falls short is the lack of theory and application in those moves. The instructor at a "McDojo" may have a legit black belt, but that does not...
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    what was the point of that?

    We do something in our class, I think it is called Bunkai. Don't remember the name exactly, but we'll take a couple of moves from a kata and with a partner try to figure out what the application of the moves are. It is interesting to see all the different interpretations. We were told on a...
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    help locating a grappling school

    Ok the fact that you found those in roughly less than a minute makes me feel really stupid. But I swear I searched for a couple hours and came up empty. Maybe I need to take some web searching lessons too. Thanks for the help.
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    help locating a grappling school

    I'm looking for a place near the St. Louis area. I have seen some websites where you can type in where your looking and it will locate the nearest martial arts school for you, but I can't seem to locate any grappling schools. I assume there out there, because there are amateure MMA events in...
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    help locating a grappling school

    Could someone direct me to a web site that could help me locate a reputable grappling school? I am interested in Jiu-Jitsu, but Judo would be good too. I've tried searching but am not coming up with much.
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    Cross-Training JKD with....

    How can it be contradictory? My understanding of JKD, according Guro Inosanto, is that it's all about "cross-training". JKD isn't necessarily an art but a concept. It is a way to use whatever you know and transition fluidly within any style. Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems "cross-training"...
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    Are you doing the one you wanted?

    When I first started (years ago) it was because of circumstance. As it turned out it is a place that I would have chosen even if I had other choices. My instructor is very knowledgable in many arts and incorporates them into our classes. When I say knowledgable I mean he has studied with many...
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    Parent With A Question

    I would say, take him to the tournament and see how he does. I'm glad you're excited about his progress. I also have a 7 year old son who loves his karate class. I am proud of what he does. He may not be the best in his class but somebody is always the best. Right now your son has an...
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    Floor washing?

    Perhaps it's just too much for the instructor to do alone and has used this as a way to get the housekeeping done without taking up alot of his time. Maybe?
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    Sparring Drills

    I'm not trying to argue whether sparring is uselful or not, or even if it's real or not. It's just one of those things that someone always makes a comment about and makes me want to say something like,"well...Duh!" I don't mean to sound overly negative about it. But some topics are like a...
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    black belt attitude

    I seem to have a habit of going to my dojo for a few months then take some time off, then after about a 4 to 5 months get the itch to go back and stay for a few months then the cycle repeats itself. Needless to say I have been just on the edge of getting my black belt for about, oh 5 to 6 years...
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    How do you 'do' Martial Arts

    How do you turn it into something that's fun? It's not ALREADY fun? Do it because you like it. I practice martial arts so that I know that I can do it. I will never be a rock star but I play my guitar because I want to know how to play guitar. The same is true, for me, with martial arts...
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    Sparring Drills

    When people start talking about sparring, somebody always has to mention that sparring is not real fighting. I think most people already know this. It doesn't matter if sparring is real fighting or not. It has its place, it is effective for its purpose and sparring skills are better than no...
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    kwan significance?

    Not at all. That's the kind of stuff I want to find answers to. You have given me a wealth of information. It has sparked some more questions, but I want the whole picture. I honestly know I have a great teacher. He just doesn't talk about this kind of stuff. I have kind of an obsesive...
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    there used to be 2 really good magazines I bought that just seemed to disapear. They were MA Training, the other was Martial Art.
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    kwan significance?

    According to information that I have read (and please correct me if any of it is incorrect) when TKD was formed all of the different kwans agreed to consolidate and only be known as Tae Kwon Do. I had thought that at that point the different kwans no longer existed. Before that, Gen. Choi was...
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    kwan significance?

    Is there a real significance to tae kwon do schools belonging to one kwan or another? And can a school decide what kwan they belong to or is it tied to the instructors lineage? I started in tae kwon do at a fairly young age, and for several years I had never heard of belonging to this kwan or...
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    ideas on kicks training

    Your side kick is really more like a back kick. You aim with your butt. Perhaps you could try this drill: Stand facing a wall with one hand on the wall. Look in the direction you are going to kick. 1. Now bring the knee of your kicking leg up as high as you can (you will notice that you will...
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    Baggiest/widest Taekwondo Uniform

    Kamikaze makes oversized uniforms. They're not WTF, but they are great uniforms. Probably won't help, but may be an option.
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    Linage of Instructor

    Thank you IcemanSK. They have all done a lot to inspire me. I have an old home video montage of these guys (along with Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis from the old "Texas Blood and Guts days" that's really cool.
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    belly fat

    Will working out a persons stomach reduce the amount of fat around it or will it just harden your stomach muscles under a layer of fat? Would a person need more cardio instead?
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    20 tips for getting your 8 glasses a day...

    To get the appropriate amount of water per day you there are 2 methods. The first is you could divide your weight by half. for example 195 lbs./2=97.5 (that would be ounces). Divide that by 8 and you get the number of glasses per day (roughly 12 glasses). or Take your weight in pounds...
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    What age to begin lessons

    Thank you all so much for your input. It will help me in whatever decision I make.
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    What age to begin lessons

    I agree with you about medication. I really don't like it myself, but his mother insists that he take meds. I will be there watching his class but can't participate in the kids classes, unless the instructor would allow me to help out with classes. I have been his coach in other things, like...