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  1. CDKJudoka

    What's up errbody?!?!?

    Hey guys, Long time no post!! Been busy with a work and training so I haven't had much time to post here and figured I would stop in to say a Happy and Healthy to all out there in the MA world!
  2. CDKJudoka

    Back after an absence.

    How's everyone doing? I am back after a little hiatus, and a lot of judo/tkd training. I posted something last year about getting into MMA as a TKD fighter, but my judo instructor gave me a great opportunity to start a Sport Ju Jutsu programme at our dojo. After looking at the ruleset, it is...
  3. CDKJudoka

    Kwang Gae Hyung

    Hello out there in MT land. It's been soem time since I have posted due to my busy TKD and Judo schedule, but I was curious to know what variations on Kwang Gae Hyung that you use, particularly my Chung Do Kwan brethren (and sistren if that is even a word). I know most if the CDK people out...
  4. CDKJudoka

    TKD Side kick differences from all others.

    Okay, I searched and didn't see any threads on this. This is an offshot from the thread about TKD being bad for you, and someone mentioning that TKD side kicks in particular are. My question, being that there are some practitioners from other MAs in this part of the forum, what is the real...
  5. CDKJudoka

    A new wrinkle in the life of DarkPhoenix

    After working at my job for six months, I am guessing as a temp position, yet the owner never stated that, I was laid off on Friday. Being that I worked for an AC Delco distributor, I know that the sales have been suffering due to the economy. After helping Sabumnim with a few computer issues...
  6. CDKJudoka

    Thinking about getting into MMA.

    After a sparring session at my dojang with another BB, I decided that I would like to get into MMA, on an amateur level to see what it is like and to better round out my TKD. I have been doing TKD for almost 20 years now so I figured maybe it was time to try a new kind of fighting. Has any of my...
  7. CDKJudoka

    Chung Do Kwan and KKW

    I am part of a CDK dojang, with an Association that is run by the GM. Now, I noticed that he, or his instructors aren't KKW certified, not that it matters. I was just curious on a few things. 1: How many CDK practitioners here are KKW certified? 2: Does it really make a difference? I have...
  8. CDKJudoka

    Looking for TKDers in the LI area.

    Hey guys, Just curious to see how many TKDers in the Long Island area are on MT. Thanks Craig
  9. CDKJudoka


    I have a quick question for all of my fellow TKDers. What kind of stances do you use in you dojang? Do you use TKD style stances, which to be are very standing up and walking-like? Or do you use Japanese style stances, low and deep. I come from a mixed JMA and KMA background, and my current...
  10. CDKJudoka

    Looking for a Bong!

    Now that I have your attention... :-) KMA practitioners will know what I mean, for all others, it's a Bo Staff. I am a big guy, 6'3" and about 240 lbs, and I am looking for a good staff that is heavy. I want to train with the heavier staff so my forms, and other things I do with it, will be...
  11. CDKJudoka


    Greetings to all in the MA community. My name is Craig, and I have been studying Martial Arts since 1988, starting with ITF TKD, then moving to Judo, Kempo, Shotkan, and goju-ryu, and I came full circle and found my new MAs home with GM Shin's TKD. It is the Chung Do Kwan TKD that is not sport...