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  1. threethirty

    A minor annoyance

    I once had some kids in a MCDonalds ask me if I was a chef... thats about it
  2. threethirty

    What got you people into the Martial Arts?

    I had always been kinda interested in MA, one day I was riding through town and saw a blinky light sign that said the place taught kung-fu. So I figured I'd stop in.
  3. threethirty

    Stomp kicks in mma

    thanks for the great responses. Until i got into TMA I was never interested in MMA, so I'm a total noob. but I do get to watch classic fights like they are brand new :)
  4. threethirty

    Stomp kicks in mma

    why haven't I ever seen anyone use an earth front kick (stomping with the arch of the foot) on a standing opponent (like in the shin or toes in the clench)? I understand why you can't do it to grounded opponents. it seems just as risky as kneeing someone. Is it against the rules? Sorry for the...
  5. threethirty

    Encounter of the third kind

    the box looks like a dark ages torture device and the other thing just looks obnoxious. If three arms are good eleventybajillion would be waaaay better
  6. threethirty

    how to train punching?

    Welcome to the forum. Having pain in your head from punching is probably not good. What punch are you doing? Did your Sifu talk to you about structure? At my school we punch with the last three knuckles, with our wrist locked, and with out elbow down. This drives the return energy into the...
  7. threethirty

    What made you want to do Wing Chun?

    a binky sign that said one week free trial... that is what started it
  8. threethirty

    How did you get your start in WC?

    totally by accident. I rode by the kwoon. it said one week free trial on the blinky sign. one year later and im still at it.
  9. threethirty

    Lone wing chun practitioners need help!!!

    Keep on training what you doing now. Some training (no matter how bad is better than no training). work on the basics: the 4 hands, 6 stances, and 3 1/2 body methods. My Sigong's Sifu had to stand in horse stance for 2 hours before he was allowed to become a student.
  10. threethirty

    Most Complete Style of Kung Fu at all ranges

    I can only speak from my own very limited experience but I do Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun, and we train in all ranges.
  11. threethirty

    What made you a fan of your fav. fighter?

    I never had a favourite MMA fighter until I saw Tiequan Zhang's story in the current issue of Kung-Fu Magazine. He is a well known and respected sansho fighter in china that has made the move over to MMA, and seems to have fallen in love with Martial Arts all over again. Sansho doesnt...
  12. threethirty

    I'm 14 and I want to be a MMA fighter.

    wrestling, do it. It can get you into college. College gets you 4 more years to not have to be an adult. spend those 4 years training at an MMA gym and competing in exhibitions. graduate college ready to hit the big time in your early 20's.
  13. threethirty

    MMA conditioning exercises?

    anything that get your heart pumping, believe it or not my recommendation is cardio kickboxing and tiebo.
  14. threethirty

    Most Important Safety Items in the Home

    3 dogs smoke detector first aid kit machette wax wood staff me guandao possibly soon (this would be wicked useful) (not really into guns :/)
  15. threethirty

    Weapon Use Against An Unarmed Attacker

    I have absolutely no problem with using a weapon against an unarmed person, to be honest it is preferable. Just because they are unarmed when the fight begins does not mean it will continue that way. As has already been said there are NO fair fights. I carry a tabot at all times, not necessarily...
  16. threethirty

    School Names

    My school's name is Meng's Martial Arts of Richmond. It is essentially a franchise. Meng's Martial Arts teaches a curriculum developed by Master Benny Meng from research from the Ving Tsun Museum. Master Meng is my Sifu's Sifu (my Sigong) so the only people who have franchises are Master Meng's...
  17. threethirty

    What's Your Motivation?

    I've always been interested in MA but never did anything until I rode by the kwoon and saw on the blinky light sign that there was a free week trial. I think I was pretty hooked after the first week, it was a lot of fun. A year later I am half as fat as I was (I dont have a scale so I base my...
  18. threethirty

    I need help choosing a martial art!

    In my opinion you could benefit from a complete system like Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. There would be no need to "cross train" thus saving you some money. There would be kicking and some other things you don't like right now. But all the things I love in MA I hated at the start. Although I am biased...
  19. threethirty

    White belt Sparring and Separated Rib

    I disagree with everyone that says you shouldn't spar early on, as long as it is a very controlled situation. It sounds to me like there was a lack of control in this situation, or they thought you may be tougher than you currently are. The first time I sparred with my Sihing I gave him a shot...
  20. threethirty

    Would You Teach Gang Members MA?

    If you have to ask then, no. You sound fairly distrustful of the neighborhood already and having gangsters in there could only make that worse. Don't ever teach someone you are uncomfortable teaching. Sifu says that if he wouldnt put a loaded gun in your hand and turn his back to you then he is...
  21. threethirty

    Pad recommendations

    under street clothes or under a gi... if under a gi, I think anything will do if under street clothes I have no idea
  22. threethirty

    Why we started training and what we think now...

    I started because the town I live in is kind of rough. I spent a lot of time in school here getting picked on or fighting, and then a couple of years ago a friend of mine was assaulted and then robbed by some high school kids. They hit him in the head with a brick and almost killed him, so that...
  23. threethirty

    XMA - your feelings?

    Implying Wushu isnt a martial art. IIRC wushu literally means martial art. The forms are there to develop muscle memory. As someone who does both Kung-Fu and Wushu I can tell you it is real martial arts.
  24. threethirty

    Are you superstitious?

    me neither
  25. threethirty

    What is TapouT?

    Thanks for the background. I just wanted to know because I don't like to associate myself with brands unless I really do want to be an advertisement for them. Social broadcasting and all. Having a companies logo plastered on your clothing can say a lot about you without you even realizing it.
  26. threethirty

    What is TapouT?

    thanks for the info its kinda what I figured.
  27. threethirty

    What is TapouT?

    I see a lot of cats in my MMA class waering TapouT clothes. I had no idea what it was so I googled it. It appears to be a clothing brand. Is that all it is? Why is it so popular? Are the clothes specially made for MMA? Are there competing companies?
  28. threethirty

    I'm gonna create Broom-Fu

    the Shaolin Monks had broom forms. I remember seeing a video on youtube with part of a broom form in it. I have just started staff training so I dont have a whole lot I can really add to this conversation unfortunatly.
  29. threethirty

    Who competes, and in what?

    I don't do a lot of competitions (they can get a bit expensive), but I have done grappling, point sparring, and continuous point sparring. looking to add forms at some point eventhough kung-fu forms are not well recieved by the judges that score in my area.
  30. threethirty

    Tragedy: Step-father accidentally shoots step-daughter during home invasion

    mmmmm good ol' fashoned racism... let me guess they love watermelon, grape soda, and fried chicken. I'm sure you can know all of that from the picture.