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    Have you ever used a weapon?

    Upon readig the 'which is your prefered weapon?" thread. I became curious. Have any of you actually been forced to use a weapon before? Surely at least a few of you have but whether you care to share or not is up to you. I can understand why some wouldn't. You don't want to incriminate yourself...
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    These guys are the real deal!

    These guys are the real deal! Devasting techniques to end a confrontation quickly. Check it out. On second thoughts this may have already been submitted but I'm a newbie so please excuse if so....
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    Ego problems/interference and self doubt

    Hey All, This is my first post and I want to raise an issue which i'm sure affects and limits us at some stage in our training/teaching. It's somewhat to do with the ego and self doubt. It can be quite silly really. I mean things that affect your mental toughness and can make you almost think...