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    Any Rick Faye Students Here?

    I plan on going to Sifu Fayes camp this year and would like to meet some of you. I am also planning a few trips to his gym this spring as well. Anyone here train with Sifu Faye? Regards,
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    Any T.B.A. members here?

    Anyone here train under Ajarn Chai?
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    Don't be afraid...

    To step into the light that is! Reading through many of these posts, it is so clear that some people are so well intentioned, really doing their best to be good students. Really trying to do the "right thing". But just living in a world of make believe. And I do not say that with any malice...
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    How awesome is this? :) :) :)
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    Dear board members, I was asked by Mr. VanCise to come here and introduce myself. My name is Richard Ray, I live in Cleveland, Ohio USA. I will soon be 40 years old:( I am married with three wonderful daughters 14, 10 and 7. I have three dogs, an akita/chow mix, toy fox terrier and a...