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  1. dcsma

    Opinion needed on a fighting system

    Just curious here and to see what everyone has to say from experience or not on the Tony Blauers S.P.E.A.R. system?? Worth the $200 for a 8 hour seminar?
  2. dcsma

    Question on recognizing a sexual predator in the dojang????

    Hey everyone I have a serious question here and would like all of your feed back. I have a concern on a student that he is using the classes for his own personal gain cause he may be going through a rough spot in his marriage. How does one deal with such a possible issues. In the 7 years of...
  3. dcsma

    Looking for a Tai Chi instructor in the Cininnati Ohio Area to be cert in Tai Chi

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for an Tai Chi instructor in the Cincinnati Ohio area that could certify me in Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style. Thanks a bunch everyone
  4. dcsma

    Concrete breaking material. What does everyone use now days???

    Hey everyone Just have a question on concrete breaking material. What does everyone use for demonstrations now days??? I'm looking ahead at a demonstration that we are doing next year and getting back into breaking concrete but don't know what is the norm. In the past I've use patio size...
  5. dcsma

    Honorary Black Belt certifications and wording on them. Need suggsetions

    Hey everyone in coming up with my own honorary black belt certifications, I would like some suggestions on appropriate wording for such a certification. And the honorary black belt certificates will be handed out two mayors, two chief of police, and the two directors of where I work out of with...
  6. dcsma

    Tae kwon Do in the school systems questions

    Hey everyone. I was wondering how many of you have your martial arts program intergrated into the school systems? What was your approach if you do?? And how do you get compensated for working in the schools??? I wondering myself cause thinking of approaching the schools around here and see...
  7. dcsma

    First compilation video of my classes. Feedback is welcomed

    Hey all here is my compilation video of my classes for the 2011-2012 year. Feedback on it is welcomed. Thanks Aaron
  8. dcsma

    Question on 3/4 in puzzle mats???

    I'm looking at some great deals at the moment on puzzle mats and the question that I have is, are the 3/4 in thick puzzle mat suitable for falling techniques and for throws and rolls???
  9. dcsma

    Has social media helped your enrollment or hurt it???

    Just curious to the other school owners on the board here. Has social media such as Facebook and Myspace, helped or hurt your enrollment for your school??? And how do you utilize those outlets to your advantage???
  10. dcsma

    Independent Instructor looking for someone to test me for 3rd Dan

    Hey everyone. I'm a independent school instructor in Tae Kwon Do in the Cincinnati Ohio area looking to get tested for 3rd Dan. I came from a Chung Do Kwan school and I'm currently a 2nd Dan. So if anyone can help I would much appreciate it.
  11. dcsma

    Any advice on Black Belt Form Pyongwong for poomse compittion ????

    In preparation for our tournament that my classes participate in in October I'm changing it up a bit and going to do Pyongwong Poomse. In the past I've done Keumgang and would like to try a higher up form per my 2nd dan and choose Pyyongwong. So any advice on that form that you could give me for...
  12. dcsma

    Western New Yorkers. I'll be at Niagara next Friday if you would like to set up a meeting

    If anyone would like to meet up I'll be up in the Niagara Falls, Buffalo area this weekend. Let me know.
  13. dcsma

    Whats your favorite Martial Arts movies ?

    Whats everyone's top five favorite martial arts movies? Here are mine in no particular order Only the Strong Best of the Best 1 Mortal Kombat 1 All 5 of the Karate Kid movies Ninja Assassins Enter the Dragon Ok so I mentioned six here lol
  14. dcsma

    Pad Drills, whats your favorite drills you do / or your class does

    Love pad drills and two of my favorites is a three person drill with one in the middle and they throw a round house kick and alternate the round house kick with the different pad. Also love the down block, high block and middle block drills as well. So what are some of your favorite pad drills
  15. dcsma

    U.S. Congress to Honor Bruce Lee

    I know this should probably be placed in the General Section but still worthy of a post here cause admit it. We've all been influenced by Bruce Lee at some point in our training. Loved the man for his philosophy and how he helped revolutionize the martial arts...
  16. dcsma

    Outdoor classes, what do you do different if any from your traditional dojang classes????

    Hey everyone. In the past I really never ventured outside with my classes cause of the to many variables that could play into a out door class. But getting adventerous here and will be doing our first out door class this Wednesday weather permitting. This will be a off dojang location cause...
  17. dcsma

    Tae Kwon Do Spirit - In your own words what is it??

    We have all heard of this term in either way - Tae Kwon Do Spirit / Martial Spirit but what does it mean to you in your own words??
  18. dcsma

    Where to find Bo Staffs for a cheap price and cheap shipping rates

    Hey everyone I was wondering where do you find a beginners Bo Staff at a cheap price for lets say under $20.00 with a shipping rate that is reasonable meaning not being more then the cost of the staff it self or more. Any help on this is much appriciated.
  19. dcsma

    Favorite poomse what is it? Also which do you lease like of the Poomse ??

    I know with us being Tae Kwon Doist we shouldn't favor a poomse but just curious what is everyone's favorite poomse? And what is everyone lease favorite and why?? Favorite - Pal Gwu Chil Jang, Hwarang, and Keumgang Lease Favorite - Tae Guk Yuk Jang I love Pal Gwu Chil Jang on the account...
  20. dcsma

    Puzzle Mats best price and thickness and shipping and handling

    Just wondering where does everyone get there puzzle mats from? Looking for the best price, something roughly around 2 inches thick, and great shipping and handling price. Thanks
  21. dcsma

    Of the three Wushu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do which is the most popular competition art??

    Just curious which you feel is the more popular competition art out there? Wushu, Karate and / or Tae Kwon Do. With all three being a respective national sport for their respective country but over all world wide who leads the pack???
  22. dcsma

    Who will have the best Tae Kwon Do coverage for the Olympics

    Just wondering what medium will have the best Tae Kwon Do coverage for the London, England 2012 Olympic Games?? And from that medium what source you use??
  23. dcsma

    Need some input on concrete breaking material??

    Going up in the ranks and testing for my 1st and 2nd Dan's I remember getting the concrete bricks that was call a cinder block. Which is the lightest compound of concrete that was made. Now days I'm having trouble finding that compound for demonstrations and for my students. One is the...
  24. dcsma

    Compeititon Arts who are they? And where can I find legit rules and regulations for those

    Ok folks, Aside from the obvious with Tae Kwon Do, and Karate what are some of the other arts that have a good competition circuit going on. And where can I find Official Karate competition rules along with those other arts that have a competition circuit???
  25. dcsma

    If you have students with Tourettes, please pass this along. This will help!!!

    Hey everyone please pass this web site along to your students that have tourettes syndrome or if you know someone that does this will help with the gripping issues that come with tourettes. One of my students (the same student in the poster contest) has invented the Tic Tether. Awesome...
  26. dcsma

    A fellow Tae Kwon Doist needs your help. Please vote for her!!!!

    Hey everyone. I have a favor to ask of you. A fellow Tae Kwon Doist and one of my students needs your help. She, from her local school has been selected and is in the top 8 from the state of Indiana in Indiana's 1st annual Arbor Day Poster Contest. Her name is Madison and from the list her...
  27. dcsma

    Tournaments as big as Battle of Columbus?? Where are they??

    Hey everyone. For those that have been to the Battle of Columbus, Columbus Ohio, know what I'm talking about, but just curious to see if there are any tournaments in the states that are big if not bigger then the Battle of Columbus? Where are they at and if not why is that??
  28. dcsma

    Looking for information on the true historical reference point on beginning of Martial Art

    Ok I've heard the historical arguments but looking for a true historical point on a beginning point of the martial arts to where there was a structured curriculum. I've heard about the drawings in Egypt of a reference point talking about the martial arts and about the Greeks as well but were...
  29. dcsma

    Forms looking for ideas for a different way of doing traditional poomse

    Not to say that I don't like doing the basics and all the other forms traditionally but looking for ideas how to make the poomse's more enjoyable to everyone. Sometimes I do it by the count with my students, then I also from Chum bi have my students face the je ja doing the form and with each...
  30. dcsma

    Looking for the Japanese saying for this Bo Staff kata

    Hey folks, I've been out of Shotokan Karate for bout a year and half but in the time I was training I learned a bo staff form and know the English translation of but for the life of me can't remember the Japanese translation of it. English translation = 7 ways to die It's a short staff form...