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  1. dvcochran

    TKD Syntax

    I thought this question may help with other recent threads. How/when/why do you print the phrase TKD? Tae Kwon Do TaeKwon-Do Taekwon-Do TaeKwonDo Taekwondo taedwondo I know much of this is system/school specific. Do they each have a different meaning? If so, please explain.
  2. dvcochran

    How do you begin your classes/training?

    This is a twofold post. 1.) To start a post to help this forum get back on track and get everyone talking about something MA related. I encourage everyone else to create a post to do the same. 2.) To ask the question: How do you begin your classes/training? Do you have a regular routine that...
  3. dvcochran

    Are You Seeing Attrition in the Group Exercise Model?

    Recent posts have touched on this topic and I felt it warranted it's own thread. Are you seeing shrinkage and/or increase in any of the common public group exercise models? Things like: Cardio/Aerobics Pilates Yoga Dance Zumba HIIT Barre Spinning Group strength training Age specific group...
  4. dvcochran

    5th Dan Kukkiwon Certificate

    Picked it up from the frame shop today.
  5. dvcochran

    Liability/Implied Consent

    An old 2012 thread created by Bill Mattocks about Frank Demaria was recently resurrected. It got me wondering what other schools/instructors are doing to prevent such liability/actions. Do you incorporate a New Student Application requiring a signed release of liability? How accurately does it...
  6. dvcochran

    Thread Editing Time for Supporting Members

    I have been a supporting member going on 3 years now. I am not great are fixing errors in my posts sometimes. I thought one of the features of being a supporting member was the ability to edit posts for 2 days after posting. Now it seems like I have 30 minutes at best. Can anyone provide advise...
  7. dvcochran

    Knee Surgery Question/Poll

    I met with my Ortho yesterday to discuss in detail knee replacements and learned some very concerning information. To perform the total knee replacements that are recommended the ACL and MCL will have to be sacrificed. The replacement structure supposedly provides the lost function of these...
  8. dvcochran

    Keumgang Poomsae

    Keumgang has always been an intriguing form to me. As the typical student works up to 1st Gup and then to 1st Dan they are at or near the peak of their physical abilities. Tae Kwon Do, regardless of style, typically is thought to use a lot of kicks. A persons journey to 1st Dan will literally...
  9. dvcochran

    Koryo Application Breakdown

    I thought this would be a challenging and informational exercise. I am going to attempt to do a step by step breakdown of Koryo explaining the possible application(s) of each move or sequence of moves. I hope this will lead to lively interaction and Q&A. Any of us who practice the Yudanja...
  10. dvcochran

    What Good are Forms?

    There has been some great discussion about whether there is any direct Martial/Fighting value in practicing forms. What is your position, not just your opinion? If they are good and have purpose, explain why/how. If they are purely in the art/dance category for you explain why/how. Many of...
  11. dvcochran

    How to Perform a Horse Stance Elbow?

    The question specifically relates to a poomsae but I not mention the form name in an attempt not to muddy the question. Picture moving forward or perpendicular in a horse stance and performing an elbow strike in the direction you are moving. If you were standing static in a horse stance the...
  12. dvcochran

    Floor Mat Problems

    We have the very common Tatami tiles at two different schools. We have had an on again/off again problem with them bunching up at the seams mostly nearer the center of the floor. This seems to be worse in the summer. It also seems to be worse with new tiles. Usually I can put a couple of older...
  13. dvcochran

    What will the Martial Arts be 50 years from now?

    The Martial Art's have certainly evolved more in the previous 50 years than ever before. What will change in the next 50 years? What styles may disappear? What styles will become or remain popular and why? Will there be styles at all? Will continued style consolidation much like MMA has done...
  14. dvcochran

    When do we become part of the tradition?

    Leaving the debate of whether your style is modern or traditional aside, when did you feel you became part of the tradition? This seems to be a question easier answered by those who have stayed in one style for some time but what is your perspective? When/how did you begin to feel invested in...
  15. dvcochran

    A Great Day

    Monday 7/8/2019 Grand Master Seoung Eui Shin presented me with my 7th Dan Moo Duk Kwan certificate. A feat I never thought I would complete.
  16. dvcochran

    Describe Your Black Belt Testings

    The thread comparing 1st Dan students to 2nd Dan students got me reflecting on my Dan promotions. What were yours like? What is your style and what were the requirements for your Dan promotions? For me, my 1st and 2nd Dan testing were around the height of my competition years. In some ways...
  17. dvcochran

    What do you do to help remember your curriculum?

    Martial Arts training is all about repetition. Modifying ones memory processes and learning muscle memory are keys to becoming competent at your craft. Beyond the normal routine at your dojo/dojang, what do you do that helps you learn or remember technique/forms/moves/etc...? Can you improve...
  18. dvcochran

    Then vs. Now Differences

    I am wondering if anyone else sees differences in the TKD they practiced 20-30 years ago compared to today. Do you find it difficult sometimes in class when a less tenured instructor is leading class? Can you provide then vs. now examples of how your classes are different?
  19. dvcochran

    Pyung Ahn 2

    I posted this in the Korean general forum hoping to get replies from any style. I know the numbering varies from style/school to style/school so for reference I am asking about the Pyung Ahn form where the first move is a double move; a high block and an outside block done together. Which...
  20. dvcochran

    School Management/Checkin Software

    I was asked if I could research CRM and/or check-in software for our main school. We are looking for some kind of automated check-in, like a card swipe at the gym. Where it goes from there will be determined. I read through an older thread that talked about a few but none of them mentioned...
  21. dvcochran

    Dan Testing Reflection

    Last weekend was my 7th Dan MDK promotion. We are got back last night from my 5th Dan Kukkiwon testing. Overall I am very pleased with events of the day. A little disappointed with the amount of sparring I did but it really had little to do with my own physical sparring abilities. I spent a good...
  22. dvcochran

    Time with Hwang Kee

    My GM, 84 year old Shin Seoung Eui, was talking with a few students after class this morning. He was telling of when he was 8 years old working out under Hwang Kee, he would often help clean up and carry things around from Kee's home to the training hall. It was amazing to see the reflection on...
  23. dvcochran

    Black Belt Testing

    We had our last testing of the year yesterday. It is more than testing every year. We spend a lot of time in fellowship and enjoy a fantastic meal prepared by everyone in attendance. Our GM goes into more detail than usual with everyone testing, another way it is unique. There was a 60 year old...
  24. dvcochran

    TSD/TKD Forms List

    I posted this on the General thread hoping to get more hits. I have also PM several people on the forum for information so any help is appreciated. I am working on data for my next Dan advancement in a couple years. My thought is to list EVERY TSD/SBD and TKD form I can find and discuss the...
  25. dvcochran

    How did you open your Dojo/Dojang?

    Recent posts got me thinking about the unusual circumstances I opened my original Dojang under. How did you do it? Did you start under a formal Instructor/Assistant Instructor format? What is your lineage? Did you have any special training or background that helped, or hurt? Are you in your own...
  26. dvcochran

    Taebaek Question

    I was working on Taebaek tonight (quite rusty) and was questioned on the 2nd move after you turn to go up the middle. I have always thought it to be a parry to move the attacking punch out of the way followed by a punch. A small move mainly from the wrist and forearm. Another BB detailed it as...
  27. dvcochran

    How / When / Why Do You Bow?

    The topic says it all. know there are variants in different styles. What are your mechanics and philosophy regarding. When do you NOT do it?
  28. dvcochran

    2018 International Master Course

    I was wondering if anyone else was planning to attend the Kukkiwon International Master Course in Chicago, IL this December 2018? I am considering going and was hoping to make some contacts before hand.
  29. dvcochran

    Stripes, Stars, & Buttons

    I recently read a post about a young child's promotion test. They mentioned how the test wasn't for the next belt but instead was a "pre-test" that was one of several stages before testing for the next belt. Our school and organization has always had only the nine traditional Gup belts (colors...
  30. dvcochran

    East vs. West - Is it Semantics Over Time?

    I was recently watching some really good MMA takedown videos and realized the person in the video was doing a good job of explaining the technique. I also realized it was exactly what I have learned from my Eastern training. The verbiage is quite different. I think largely because my Korean GM...