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  1. Azulx

    Belt Testing

    Here is a video of two of my students testing for their red and blue belts. Sparring starts at (5:30), if you don't want to watch all the forms. Enjoy :).
  2. Azulx

    Demonstrating Kata/Tuls during testing

    I have recently began wondering the purpose of demonstrating every kata one knows at testing. Is there a purpose to this? Is that nay better than doing just the form you learned for that specific belt? It's something I've done just because, and never really looked deeper into the purpose. For...
  3. Azulx

    Sparring - USKA Nationals

    In the most David vs. Goliath fashion here are the sparring videos for the men's intermediate division. My student is 5'6 both his opponents are 6'7. Enjoy!
  4. Azulx

    Men's Intermediate Kata at USKA Nationals

    Men's Division for Kata , my student got 3rd place. Enjoy!
  5. Azulx

    Favorite Uniform

    What is your favorite gi/dobok/uniform?
  6. Azulx

    USKA National Women's Intermediate Kata

    My student got 1st place at the USKA National's in Women's Intermediate Kata. Enjoy!
  7. Azulx

    Why did you start teaching martial arts?

    What made you want to teach? What was your why?
  8. Azulx

    2nd Degree Black Belt Form

    Hey Everyone, Here is a video of me performing Choong-Jang one of our system's second degree black belt forms. -Hope you enjoy!
  9. Azulx

    Two year form progression

    Two year progression of em doing Choong-Moo Tul hope you enjoy:
  10. Azulx

    Tournament Recap

    Last month two of my students participated in the USKA Louisiana State Tournament: Part 1 Part 2 Enjoy!
  11. Azulx

    Fall Testings!

    Good Day Everyone, Yesterday we had testings at my dojang for our Fall semester. We had three students test for Yellow stripe, Blue Stripe, and Red Stripe. Please enjoy, and any feedback is welcome! Yellow Stripe: Blue Stripe: Red Stripe: Thanks, Azul
  12. Azulx

    Blue Belt Test

    Little Blue Belt test Action from last night. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Azulx

    Some Wednesday Night Sparring

    Did some sparring at the end of class today. Hope you enjoy.
  14. Azulx

    Intermediate Tae Kwon Do Forms

    Got to do some more Sunday forms training. Here are our 4 Intermediate forms . Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  15. Azulx

    Help me be a better instructor

    Good Evening everyone. Here is a clip of my senior student doing our four beginner forms. I would like any feedback possible so that I can become aware of things that I'm not catching to help her improve. Thank you so much for your time!
  16. Azulx

    Starting your own Martial Arts School

    Has anyone here ever done this? What is some advice ? Where do you start?
  17. Azulx

    Sunday Forms

    Got a chance to train this afternoon, so I worked on our styles' beginner forms. Let me know what you think :)
  18. Azulx

    White Belt to Yellow Stripe Test

    Here are the highlights of one of my student's white belt to yellow stripe test. Hope you enjoy!
  19. Azulx

    Class Structure

    What does a typical class consist of at your school?
  20. Azulx

    2 years form progression pt.2

    Another 2 years form progression this time on my red belt form. Hope you enjoy =)
  21. Azulx

    Sparring one of my green belt students

    Welcoming feedback for one of my sparring videos, enjoy!
  22. Azulx

    Freestyle vs. Taekwon-do

    My Senior Student (Green Belt/Blue Gear) in the Finals against a Freestyle Martial Art Practitioner. Let me know what you think, any feedback and comments are welcome! She also got 1st place in Forms Thanks for Watching!
  23. Azulx

    Class Attendance

    What are ways that attendance is tracked at your school? As instructors what does attendance mean to you? What should it mean? Thanks!
  24. Azulx

    First Tournament in 2 Years

    Today I competed in my first tournament since 2016. Here it is, hope you enjoy! I'm welcoming any feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you.
  25. Azulx

    2 years form progression

    The following video is of me performing our blue stripe form in 2015 as a blue belt, then in 2017 as a black belt. Let me know what you all think!
  26. Azulx

    Turn based sparring

    What are drills to do to get out of the habit of turn based sparring?
  27. Azulx

    Training the Spearhand

    How do you train the spear-hand for board breaking?
  28. Azulx

    Free Sparring

    I haven't posted any videos in about a year, but here's a video of me sparring one of our green belts from class.
  29. Azulx

    Eui-Am and Juche

    Both these forms have Reverse Turning Kicks, but why does the on Juche have a hooking motion at the end of the kick and the one in Eui-Am does not? Yet they seem to have the same terminology.
  30. Azulx

    Beginner Sparring Part 2

    When does your school allow students to spar and how often does your school spar?