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  1. Dark Kenpo Lord

    The step thru punch in use.

    http://media5.big-boys .com/content/asswhoop.wmv Just a little reminder that people do use the step thru, this is a prime example of it. Copy and paste the link and then move the .com back one space and you're watching it. Hmm, I wonder if AK has anything to deal with this LOL? DarK LorD
  2. Dark Kenpo Lord

    Anonymity pisses me off

    I know you guys have the capability to post the name of the person that reps you, it would be nice not to have to put up with anonypusses that -rep you with complete anonymity. I could care less if I get -repped or not, but I'd at least like to know who's throwing the comments. It would at...
  3. Dark Kenpo Lord

    EPAK vs. Wu Shen Pai

    Score one for EPAK LOL. As soon as I walked into Bob Jones' studio on Sat. he came out, sticks in hand and immediately got on the phone and dialed 911, told me I was trespassing and told me I should leave immediately, I DIDN'T. After getting a message from 911 he went to his security keypad...
  4. Dark Kenpo Lord

    How did this happen?

    How the heck did Sean Wold (AKA Touch O'Death) become a moderator here, have you guys gone completely insane? My coffee maker has more common sense. Dark Lord