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    Which Fighters are better, Pride or UFC?

    It depends what day of the week it is, Sometimes one fighter wins sometimes its the other
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    I almost died a week ago

    Yea Ive got a scar on the back of my head from a damn beer bottle... YOu always have to be on your toes when working in security or public safety tough job...
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    Tae Kwon Do in MMA

    chuck lidell does alot of striking thats kinda similar to tai kwon do
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    Tae Kwon Do in MMA

    i saw that fight! it was freaking sweet
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    The Perfect Fighter?

    true a punch to the toe doesnt result to injury..but a kick the the face does... see the difference?
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    The Perfect Fighter?

    How many knife fights have you been in mr. expert?
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    Anyone notice?

    dude its called payper view, they always play mixed martial arts fights, including the one on august 24th in the ufc which is gonna be real sweet
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    Canada may outlaw martial arts

    that sucks really bad
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    sensei say "enough roids.. and anything is possible" lol just kidding but I think that any martial art has a chance you just have to fight your strengths. Like Chuck Lidell for instance, he can beat anybody on his feet but even i could take him on the ground, just focus on your strenghts.
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    a JKD'ers take on Muay Thai roundkick

    I beleive that the round kick is a very useful tool. in the dojo im a headhunter, but in real life never above the waist. use the round kick to hurt the legs, one good shot the the pressure point above the knee and your opponent probably wont be using that leg and fighting with one leg is real...
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    value of combos

    In my oppinion it would be better Not to pre arrange your movements because its not gonna happen the way you plan it to being in a real situation is way different from hitting pads.
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    What style is good for what

    i do qi gong breathing almost every day in my classes and it has deffinitly helped with power
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    May I ask something?

    I love the way you define warrior.. its like a kodak moment kind of thing.. and im totally not being sarcastic about that. kudos:bow:
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    Homosexuality - Nature, Nurture or Both?

    Yea i think its a Bit of both because They've proved that homosexual men's brains react in a similar way to womens when they are stimulated "naked dudes" but at the same time their are people that were made like this... Heres somethign that should get you all very angry. did you know that the...
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    New Guy introduction, and some questions on my workouts and diet.

    hey I also study hapkido, wheres your school at I study under Master Gagne in Michigan
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    June 4ths UFC

    Did any one else watch the fight With that Andre guy for the belt( guy with vampire teeth) that guy is built like a monster.. i gotta get beastly like that lol
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    Sears Brand Shuriken!?!

    home depot is the ultimate armory lol with all the garden tools you could ever want.. theres stuff in there that i dont know you could use for a lawn but would sure kill someone as a polearm weapon.. you could also use those hacchets muahaha
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    Leg Workouts

    hindu squats?
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    Press Release : Black Salt Movie Project

    i totally agree... this will probably result in a few more "mcdojo's" because everyone is gonna wanna do the stuff they see in the movie
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    Martial Arts Training Routine

    Nicely said, I agree with this guy i just cant put it into words as well as him:idunno:
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    Murder or Assault

    Its not really going "for" them, its just trying to see the others point of view, if you cant understand something you cant judge it friend
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    Murder or Assault

    yes, i guess that sounds right im sorry maybe i shouldnt get all into it like that forgive me for my stoopid post just understand where im coming from if it hasnt happened to you then you cant exactly know what you would or would not want.. certainly your idea of it would change if you were the...
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    question about Weight gain

    Thanks guys im gonna go take that crap back and bust out a a good soy drink none of that artificial stuff thanks again
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    Leg Workouts

    Alone at home, but i have a heavy bag...
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    Leg Workouts

    In the air?, or on a bag?
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    Leg Workouts

    Actually i do both, and i stretch for a half hour after every work out anyway so i guess i wont lose flexibility, but are there any other ways to work out my legs besides weights, squats , and wallsits?
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    Murder or Assault

    I got one that will really confuse you all... Who cares? how many of you have lost fetuses? .... well if you havent then you have no say in the matter, the moment one of you becomes pregnant then loses her kid or hits a prengant woman in the stomach, then you'll have a say
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    Another Noob

    What up what up... This forum is sweet and these people know what their talking about lol listen to them and you might learn something
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    Leg Workouts

    Guys i was wondering what different kind of exercises you had in mind for leg muscles that would benefit kicking and all around good leg strenght. I have weights that can be used for my legs if i need to but i dont know if that will hurt my flexibility.. your thoughts are appreciated
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    question about Weight gain

    This stuff says "low fat" all it is Is lots of protiens and Carbohydrates, is that okay?