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  1. kosho

    I noticed this book on Octagon work

    The word is used by many and it has different meanings depending on the system you are in, Under Hanshi Juchnik The term Kyoshi Renshi Shihan are all job titles that help Hanshi Juchnik. It also has to do with Knowledge of the system and skill levels of the person with the Title. Example you...
  2. kosho

    I noticed this book on Octagon work

    (Please let me know if you make the DVD available.) TaiChiTJ- I have 2 DVDs that I have made on Kosho Ryu Kempo (1) is a Flow Drill that helps with Throwing and hitting and Entries into the attacker, the other is a Basic and Mid level understanding of the Octagon. To get more info visit my web...
  3. kosho

    I noticed this book on Octagon work

    TaiChiTJ Hello, I hope this finds you well, I don't get on the computer as much as I used to. OK, the octagon is a tool that is used to help with movement and understanding the body and how it works. If you look at the basic level of the octagon it falls to the floor...
  4. kosho

    Questions for our Kosho guys

    Sorry will try to get on here more and I will post a answer to your question
  5. kosho

    Questions for our Kosho guys

    TaiChiTJ, The concept of triangles is the understanding that there is strong and weak points in structure on the body, and on the ground. The points of weakness is in the middle of the points of the triangle. The body is always moving and changing as it breaths and moves with...
  6. kosho

    Questions for our Kosho guys

    <personal contact info redacted> is my cell I have tried to post but seem to have trouble lets are if this makes it on? steve
  7. kosho

    Hello, I have been training with Hanshi Juchnik starting in 2004. I also train with Tony...

    Hello, I have been training with Hanshi Juchnik starting in 2004. I also train with Tony Dissarro in Kosho out of new York, Jeff Driscoll out of PA in kosho/sword. and John Evans in Kosho out of NH. my web page is and is being built and added to. Good to see...
  8. kosho

    KT:Anyone know this guy?

    Looks like he was a student under Joe Palanzo who was a student under GM Parker SR found this under. far right half way down hope this helps. Kosho
  9. kosho

    Hello New Here

    Nice to see you here... Kosho
  10. kosho

    How much do you practice chokes and strangulations?

    Been awhile sence i have posted. This is some of the things we work on and this is all based on my dojo, and how we work. How much do you practice chokes and strangulations in your school? 2 times a week we spend on this in a LIVE way. Do you teach them in your techniques? we work on movement...
  11. kosho

    Kosho Ryu Kempo Seminar

    Its this weekend. People coming from NY, CT, NH, MA, RI, Will be a great day of training.
  12. kosho

    Kosho Ryu Kempo Seminar

    coming up soon only a few spots left...
  13. kosho

    Kosho Ryu Kempo Seminar

    Pat Kelly Sensei From Elk Grove CA November 8th (Sunday) 2009 Orange Town Hall. Orange ma 01364 10AM - 3 PM Cost $60.00 per person Call Steve at 1-978-544-9693 Send checks to Steve Bonk 41 Johnson rd Orange Ma, 01364 Any and all Systems welcome
  14. kosho

    Bruce Juchnik Hanshi Seminar

    Hello, Date: August 2nd, 2009 ( Sunday ) Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Town: Orange Ma, 01364 Location: Orange Town Hall, 6 Prospect st Orange ma, 01364 Cost: Adults Only $40.00 Kids are from 9am -...
  15. kosho

    Got Motorcycles?

    Hello, I have a 2000 FXR4 custom H- Davidson. in mint shape. LOVE IT. kosho
  16. kosho

    Orange Ma Sword Seminar

    This saturday still some room.
  17. kosho

    David Carradine R.I.P

    Sad ending to a gift (life) from God. Kosho
  18. kosho

    Where to learn Nun-Chaku?

    you could try any of the names listed. not sure if in your area, all great teachers hope this helps. Orangevale Martial Arts Sensei Victor - Head Instructor 9346 Greenback Ln. Orangevale, CA 95662 916 300-0986 MATA SA BAGYO Filipino Martial Arts Stockton California Guro Carlito Bonjoc, Jr. -...
  19. kosho

    Orange MA, 01364 Kosho ryu Seminar

    Next saturday.... This will be a great seminar
  20. kosho

    Passing of Sijo

    Truly sorry to hear the news. Kosho
  21. kosho

    Passing of Sijo

    Truly sorry to hear the news. Kosho
  22. kosho

    My 1st Motorcycle

    My bike was a 1989 katana 750 Black and yellow. loved that bike. This month on the 14th of April I hopfully will be picking up a 2000 FXR 4 Harley D. it has 4,659 miles on it. It is in GREAT Shape. Kosho
  23. kosho

    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Happy Birthday to my 12 year old Amber, WOW where has the time gone???? Kosho
  24. kosho

    I earned my green stripe!

    Nice job Kosho
  25. kosho

    Thoughts on private lessons

    I charge $30.00 for 1 hour. If you pay for 10 all at once I charge $200.00 so thats $20.00 per class and you have 1 year to use them up from the date paid for. If you are a current student. If not I charge the $30.00 for 45 min. for just my Private students. The avg. time frame that a student...
  26. kosho

    Orange MA, 01364 Kosho ryu Seminar

    Shihan Tony Disarro Shaolin Kempo Training Center Sensei Disarro will be at the Orange Town hall In Orange Ma, 01364 On May 9th Saturday from 11:00 AM &#8211; 3:00 PM Cost is only $50.00 If paid before May 1st, 2009 Cost at the Door will be $65.00 Please Contact Stephen Bonk Sensei By...
  27. kosho

    Need help on patches I been working with them for about 3 years now. good stuff All kinds of items. good patches and Gis and belt. and many other things. Kosho call them they will work with you. also tell them Bonk Sensei from Orange ma passed it on...