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    Groin Kicks

    Thanks Wado and Hapkido. You made my point. For some reason, in TSD we have under-rated the upward snap of a groin kick. While living in MT, I could only compete in "open" tournaments where groin shots scored. My Kenpo brothers used the kick very effectively and it got me to thinking. Like...
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    Groin Kicks

    Am I the only TSD instructor that teaches the groin kick? I was not taught it but it is a good kick and if I expect my students to be able to deploy it in a self-defense situation then they should practice it in class. What do you think?
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    Chinte Hyung

    Contact Master Eric Kovaleski of Kovaleski Karate USA in Dickson City, PA. He knows the history.
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    Free Sparring Techniques

    Are you throwing single, powerful techniques, or multiple, faster ones? Combinations are key. Find a few and practice them until they are automatic responses. Never throw a single technique. Never throw a single kick. Always combinations. Backfist, reverse punch, ridgehand. Front kick...
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    Help please

    My instructor is Master Eric Kovaleski of Kovaleski Karate USA in Dickson City.
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    Thinking of returning

    Check I would recommend Clyde's Martial Arts but her nearest class is in Philipsburg, PA.
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    One Steps

    During my personal TSD history, I have belonged to 4 different associations and have learned two different sets of one steps. The one steps that I have learned are okay for practicing techniques, but they are not very "practical" or realistic. Does anyone know/teach a good, realistic...
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    Jin Tae

    I recently moved from MT to PA and am now training under a new instructor. I just started learning a new form, Jin Tae or Jintae. It is drastically different from Jinto. There are some Jinto videos on YouTube that are labeled "Jintae". Does anyone else do this form? In includes an elbow...
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    Anyone know of any TSD dojos inthe Baltimore, MD area? is a great resource It has a nationwide listing of schools and associations.
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    WTSDA and old members

    Not me, but I live in Clearfield, PA. My instructor and her instructor and several others in this area are former WTSD. There is still a WTSD school here and in Philipsburg. Are you looking for a place to train? The WTSD website should be able to tell you about schools in the area. There...
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    Soo Bahk Do Non-Contact Sparring, Should It Evolve to Light/Medium Contact?

    I have trained under 4 different instructors in three states, mostly because of moves: CT, MT, PA. Two have done contact sparring and 2 have done non-contact sparring. I teach non-contact sparring to my students but participate in light/medium contact tournaments. In my opinion, children...
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    Dropping the Chil Sung and Yuk Ro Hyung

    I like the Chil Sungs and in my recent move, I sought out a school that still teaches them.
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    TSD Sparring - How does your school do it?

    No contact at all for kids; all unblocked techniques score. Teens and adults; light contact to body with protective gear. No contact to face. Light contact to head gear though. I like it that way. I don't like to get hurt. Some tournaments I go to are medium contact but with good...
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    Dogs. I have a dog, do you?

    One dog and two cats, but one of the cats thinks he's a dog. The dog is a border collie-corgie mix which means he is a good size dog with legs half the normal size for his body. The orange cat comes when you call him, greets you at the front door, and is generally dog-like.
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    Needing a TKD book

    Check out e-bay. I have purchased more than one book for Tang Soo Do that way.
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    Beginner seeking advice.

    Sounds like you want something modern, not necessarily traditional. Look at Krav Maga. That is next on my list to learn. I have a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a traditional korean art.
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    Martial arts magazines?

    TKD Times is good for Korean arts. Unfortunately, it is only quarterly. I read TKD Times and Black Belt Mag.
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    If you had to defend yourself, what technique would you use?

    If it is a right handed punch (mirror if left), I (hope) would step left with left foot, turn perpendicular to attacker, intercept punch wrist with right knife hand block, convert to an armbar and take to the ground. That assumes it is a "friendly" attacker...maybe someone I know and don't want...
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    Please advise re: my kid defending himself

    My boys are older: 12, 15, 17. Since they were in early elementary school (and taking martial arts...17 yo is black belt now, other two are close), I have had a pre-start-of-school speech for each of them. If they are threatened at school, they have to tell a teacher. If they are trapped, they...
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    Your Favorite Kick

    Spin hook for breaking. Low sidekick for self-defense.
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    Science vs.? Intelligent Design?

    What evidence? The only way that evolution is possible is for it to have been caused/directed by a creator. Statistically, macro evolution is impossible. The "odds" against even the simplest amount of evolution defies mathematical possibilities. So it is not "theistic evolution" that needs...
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    Science vs.? Intelligent Design?

    Your entire discourse is very well-put. You make several good points and I agree with not only some of your details but also some of your conclusions. Your post is refreshing, thank you. I take issue with one: I do not believe that Darwinists are blinded by their atheism. I believe that...
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    Where is Tang Soo Do in all of this?

    Prioritize...and nothing is forever (at least not here on earth)... I am full-time computer programmer. I am part-time pastor of a small church. I am a volunteer firefighter. I teach Tang Soo Do twice a week. I am a father of four (and a husband of one, LOL). At different times in my life, I...
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    What is happening to our Art

    Outside refs sounds like a good idea, maybe even borrow from other styles.
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    What do you guys think about the mirrors in yur studio?

    I liked the mirrors as a student. I didn't always use it but I especially like them for forms practice. I miss not having mirrors in my current school. As an instructor, I don't think students should ever be criticized for using the mirrors. If the mirrors are up, students should be able to...
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    Lots of good stuff in MA. Someone already mentioned Byrne. Check Above website is inter-association and very good. Also check good luck
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    Second Dan question

    You are going to need to find a new school. I changed schools right after receiving my Cho Dan and it took me a year of training just to meet the new school's requirements for Cho Dan. Testing for my E Dan was basically just getting better at what I already knew, a couple of new forms, and...
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    Watch ebay. I have found some decent stuff there too. The Ultimate Guide is a good forms reference for reminder, but as already said, you can't learn from it.
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    Class Curriculums

    I'm not him, but World Forms were created by World Tang Soo Do Association from what I have been told.