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    Are there ANY genuine Shaolin monks?

    I'd also like to say that being a monk has zilch to do with what kind, or how good, your martial arts is. Someone can practice 100% authentic Shaolin kungfu, shave their head, and dress like a monk and not be a monk. On the other hand, someone could practice modern wushu, tae kwon do, soccer...
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    BajiQuan in Detail

    1) What are all the different styles/families/branches/etc of Bajiquan existing in and outside of China today? I'm not really sure. I know of Huo, Liu, Wu, Ma, and a couple other groups in and outside of China though I'm not sure what they'd be classified as. 2) Where are they from and where...
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    Titles : Master , Grand Master

    There are two different "shifu", one of which has family connotations and the other is the master craftsman. Different characters in Chinese and different tone for the "fu", I think. I'll have to ask my Chinese teacher for more details when classes start up again, as I'm still pretty new to...
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    San Da- good or bad?

    San Da combines punching, kicking, and throwing. Sometimes elbows and knees too, or even ground fighting and chin na depending on the teacher's background (whether they're ONLY about the sport or about martial art first... san da is a format started as military training by traditional martial...
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    Not feeling it...

    It's one of those things where you might be right... sometimes ;) I suppose you might hear something like that from time to time, but qi and the meridians are supposed to be something separate. Think of acupuncture.
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    Not feeling it...

    Nothing wrong with that. I've never "felt chi" either. Sometimes people will feel chi because they expect to (playing a little mind trick on themselves) or mistake normal blood flow from improved circulation as feeling chi. Some people feel things from day one, while others don't feel...
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    Bagua in NYC for a month

    There's actually a LOT of Bagua Zhang in NYC (Chen Xiaoping, Li Tailiang, and Yang Fukui are 3 more that are supposed to be pretty good too, I think). Lots of other teachers there, though I haven't seen most of them myself.
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    Bagua in NYC for a month They have a pretty good reputation among bagua zhang (and other internal arts fighters). Used to run an all bagua zhang tournament.
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    tang lang pai (mantis kung fu)

    I think you're out of luck.
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    Short and sweet Fanzi quan clip

    Very cool :) That last one looked like there was a bit of mantis influence in it (or maybe they also use that kind of hand sometimes? I don't know fanzi). Thought it was interesting. Noticed Yu Hai (praying mantis master who created the modern mantis form) is also part of that group (see...
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    testing for black belt.

    If you're doing open tournaments, and you dominate those at your level consistently, there's nothing wrong with going up to a higher division. Belt levels really only are general guidelines in these things considering different schools have different belt systems and different amount of...
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    nihao! (hello!)

    Cool, what sort of sil lum kungfu are you studying?
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    testing for black belt.

    So you can't just put yourself into a black belt/advanced division in tae kwon do like you can in karate and kungfu tournaments? (sorry, I'm a little ignorant on sport TKD rules and regulations). If you like competition, you could always take part in open competition and take up something like...
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    Studying Abroad in Beijing

    Cool, there's some good martial arts in Beijing (defenitely good taiji and san shou). Also heard there were some very good Bagua Zhang teachers there too.
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    nihao! (hello!)

    Hi, I used to post here a little bit a long time ago (as taijiman, I think). Put together a new account since my old one was killed for inactivity :P I've done taiji quan on and off for about 7 years (mostly Sun style taiji quan now), but have also done a lot of chang quan before a knee injury...
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    testing for black belt.

    Just worry about getting better and improving your skills as much as you can. All this stuff about ranking will drive you mad, I think. If you just worrying about improving, then the "ranks" will come naturally assuming the ranks are a reflection of skill and not just some political/ego based...
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    Training different styles every other month.

    Yeah, I'd do something like train Muay Thai consistently, and supplement when you can.
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    Some advice please?

    Tai chi (also spelled taiji quan) is a martial art, while qigong is basically breathing exercises for building health and strength. A typical progression in taiji would be -start off learning taiji qigong (some moving breathing exercises and the standing meditation) -then single moving...
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    Yang Zhenji

    Thanks, I'll check it out :)
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    My sifu performing

    That's xingyi
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    External grounding for internal arts?

    I did chang quan for 4 or 5 years before learning taiji quan, but it wasn't required or anything. Basically I hurt my knee pretty bad (torn ACL and meniscus) so I took up taiji quan. I picked it up much faster than most, but some things were a bit more difficult for me. For example, I have a...
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    Titles : Master , Grand Master

    Laoshi doesn't mean old snake. Lao means old but I think you have shi (an expert in something) confused with she (snake). 老师= laoshi (teacher) 师= shi (expert at something) 蛇 = she (snake/serpent). The pronunciation is a bit different, though very close, esp. to...
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    Yang Zhenji

    That's sad :( I didn't know he existed until today. Stumbled on a video of him after seeing the name.
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    Yang Taijiquan Video Clip!

    Here's Yang Zhenji so you can see the difference: BTW, some of those "no no's" are considered bad form for the standardized system too (excessive bobbing up and down, and turning the foot on the toes). Doesn't mean you won't see a...
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    different yang short form

    Yeah, she's his daughter.
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    different yang short form

    I think it was something created for competition/demonstration. From what I've seen, he would normally just adds the fajin expression into the long form techniques. I could be wrong though.
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    Emei Qigong and Tai chi chuan routine

    Here's Emei fire dragon boxing from the guy on the vcd I have:
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    Emei Qigong and Tai chi chuan routine

    I've got video of two different Emei taiji teachers. One is newly created "Emei water style taiji" based on the teacher's own taiji experience combined with his other Emei martial arts and qigong knowledge (new DVD at martialartsmart). The other is a vcd of another teacher from the Emei area...
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    Is Anything Less than 103 Forms in Yang Style Considered Watered Down and Less Martial?

    Just so you know, the 88 move form is a version of the Yang taiji quan long form created by Li Tian Ji. He was head of the committee that created the 24 form. And though he was an excellent martial artist, and his students that I've met/seen are extremely skilled, some consider the 88 form a...