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    "Well, the people that started it didn't have teachers!"

    What I have learned from my sifu "geezer" on this forum I have only taught the concepts and ideas of. I never made it far enough to where I would feel comfortable even informally teaching the system. If it is a casual exchange of ideas it can still be both fun and useful.
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    wing chun turnover rate

    yak sao would you mind sharing your experience related to this? I feel as though it would be good advice and support for other teachers experiencing it. thanks.
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    wing chun turnover rate

    I know for many sifus, they put effort into students only to see them sometimes disappear from training. I feel as if it is important for the sifus to not take this personal although I realize this can be really difficult because the sifu is putting their heart and soul into their students.
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    wing chun turnover rate

    With as big as wing chun has become across the globe, it is a given that there will be plenty of students coming and going. For those of you who teach wing chun I was curious what your turnover rate with students is? Also having long terms students who disappear what steps do you take with...
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    Wing Chun with a disability

    Danny T that is incredible and even I am inspired by what you do. It's funny sometimes I think us having these problems gets us to push our martial arts further then we would have had we not had the muscle pain.
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    Wing Chun with a disability

    Hello everyone I practice wing chun along with other kung fu systems and I have severe fibromyalgia. It has given me a great deal of problems over the years to train consistently or to practice certain techniques. I was curious how many other people here practice wing chun and have a disability...
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    Is it Wing Chun?

    I think everyone here is somewhat right in their own way. For me the only wing chun I have been exposed to have all shared what Eric_H spoke of about structure and rules. But we have to consider the difference we are talking about is why no one is agreeing. It all depends on if you are just...
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    Augustine Fong/Ho Kam Ming system contrasted to Leung Ting system

    thank you sifu Joy. Honestly I am interested in training in different systems of wing chun to be honest. I am sure each has something to offer in its own right
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    Augustine Fong/Ho Kam Ming system contrasted to Leung Ting system

    Sifu Joy could you tell me some of the differences you have seen with the system you train, compared to other wing chun styles?
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    Augustine Fong/Ho Kam Ming system contrasted to Leung Ting system

    Hi Sifu Steve. Actually I am not planning on checking out the Fong system and Ian I wasn't so much asking about choosing a school as I just want to know what some of the technical differences are between the Leung Ting system and the Fong system from anyone who has done one or both. I will talk...
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    Augustine Fong/Ho Kam Ming system contrasted to Leung Ting system

    Hi everyone this is not a wc system vs system thread. In the city I live the two main organizations with teachers seem to either be/have been related to Leung Ting's system or the Augustine Fong system. I was just curious for anyone who knows about these two systems, what are the differences you...
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    Have you ever tried building up a group?

    sifu steve you have a website up which is a good start. I would consider posting the schedule on it and cost that tends to draw students right away. Maybe just try a craigslist ad. You could also make a few short clips of the training and on the youtube videos put a link to the website.
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    Hello to everyone

    Sifu Geezer after learning some wing chun from you I went back and tried internal again. I find similarities between xing yi and wing chun definitely. The turning in the styles is the same, the stance is similar, and many of the 2 person drills are almost the same as well. Xing yi tends to use...
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    Flai Energy

    Thats true you do see some forms of a flailing action in various parts of the wing chun system but as far as the straight blast goes it wouldnt fit with the wc system's approach to use a flailing motion. Then its basically starting to move away from short power.
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    Flai Energy

    is eric talking about pivoting into a punch?
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    The burden is on the Student!

    Everything sifu says is true. Asking for free lessons and offering to be an assistant instructor without ever having met the teacher is retarded to me. The instructor is offering his time and effort at a non commercial kwoon already basically being payed more by seeing dedicated students than...
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    David Carradine and Kung Fu

    I loved Carradine shows and movies so I am not trying to discredit him. I have however been told about one of the styles he was exposed to being beishaolin quanmen. He spent a lot of time on the sidelines watching others train and drinking coffee. Also I have heard some of his kung fu dvd's are...
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    kenpo/kempo vs wing chun

    I was just curious at to the general differences between these styles? I'm not asking which is more effective, just as to the types of attack/defense each uses. If I need to be specific as to the style of kenpo either EPAK or Shaolin Kempo.
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    Leung Ting vs Leung Sheung

    I would. what if you need to defend yourself in the loo? :)
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    Lone wing chun practitioners need help!!!

    haris I just thought of it and feel bad for your situation. There is a local sifu here who offers an international training program through videos and webcam which I think might be your best bet. Here is his website I know its never a replacement for in person training...
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    trying shorin ryu

    just curious how far away are your guys' dojos from your houses?
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    trying shorin ryu

    The instructor looks excellent. He comes from Okinawa and his father was a martial artist so it was passed down to him. He has been doing jujitsu karate and kobudo for over 50 years and still teaches.
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    trying shorin ryu

    Hey everyone I have been doing kung fu off and on for a couple of years now. There is a shorin ryu dojo of the kobayashi style near me and I was considering going to try a class. Besides the obvious differences between kung fu and karate can anyone shed some light for me on what I could expect...
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    moving from kung fu to karate

    I am just curious. I always see people on forums talking about how they started in TKD or Karate and moved on to kung fu. How many people here have went from kung fu to karate? also what was it u liked more about it and what style do u train now? thanks
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    Losing my instructor....

    I just recently noticed this forum. Shifu Steve I know times are rough after speaking to you but be hopeful. I will try and make it back to class soon, so keep the faith :)
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    Wing Chun Misconceptions

    This thread has become very entertaining. Haha.
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    Why do you like Wing Chun?

    I agree some of the CMA styles are excellent to practice into old age and are easier on the body than hard style okinawan karate or taekwondo. I find besides WC especially the internal arts are also good for this, and xingyiquan seems to be great for practicality and health like WC. It's...
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    Why do you like Wing Chun?

    I like wing chun because even with all of the politics between different schools the art itself continues to flourish. I have trained with two sifus and both the sifus as well as the students have been extremely humble and the students were all willing to help without bias towards a new student...
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    Sifu Benny Meng's Wing Chun University

    I agree, having the wu sao back tends to be what a person wants to do naturally but in the end it can turn out to be bad form sometimes.
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    Sifu Benny Meng's Wing Chun University

    Sifu Joy Chadhuri I hae been told by a sifu I keep in touch with in L.A. named Dou Wanchun that you're skills are as good as can be and its an honor to have you on this forum to share ideas with us. I am a student of geezer and he is one of the best teachers I have been able to find in the...