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  1. whitetiger2001

    How Do You Define "Martial Arts?"

    I think that a martial artist must have more than the physical skills but the mental discilpline as well. Some without the mental discipline isn't what I would call a martial artist but a well trained thug. I think there is a difference between taking karate for example and someone who is a...
  2. whitetiger2001

    How Do You Define "Martial Arts?"

    For me it's system that eneables someone to handle a confrontation with confidence. Any thug can use a gun or a knife but that's not a martial art. A man launching a missile from a distance isn't a martial artist. I don't think using the strict definition of both words is enough because then...
  3. whitetiger2001

    has your M.A. ever not work in a S.D. situation ?

    I've had instructors and masters tell me that the there's nothing wrong with just walking away rather than fight. If you can do that, you've still won.
  4. whitetiger2001

    has your M.A. ever not work in a S.D. situation ?

    I try to stay out of situations that might make SD necessary but in the one incicident that I had to use it, I was able to restrain the other guy (a good kid until he got high and stupid,) and all he got for his trouble was scrape on his neck from my watch band and an injured pride, which he got...
  5. whitetiger2001

    You Know You've Been in Martial Arts Too Long When...

    I'm so guilty of many of things ioon the original list its's not funny.
  6. whitetiger2001

    Basic Self defense class @ work..suggestions

    Once you have the legal issues out of the way and a time and place set, I'd go through simple SD techniques, wrist grabs, shirt grabs, how to respond to someone who is choking you and how to defend against someone who manages to get you to the ground. Don't forget women have special SD needs...
  7. whitetiger2001

    why did you choose your art?

    Like many who finally settle on a style, I went to several schools before finding the one I wanted. Some were too formalized for me with bows anytime the instructor even blinked. Some had material that I felt wouldn't work for me because of my limited flexibility hipwise. What I finally...
  8. whitetiger2001

    "Show me a better style"

    I studied Shaolin Kempo and I truely belive it is the best style. Not that it's better than anyother because there are many to choose from but because it's the one that is best for me. Others have fascinated me and there are some I'd like to try but mine has what I need. I feel that the...
  9. whitetiger2001

    Something I noticed last night..

    For me it sounds like Iyah. If I'm Competing, the last "h" sound is drawn out for effect but otherwise, if short.
  10. whitetiger2001

    yea....... i made my first stripe!!

    CONGRATS :cheers::karate::highfive:
  11. whitetiger2001

    Sparing: Float lke a brick.....??

    Be careful of open hands though because it takes time and practice to develop enough strnegth in your open handed strikes and blocks to keep from getting you fingers broken. I saw a BB have that happen to him in a tournement because he didn't have enough energy in his hand and caught a kick...
  12. whitetiger2001

    Hook Punch

    I raise my arm and drive out into the underside of the forarm with the outside edge of my arm or hand. The underside of the forearm is soft and has plenty of nerves which are easily affected and the hand goes numb. I couple that with a ball kick to the closest shin to weaken his stance...
  13. whitetiger2001

    At what point do we step in?

    One more situation, a woman being attacked by a man. After the 911 call, I'd definately step .
  14. whitetiger2001

    What is a student

    A studfent is someone who wants to know and understand what they're studying and is willing to put in the time in class and outside of class toward that goal. Simply coming to class and going through the motions isn't enough. The student asks questions and strives for a deeper understanding...
  15. whitetiger2001

    New Years resolution

    It;s simple, to be able to afford to get back into a dojo and start training again except for the what I can do in my back yard
  16. whitetiger2001

    First thing you wanted to learn

    Patience, I wanted to know everything at once but patience was to learn them when the time was right was my biggerst goal
  17. whitetiger2001

    Your goal as an instructor

    Nicely said.
  18. whitetiger2001

    what makes a sensei

    The school I taught in used first names for instructors under 5th dan, after that the title of master was used in conjuction with the last name. It was admittedly an informal structure but it was a more family oriented school. But to answer the question, I believe that sensei is a title that...
  19. whitetiger2001

    Your goal as an instructor

    I thought that this would make a good story to share A king once decided to honor the four most important people in his kingdom and sent an envoy out to find them. When the envoy returned, he had four candidates. The king asked about the first one and was told that he was a brilliant general...
  20. whitetiger2001

    Your goal as an instructor

    As instructors, we are there to help our students achieve everything they can and sometimes that means pushing them beyond their percieved limits and standards. It would be cheating them to do anything else. Other instructors who feel threatened should reevaluate their own standards. We as...
  21. whitetiger2001

    My self-defense opinion, for whatever that is worth?

    To put it simply, the best style is the one that works for you. We all have our limitations, mine is with high kicks ebcause I lack the flexibility to thrown them with any real degree of precision or power, I rely on upper body strength and speed so for me, something like TKD wouldn't work too...
  22. whitetiger2001

    New way of testing (Black Belt Magazine - Aug 2007)

    Sounds nice, part martial art, part Boy Scouts but the idea of advancing to BB within little more than a year doesn't make sense to me. How can anyone be proficient enough in their material in that short a time? It takes years to get to the point where a student has the knowledge and skill to...
  23. whitetiger2001

    black belt standards

    Pushups-min 50 (I could 75) Situps - 50 min Proficiency in kicks and strikes, hands, feet, knees and elbows as well as stances and takedowns. Sparring Grappling Side and overhead clubs techniques (5 ea.) All forms with proficiency - 5 katas, 6 pinions and Statue of the Crane. 3 of each...
  24. whitetiger2001

    A good comeback?

    The world is full of "what ifs". I've had the same thing happen to me and it used to frustrate me but eventuially I realized, no matter what the situation, someone can what if it to death.
  25. whitetiger2001

    Teaching Kids

    We taught the same material to both but age is sometimes a factor in advancement. Only rank determines the difference, sometimes material becomes more advanced at later ranks. The exception to this are moves that are meant for killing.
  26. whitetiger2001

    What do you wear to train?

    I wear the same clothes as I woud if I were going to the store and that inclusdes ashoes. Since I will not be barefioot unless I'm at the beach, or wearing a Gi unless I'm at the studio, why not train in what I useually wear. I do this for one simple reason, practicality. If you train...
  27. whitetiger2001


    My school used first names foir anyone under the rank of master and than it was a given but despite the informality, there was alway respect between students and teachers. I feel that a teacher should have the same level of respect for the student as the student has for the teacher. It is...
  28. whitetiger2001

    Learning Without An Instructor.

    I would also like to throw in my two cents here. While I think books and vdeos a can be a good tool to augment traditional training, they lack one thing that cannot be gained anywhere else, personal interaction. A book or video cannot asnwer questions, make the subtle corrections your sensei...
  29. whitetiger2001

    First Black Belt

    Congradilations, Iremember watching my first students come back with their first blavk belts, it was such an awesome sight.
  30. whitetiger2001

    Evolving Your Art: Is It Necessary?

    As MAs, we have to maintain the traditions of our arts because they are well founded and have served their part. But as people, we are creatures of change, either deliberately or otherwise. Change for the sake of change is pointless but social and technological changes make evolution...