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  1. Tswolfman

    Koryo Gumdo

    One thing to note, Their are 2 Koryo Gumdo Organizations now . World Koryo Gumdo Association Headed by GM Duk Gun Kwon, and Koryo Gumdo International Headed by GM J.P. Wood. World Koryo Gumdo Association Uses a newer Series of forms. where as Koryo Gumdo International uses the orginal Koryo...
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    Koryo Gumdo

    As a forth dan black belt in koryo gum do. I see your points. A lot of the koryo gumdo curriculum is derived from haidong gumdo. However many peices come from other arts.
  3. Tswolfman

    How much karate inside TKD?

    I see your point but at this time tkd is its own tree. It may have been grafted from karate but it has evolved into something entirely different
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    Training floor surface

    We actually have three training rooms each one a different surface. In our main studio it is Black and gray puzzle mats on a carpeted wooden floor, in our fitness room we have a painted wooden floor with extra grip( was that way when we bought the building..) and in our kids are we have 2" heavy...
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    Is it frowned upon to convert to a different martial art?

    couldnt have said it better what ever you do do it with respect to your current teacher whenever and however possible.
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    Greetings from Australia

    Welcome to Martial Talk, Hope you enjoy everything that is offered here.
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    Your thoughts on being a MA instructor

    Does he enjoy teaching? If not Dont if So Do
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    1 in 2000 earn their black belt - still true?

    I run a studio at my studio i have yet to test someone for black belt that started with me I have tested people for black but they all have come from other schools. I have seen over 400 students train with me and i have tested maybe 8 black belts in that time. with that math it is more along the...
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    Kali fundamentals question

    Most Filipino arts that i know of do not have basic "Kata" like Karate. They have basics but normally they are small pieces that get randomized and you learn more and more of them. I know some do use Anyos ( Filipino forms/Kata ) but most to my experience do not do a formalized Pattern other...
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    Martial Arts Extinction

    But just like any transference of information things change. So does that mean every time we have a new master we have a new art or do we keep the same art but changed. Martial arts change for the time period they are in so even if one is Reconstructed it is still that art just the modern...
  12. Tswolfman

    Taekwondo curriculum content and teaching methodology

    what type/org taekwondo do you teach and what do your classes look like? Kukki Taekwondo we do a 10 minute warm up 10 min basic mental workout 15 main focus physical workout, 15 min Mental workout and finish with a 10 minute cool down / Stretch What is your curriculum like? we have poomse (...
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    FMA in the Great Lakes area???

    Rich is definitly worth the time to visit. although I run a school about an hour north of columbus if your down my way.
  14. Tswolfman

    May 22nd 2010 Modern Arnis Seminar Wolfpak Martial Arts Mount Gilead Ohio

    Location: Wolfpak Martial Arts 44 1/2 South Main Street Mount Gilead Ohio Date: May 22nd 2010 Time:1 to 4pm Cost: $35.00 Datu Tim Hartman with be teaching the basics in the Modern Arnis system. For more information Contact Sam Wolf at 419-947-9900 Please leave a message if no one answers.
  15. Tswolfman

    Feb 27th 2010 Modern Arnis Seminar Mansfield YMCA Mansfield Ohio

    Location: Mansfield YMCA St Route 42 Mansfield Ohio Date:Feb. 27th 2010 Time:1 to 4pm Cost: $35.00 Guru Sam Wolf with be teaching the basics in the Modern Arnis system. This seminar is a precursor seminar for when Datu Tim visits Ohio May 22nd. For more information Contact Sam Wolf at...
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    Team USA Grappling Trials

    So how did it go?
  17. Tswolfman

    Datu Hartman & Tribe pick up a new sponsor!

    We just Used them at our Tournament in Ohio. They handle really well. As good if not better then what Smack-stik does. Great for Padded stick Sparring.
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    2009 Pak Classic North Central Ohio

    Im an Idiot I thought I posted this a long time ago. Oh well 2 Days until 2009 Pak Calssic on June 13th 2009 This years event is being held in Cardington Ohio at the Cardington-Lincoln Elementary School. the event will have Olympic TKD Sparring Point Sparring Padded Stick Sparring (Point...
  19. Tswolfman

    Shurite Kempo Seminar Mount Gilead Ohio May 30th 2009

    Shurite Kempo Seminar Mount Gilead Ohio May 30th 2009 Master Gary Music 11-3pm May 30th Shurite Kempo applications of the Peahyn and Tekki Series of forms ( Kata) will be touched on and more. hope to see you there for more information contact Alison Hirt 419-947-9990 or check...
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    Shingitai Jujitsu Seminar

    March 28th Mount Gilead Ohio 46 1/2 South Main Street Entrance in Rear more information to Follow or Call 419-947-9900
  21. Tswolfman

    Shingitai Juijitsu

    Hss anyone heard of this group? I did a google search and have read up some on them but i was curious as to what people on the board know and have heard about John Saylor & Shingitai
  22. Tswolfman

    Why aren't we doiing this!!??

    Tae Kwon Do is known as a kicking art. However we don't totally disregard Hand Techniques. It was explained to me that we use so many hand techniques in our forms to counterbalance our normal sparring and to help "complete" the art. I am Not sure I beleieve this but that is what I have heard.
  23. Tswolfman

    2008 Pak Classic Mount Gilead ohio Point Style Tournament

    See you tommorow. Rmember there has been a change of Location to accomidate everyone, To 145 Cherry Street. For more information Please Call !-419-947-9900. good Luck all competitiors
  24. Tswolfman

    TKD and Everyone Else

    Unfortuately alot of people don't know any better then the belt is just a belt. I know of way to many people that are so disillusioned because of other schools just handing out belts that they don't want to keep trying. It is so hard to talk to people when they keep up the wrong attitude about...
  25. Tswolfman

    2008 Pak Classic Mount Gilead ohio Point Style Tournament

    On Sat. June 14th Morrow Counties first Martial Arts State Championship tournament , "The Pak Classic" will be held in the Cherry Street gym.Originally to be held at Park Ave. the increasing number of entries will be better accommodated at the Cherry St. location.The Cherry Street building is on...
  26. Tswolfman

    7th Annual WMAA Modern Arnis & Kombatan Training Camp June 6 - 8, 2008

    Looks like a great Line up see you Thursday!!! :)