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    Groin Kicks

    Am I the only TSD instructor that teaches the groin kick? I was not taught it but it is a good kick and if I expect my students to be able to deploy it in a self-defense situation then they should practice it in class. What do you think?
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    One Steps

    During my personal TSD history, I have belonged to 4 different associations and have learned two different sets of one steps. The one steps that I have learned are okay for practicing techniques, but they are not very "practical" or realistic. Does anyone know/teach a good, realistic...
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    Jin Tae

    I recently moved from MT to PA and am now training under a new instructor. I just started learning a new form, Jin Tae or Jintae. It is drastically different from Jinto. There are some Jinto videos on YouTube that are labeled "Jintae". Does anyone else do this form? In includes an elbow...
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    Liability Insurance

    Do you have it? Have you ever needed it? Do you recommend it and at what level. I have about 30 students and teach twice a week in my basement. Thanks in advance,
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    Sparring Contac

    What level of contact do you use in sparring? In class and in tournaments? When you answer, please state your style. And what kind of protective gear is required? I have trained in two different TSD schools. The first school said "light to medium" contact and no contact to the face. In...
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    I'm not sure where to post this question. In the "User" something forum, I found "Reputation something" where people have commented on my posts. Most were from last year. How did these happen? Most were kind and it was nice to see them. Just curious. Still learning, Ken
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    How to do an ax kick?

    How do you do an ax kick? I was first taught a tight tuck with knee bent, then extend and drop. My second school said bring straight leg up and then down. First school only did "inside-out". Second school taught inside-out and outside-in. If you reply but do another art than Tang Soo Do...
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    Public or Private Testing

    I earned by black belt in a TSD school that keep "cho dan bo" and black belt tests private. When I changed schools, my new instructor held "open" tests, where anyone could come and watch. Not only were families allowed to be a part of the audience, lower ranking students were encouraged to...
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    Discounts and scholarships

    Do you give family discounts? Why? Does it work for you? Do any of your students train for free? Or at a special rate designed just because of there specific situation? I charge $50 per month. Second and third family members are half price and additional family members are free. In...
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    Training Floor

    What kind of floor do you train on? My school has a concrete floor. Previously, we had a wood floor (probably suspended on concrete) and previous to that we had puzzle mats. What kind of floor would you prefer? The puzzle mats were better than I expected to train on. They seemed to...
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    Brown belt or no?

    Does your school use the brown belt between green and red? Do you have "cho dan bo" between 1st gup and 1st black? And finally, do first degree black belts (cho dan, midnight blue) have a stripe or no? (gup/belt) 10 white 9 yellow 8 orange 7 orange + 1 stripe 6 green 5 green + 1 stripe 4...
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    Board breaking advice?

    I have to break three boards with a jump back kick this week and one suspended board with a spin hook kick. Any advice is welcome.... One is a power break and one is a speed break. Thanks in advance.....
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    Midnight Blue vs Black Belt (revisited)

    I found an old post (2004), but I want like to get some updated info. Some TSD schools use a dark blue belt instead of black belt; others use a black belt. I have both because of the two schools I've trained in. I will be moving far away from any TSD schools, so I will be starting my own...
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    Flag patch on uniform?

    "The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations." How do people feel about USA flag patches on karate uniforms? My gup uniform had a...
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    Two Bassais, Dai and Sho

    Out of curiosity, how many schools still teach both Bassai forms? For those that do, what rank do you learn Bassai Sho? My original school (where I earned by black belt) taught both: I learned Bassai Sho first at 3rd gup, then Bassai Dai at 2nd gup and Nianchi Cho Dan at 1st gup. Bassai sho...
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    TSD in Western Montana or N. Idaho?

    Does anyone know of any Tang Soo Do schools in Western Montana or Northern Idaho?
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    Hello from New England

    I have been studying Tang Soo Do for five years after taking 8 months of Shotokan lessons at the local Y. I received my first degree black belt almost a year ago. Always looking to learn more....