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    Evolution in taekwondo

    So get ready for some real change! Coming to a Dojang near you..A new taekwondo rank structure, now with meaning and new colors, plus new uniforms! EXTRA - The black belt is now blue (midnight blue, like TSD) Actually we will introduce these new uniforms next month at the World Poomsae...

    US Poomsae Champions Seminar Series

    Poomsae Seminar News Download the Information and Application December 2010 Dear Taekwondo Community, Poomsae competition and participation is rapidly increasing world-wide since the World Taekwondo Federation implemented the World Poomsae Championships five years ago. This is an...

    Just what is the USAT supposed to do about grassroots?

    What about grassroots? This has become the battle cry of the disenchanted taekwondo practitioner and keyboard warrior alike. How can our NGB not care about little Johnny green belt (our future Olympian), his parents (The Cash) and of course his teacher (Who fought once at a real USTU/USAT...

    Olympic Dreams are not dead

    Have any Olympic dreams be smashed? The answer is, not at all. Lets be honest about a few things; are you or the athlete you speak of World Class? Have you or this athlete ever been on a US Team that has competed at a real World/International event, gone to Team Trials or placed Nationals...

    New Kukkiwon DVD's

    My late night review of the new Kukkiwon Taekwondo DVDs With the push by the Kukkiwon to standardize the poomsae for testing and world competition, a lack of material explaining the methodology has been missing. The original reference, Taekwondo Poomse (1975) has been rehashed by countless...

    REAL Self Defense!

    Watch and learn.

    Poomsae Team Trials

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the first US National Poomsae Team Trials in San Diego. This event was to select the first US Poomsae Team for the World Championships in Seoul in Sept. The WTF and Kukkiwon have standardized the poomsae and we were required to know the new...

    How can we defend ourselves from this?

    How do you enrich the experience?

    Martial arts are full of traditions, stories and practices. How do you enrich the experience for your students? One example for me is that I always plan my teaching around a central concept for the week. I then use classic koans, a kind of Asian parable, as a bridge to share the...
  10. MSUTKD

    I am going to China

    I am going to visit China in May. I have experience in other martial arts but never practiced any CMA. I would like to participate in a few practices while I am there and I have a question for all of you. When people practice Taijiquan in parks is anyone allowed to participate? Do I ask...