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  1. Ahriman

    Deadliest warrior

    Oh sh_t. And I thought our Greek section sucks... that spartan historian... grrr... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ . .. ... Sorry. This is, actually, a good show. For those long, boring afternoons when all you need is to be on the intellectual level of a, hm, pine tree. Now it's all nice and...
  2. Ahriman

    BG killed while attempting to rob pharmacy

    Background story is good to know, but it doesn't have anything to do with assaults and murders. In a civilian setting, initiating a conflict forces the would-be victim to defend themselves - no matter WHO or WHAT is the attacker. At least here, only police officers may point a gun at you in some...
  3. Ahriman

    physical fitness & self defense.

    About 2 months ago I started going to a gym again. By now I can lift my 50 kg training partners by their throats using one hand quickly, and I'm able to easily throw my 120-130 kg training partners with ease even with partially wrong technique (in intensive sparring things don't often happen as...
  4. Ahriman

    Another Robber wide open to counter attack

    Ahem, I didn't watch Spiderman... I simply ran away from a dog years ago instead of killing it which resulted in a kid's death next day. Got to love stray dogs... responsibility for the kid's death is partially mine, shared with all those who did the same and the previous owners. Is an agressive...
  5. Ahriman

    Another Robber wide open to counter attack

    Surviving robberies is luck. Some people died here a few years ago as their luck ran out. They were all shot. Not resisting and the mindset behind it allowed 9-11 to happen. Not resisting allows criminals to kill, maim and rape huge amounts of people. Resisting may lead to your death, but if you...
  6. Ahriman

    Is this a true bayonet?

    Uhm, these are sold at about 5$ each here, and aren't likely to be made in the USSR as the stamp claims. As I didn't, don't, and will never have acces to an AK47, I can't comment on if it fits the rifle. BTW, google-ing the terms "AK bayonet" resulted in this site and many others, so you could...
  7. Ahriman

    Favourite Haymaker Defence.

    I like to move in to grab the attacker's head with both hands and pull his head into mine, preferably his face into my forehead (I don't have problems with hitting his forehead with mine either - I have a circa 30*30mm area on my forehead where the bone is much thicker than elsewhere). Of course...
  8. Ahriman

    Medieval/Renaissance Dagger demo

    Hmmm, very nice. Our interpretations slightly differ at places, but that's nothing unusual in this area. ... "would puncture even thin plate-metal," I disagree with this part, unless you're talking about the absolutely most crappy pieces. Even 1mm thick mild steel can withstand a fair amount of...
  9. Ahriman

    Maryland "storm-troopers" harass innocent gun owner

    1, The storm troopers were the SA, not the SS :P ///sorry I couldn't resist the urge to be a smartass/// 2, Actually I agree with wearing protective equipment as often as one can, just in the past few months we had two murders (keep in mind that Hungary has a lower population than some of your...
  10. Ahriman

    Britian: Firearms cheap, easy to get and on a street near you

    To be a bit sarcastic: no wonder gun crimes are at such a low percentage - with these prices who would ever buy any? Hey, they ask more for a sawn-off shotgun than their Hungarian colleagues ask for an AK47... ... Bottom line is, if you want guns, you can get them - anywhere, anytime, only the...
  11. Ahriman

    School bans pupils from doing cartwheels

    What? Banning only cartwheels? Kids should be tied to their chairs the moment they enter, and they should only be transported in those chairs by teachers... Hey, think about all the possible accidents caused by... uhm... doors, that's it, doors kill people. Pencils are even worse! ... I would...
  12. Ahriman

    groin strike effectiveness

    sgtmac_46: good point with the lion example, but the same can be done consciously as well - like when I injure myself while working. The last major thing was when I was stupid enough to grab the horn of my anvil - I forgot it was HOT and burned most of the skin from my right palm before I felt...
  13. Ahriman

    Western Sword Style Cleaning Of A Carbon Steel Blade!

    Angle grinder with wire-wool disk for light corrosion, angle grinder with 400 grit sandpaper disk for medium corrosion and angle grinder with 120 grit flap disk for the "is THIS a sword???" cases. Angle grinder with 200 grit sandpaper disk for light nicks, 60 grip flap disk for medium nicks and...
  14. Ahriman

    Lowering The Drinking Age

    I love this "European thus good" thing - some of them who say this BS fail to realize that Romania, Hungary, Ukraine etc are all parts of Europe but they are nothing like "good" and absolutely not comparable to the UK, France, etc. Totally different countries... ... On topic - I started drinking...
  15. Ahriman

    groin strike effectiveness

    My best friend trains in Krav Maga (and WMA) and witnessed a very interesting thing. At their school, wearing cups is "very strongly recommended" at all times in class. Their instructor was showing a technique on one of the guys involving kneeling into his groin. He showed once - class started...
  16. Ahriman

    "Know your enemy..."

    As opponents with mental disorders were mentioned, I second sgtmac_46's view about them - they are the most dangerous, especially ones with a serious case of psychopathy. They are often very intelligent, very charming, and appear very trustworthy but they feel no regret and/or don't understand...
  17. Ahriman

    "Know your enemy..."

    : semi-off: Just as a side note, what do you mean by "snap"? A simple loss-of-self-control or a full-out "berserkergang"? If the latter, run and order everyone around you to follow the example IF you can realize the situation in time unless you can behead him or shoot him in the head or have a...
  18. Ahriman

    Favorite defense

    Create distance, draw my most accessible weapon at that time, evaluate seriousness, depending on the result, attack/threaten/resheath. In some cases the "create distance" part is enough to stop the attack. Oh, and as I'm a smoker, I mention a specific "technique" - if attacked/threatened from...
  19. Ahriman

    Strength training

    It surely does, and has a great effect on my cutting power and speed, allowing me to use heavier weaponry than most with the same speed as others use normal stuff. Sadly I had too much work to do in the previous month so I didn't have time to train - now I'll have more time, and we planned to...
  20. Ahriman

    Strength training

    I've restarted my strength training with my iron staff... :D
  21. Ahriman

    More slick vids from Gladiatores (Messer)

    I like it... my students like it... one of them likes it so much he decided to start studying messer much more (I tried to convince him for a few months before but he just wouldn't understand)... the same guy now wants to have one of those messers. Thanks for spreading the word.
  22. Ahriman

    When somethins yur pants off do you go open or closed handed?

    (uh-oh, I realized my previous post can be a bit confusing - I meant knives when I wrote drawing and added the katana part as a response to MA-Caver's joke)
  23. Ahriman

    Sword making as part of system

    I focus mainly on European stuff - both use AND making. Hell, I make a living by making arms and armours - yet I have time to study their actual use which helps with understanding designs better and better designs in turn help with my understanding of techniques. I'm only 21, but I have time for...
  24. Ahriman

    When somethins yur pants off do you go open or closed handed?

    MA-Caver: I got the joke (and laughed at it) but I actually meant those would-be robbers who think that drawing slowly is less loud and noticeable than drawing quickly. Lucky for us, criminals around here are often so stupid that if I wouldn't have seen it myself I'd think that it's a parody...
  25. Ahriman

    opinions of cold steel japanese swords

    I've handled CS katanas and am not really crazy about them especially as I like European stuff far more. They are far better made compared to CS's Euro line (uh-oh, never buy a messer or a bastard there unless you can modify it), but I felt some movement of the tang. If you want a Japanese...
  26. Ahriman

    When somethins yur pants off do you go open or closed handed?

    Depends on the intensity and distance of startling effect. I tend to react quite strongly to sudden clicking or metal-sliding-on-anything noises, especially up close - in those cases left hand strike at face level with base of palm while getting off the X and right hand on hilt of most...
  27. Ahriman

    English Longsword

    I would thank the videos as well, but being drunk means that I can't follow the motions. :D So I "only" thank the sources - here we thought that the Harleian is the only remaining English source. (it's somewhat ironical that even when being drunk like hell I can translate English)
  28. Ahriman

    Obama: New Yorker cover insults Muslim Americans

    All this dirt-throwing seriously looks like the BS going around here. It is fun, I mean I'm rolling on the floor laughing while reading these idiocies. It really seems like neither Hungary nor the USA has problems, for if there would be any, politicians/the media/etc would concentrate on those...
  29. Ahriman

    Gun control - where is it leading us?

    "when a citizen venturing out into its filthy canyon streets wore a steel helmet simulating a wig, a bulletproof vest and codpiece, spectacles that were armor, gloves that covered brass knucks, and other concealed and illegal weapons" Want to laugh? Me and mine differ from this description only...
  30. Ahriman

    The Relevance of the British Monarchy

    : off: Sukerkin, I thought about a similar thread about Hungary, but I realized that it's so far off that no one could have real comments... :D : off: "Are people still attached to the idea of a King or Queen? Certainly. But the people who matter are increasingly comfortable with the idea of...