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    Why Do You Practice Hyung In Unison?

    I have observed many TKD teachers like to have their students perform their hyung in unison, despite the differing sizes and ability levels among their class. Why? Is it just a convenience in teaching so that everyone gets some pattern time for the same time & duration? Is it a unity fetish...
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    Kick Using Largest Muscle Groups?

    Am I right in saying the back kick uses the largest muscle groups (hamstring and gluteus) out of all the staples like the side, front, roundhouse, and back kicks? Should it also follow that this kick would have the most potential for power in most people who don't do any special type of training?
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    Wado-ryu Uchi Uke Question

    Just curious, but why is this block executed so high in Wado? The systems I have studied keep the elbow of the blocking arm approximately on the same level as the lowest rib and the fist is on the same level as the shoulder. The Wado version has the elbow at the same height as the shoulder.
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    How to Be More Limber for the Front Kick

    Any of you gurus have tips to share on how to improve front kick flexibility? I do a drill where the front kick is done in 4 counts slowly: raise knee, extend, retract, and down. Each segment is performed at a speed of about 2-3 seconds to improve leg strength, but I notice some difficulty...
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    TKD Dobaks

    :) OK, this is just a fun thread. Which type of dobok do you prefer and what brand? How many patches do you wear if any? I have two uniform types I wear. When I study karate, I wear the old white crossover karate style uniform. I recently broke down and bought some heavyweight Canvas 10...
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    Last Fearner, DArnold, & Kacey: Sidekick Question

    I hope you (and anyone else reading this) can take the time to offer your thoughts on this. I had a discussion with a friend of mine who studies karate (the Soryu style). He made the argument that a sidekick is more damaging when the motion is not only OUT but UP as well. The example he gave...
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    Human Weapon Show on History Channel

    I've watched all three of the shows in the Human Weapon series thus far, and unfortunately the karate episode was the weakest up to this point. The show's producers picked some luminaries such as Shinjo Sensei from Uechi-ryu and Higaonna Sensei from Goju-ryu, but I really found the show's hosts...
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    I Was Assaulted Last Night...

    but luckily I escaped unscathed. Last night I attended a farewell happy hour for a coworker of mine who was leaving the company we work for. A group of us ended staying longer and it was around midnight when I was accosted by a hostile fellow club patron. Apparently he mistook me for someone...
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    Anyone Watched Return of the Condor Heroes?

    I bought the 2005 version off Ebay for $20, titled "Love of the Condor Heroes". The English subtitles are pretty awful, but I'm really enjoying the series. I'm a sucker for wuxia, and it helps that the actress who plays Dragon Girl is a stunner.
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    Introducing Heavier Contact

    Do any of you have a formal system for introducing and increasing the level of physical contact in your classes? If so I'd love to hear from you about it. What's the maximum level of force you apply or allow others to apply and at what belt does it happen? How do you account for the...
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    Book Recommendation

    I recently bought a book about the back kick: After reading through a couple of the chapters, I've decided to buy all the books in the series as I have the opportunity. This is...
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    How Many Different TKD Form Sets Are There?

    Just for fun, I want to have my students learn a form from another TKD system. I'm aware of the Chang Hon, Palgwe, Tae Guk, Songahm, Pyong An, Jhoon Rhee martial ballet, and Unified TKD series. Any others?
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    New EPAK Student

    What should a [hypothetical] new EPAK student be concentrating on in the first few months of training? Suppose he has a background in classical karate and is familar with stances and strikes from traditional systems. What questions or common themes should he focus on, especially if he will be...
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    Which Uniform to Buy?

    So do you really need that double-weave when doing aikido? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, any suggestions for a brand with a roomy fit under $80? Thanks.
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    Kenpo Belt Manuals

    Stupid question: what makes these manuals so valuable? The bidding is up to $102.
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    Tang Soo Do Use of Hips

    I read in passing on another board that TSD uses a different hip method "opposite" from how Japanese karateka utilize their hips. Can someone explain this further?
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    Wah Lum

    Can someone tell me a little more about wah lum kung fu? What are some of the primary stances and forms in the system? Does it have keywords like some of the other mantis styles (Thanks, 7starmantis!)? What makes it different from some of its mantis brothers and sisters? I browsed...
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    Which Hyung Set Do You Like Most?

    So, those of you who have seen the different sets, which do you like the most? Why? I've seen the songham, chang hon, palgwe/taeguks... I like the Songham forms the best if executed in the manner I prefer with varying levels of speed. There should be focus or kime displayed as well, and I...
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    Video & Book Sources of Bunkai

    Can anyone direct me to a textbook or video that I can purchase? I've moved away from my Goju sensei, and I am now working out with another dojo that teaches a mish-mash of the shuri-te and naha-te kata. They perform the kata with spirit and precision, but the sensei is largely ignorant of the...
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    Favorite Tang Soo Do Video Series

    Which series would you recommend for a good example of Tang Soo Do technique of power generation and hyung performance? Ho Sik Pak's Chun Sik Kim's Any others? Thanks.
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    Characteristics of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo

    Can anyone knowledgable on the art please explain the identifying characteristics of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo? I'm more interested in the techniques and philosophy of the martial art and not the controversy behind the Juchnik/Mitose connection. I recently viewed the first Kumite video produced...
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    Good Value Gi (Uniform)

    I asked a question about which brand of gi to buy in an earlier thread,, and I wanted to come back a few months later and offer my input. I am a heavyset build person. 5'10'' and I currently weigh 215 lbs (down...
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    Kajukenbo Technique Videos

    I'm aware of the old Panther set with GM Gary Forbach. And it seems that GM Joe Halbuna put out a 4 video tape set. Are there any others commercially available?
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    The Perfect Weapon

    In the beginning of the movie when Speakman is practicing solo, is he performing a kata? If so, which one? I'm not a kenpoist, but I think the hand movements he made were just neat.
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    Best Fitting Gi (uniform)

    I'm a heavy-build fellow... About 5'10'' and 210 lbs. Can anyone suggest a good-fitting brand for my body type? A Pro Force size 5 is the right length in arms and pants leg length, but the top feels a little tight across my belly and chest. A size 6 is WAY too long.
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    Incompatible Arts?

    Hello everyone. A quick question if I may... Do you think it is possible to learn more than 1 striking art at the same time? I'm a white belt in Okinawan Goju-Ryu right now, and I like it very much, but I'm also interested in the Ed Parker system. Do you think it's possible to pull off...