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    Richard Dimitri Video Clip

    Thanks for the vid. Those are great points he makes and that is how it is taught at the schhol I train at. As to the language, it doesnt bother me depending on WHO your training. When its a group of cops, soldiers or something like that, it can get a little spicey. Cujo
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    Who is the heaviest hitter in the UFC...

    Gotta go with the iceman! Weird timing and he throws that hybrid hook/cross punch with um, determination. Cujo
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    Hughes: Two More Fights Before Retirement

    Ok, admittedly Im a little biased as I have trained with Chris and he attends most of our events, buuut. While I will grant that Serra neutralized Chris's stand up quite well, Chris did the same for Serra's ground game and did have the first takedown. He also delivered some good shots to Serra's...
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    Human Stun Gun

    Hey, if they teach us cops that technique we can just throw out our weapons! Pax Cujo:rolleyes:
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    throwaway wallet/money clip

    Who the heck has 20 bucks on them? Pax Cujo
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    RIP George Brewster

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    BigNick's Shodan Test Tonight!

    Congrats BigNick! I test next month for my BB in Jujutsu. I think I'm sweating already.:eek: Pax Cujo
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    Immune to ankle locks?

    Done correctly there are only two options. Tap or snap. Pax Cujo
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    Dr. Pepper

    I actually like Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream.:idunno: Pax Cujo
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    Ortiz vs Shamrock rematch is off!

    Tito pulled? I didn't see that coming. Pax Cujo
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    Ufc 59

    Cujo is Not happy.:angry: Pax Cujo
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    Congrats on the Baptism and also on your mature spiritual attitude! Pax Cujo
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    Tae Kwon Do vs Muay Thai - video

    Thanks for the video, both looked good but I gotta give the fight to the other guy. Pax Cujo
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    Ben Stein can have my money. :)

    Thanks Pax Cujo
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    Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie

    Should be a great fight but I think Matt is gonna take it. Buuuut, never count Royce out so I could be surprised. Pax Cujo
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    IF you could have one weapon from a Sci Fi film...what would it be..

    Stormcrow? Nah, I want an Atlas with all the fixins. Pax Cujo:ultracool
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    9/11... how did it effect you?

    I guess, other than the initial shock, I haven't been affected all that much. I didn't know anyone who died, I live in a small community etc. The threat of terrorist violence in my area is very remote and so other than being glued to the t.v. in the beginning not much has changed for me. Pax Cujo
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    Urgent Request for Prayer!

    I just saw this post and wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. Know that I will pray for you and ask God to comfort everyone touched by this death. Pax Christi Cujo
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    Living in Tornado Alley

    Tornados are fairly common in my area, NW Ohio. We have warning sirens and classes are offered twice a year for "spotters". My son and I are both NOAA certified spotters and are on a call up list in case of severe weather. The more informed you are, the less scared you are when it comes to...
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    Combat Vets and Self Defense

    Beirut Lebanon 1983-1984. MOS was 96F, Psyops. I learned NEVER give up. Pax Cujo
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    Nerd Test

    I got a 12, I'm amazed I can even figure out how to post this. Pax Cujo
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    monkey vs. Tiger!

    Great video, thanks for sharing. The little guy does have stones, you gotta give him that. Pax Cujo
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    Inappropriate use of firearms

    And this guy is teaching children? Pax Cujo
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    Darth Vader gets owned!!

    Loved the video, thanks. Pax Cujo
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    The Quick Boxing Jab as Set-Up for Self-defence Techniques

    Jabs are great. Its fast, it obstructs your opponents vision, is great for establishing range and just begs to followed up with a more powerfull technique. Pax Cujo
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    boxing stance

    The picture has the stance correct. I never heard of anyone using a fencers stance, but it sounds like a bad idea to me. Pax Cujo
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    question for boxers

    I used to kick-box had my nose broke. I was literally "saved by the bell". I don't recall it hurting, but then again I coudn't find my corner at the end of the round. Next round I had to mouth breath and that was not a good thing but I finished the fight. (lost by decision). Pax Cujo
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    Water or sport drinks, which do you prefer?

    Powerade, I just like it better. Pax Cujo