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    Half train or give it up?

    I'm 61 years old [female] and trained continuously in martial arts for 24 years. Since last spring I have not been able to train due to shoulder pain. I had rotator cuff repair, torn biceps tendon repair and bone shaving a few years ago. I now have arthritis and some small tears but...
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    Suck it up or bow out?

    I over did it in class last Monday and am still suffering. We did boxing drills for the whole class using muscles I don't normally use and over using the ones I do use. I haven't been able to train since then. My hips and shoulders still ache and my thigh muscles burn. So how many of you over...
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    Tournaments: Unfair advantage

    In the martial art I am training in now students can not get a black belt until they are 16 years old. In other martial art styles in the area you can become a black belt in 3-4 years. So in an open tournament you may have an "advanced colored belt" who has been training for 9 years competing...
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    This is what TSD is all about !

    I had an instructor announce at the end of a large promotion event which included 25 sparring matches "Now this is what TSD is all about. You can beat the crap out of someone and then touch gloves and it is all good." Your thoughts please?
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    No Ho Sin Sool!

    I know there aren't any written rules what TSD is, but would you personally consider a school a TSD school if it does not have a self defense curriculum?
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    Use your hips!

    I am doing an essay on how TSD is changing and wondering if the defensive, offensive and reactive use of the hip taught in TSD/SBD is inherent to TSD or developed by Master Hwang Kee? Do other martial arts stress the same use of hip? I know it was never discussed in the ATA TKD school I went...
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    Eight Key Concepts

    I'm curious, were the eight key concepts of martial arts written by Grandmaster Whang Kee? Do other martial arts use them?
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    Jab- Cross

    I started in a traditional Soo Bahk Do School. In tournament sparring a lead hand punch without full extension did not count as a point. In the Tang Soo Do school I am in now they teach a jab cross combination like boxing with punches coming from under your chin and count the jab as a point in...
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    Hello, I am honored to be part of this forum with artists in so many styles from all over the world. I started training 20 years ago while in my mid thirties; First in Soo Bahk Do, next in Tae Kwon Do, then Kempo and currently Tang Soo Do. I left SBD and TKD after reaching my 2nd degree...