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    wing chun turnover rate

    With as big as wing chun has become across the globe, it is a given that there will be plenty of students coming and going. For those of you who teach wing chun I was curious what your turnover rate with students is? Also having long terms students who disappear what steps do you take with...
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    Wing Chun with a disability

    Hello everyone I practice wing chun along with other kung fu systems and I have severe fibromyalgia. It has given me a great deal of problems over the years to train consistently or to practice certain techniques. I was curious how many other people here practice wing chun and have a disability...
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    Augustine Fong/Ho Kam Ming system contrasted to Leung Ting system

    Hi everyone this is not a wc system vs system thread. In the city I live the two main organizations with teachers seem to either be/have been related to Leung Ting's system or the Augustine Fong system. I was just curious for anyone who knows about these two systems, what are the differences you...
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    kenpo/kempo vs wing chun

    I was just curious at to the general differences between these styles? I'm not asking which is more effective, just as to the types of attack/defense each uses. If I need to be specific as to the style of kenpo either EPAK or Shaolin Kempo.
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    trying shorin ryu

    Hey everyone I have been doing kung fu off and on for a couple of years now. There is a shorin ryu dojo of the kobayashi style near me and I was considering going to try a class. Besides the obvious differences between kung fu and karate can anyone shed some light for me on what I could expect...
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    moving from kung fu to karate

    I am just curious. I always see people on forums talking about how they started in TKD or Karate and moved on to kung fu. How many people here have went from kung fu to karate? also what was it u liked more about it and what style do u train now? thanks
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    Wing Chun cross training

    Hi everyone for the last 3-4 months I have been studying basically the EBMAS system of wing chun and Latosa escrima as a separate art. Both compliment each other very well except for the footwork being very different and the usage of short power can be different as well. I used to study...
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    ed parker kenpo or 5 animals kung fu

    I noticed that Ed Parker Kenpo uses tiger and dragon similar to the concept of wing chun using snake and crane. So what are the differences between 5 animals and EPAK involving animal movements and which style would you recommend plus why? thanks in advance.
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    Arthritis/Fibromyalgia/CT and Martial Arts

    Hello I am a 28 year old man suffering from fibromyalgia which causes consistent pain in my arms, shoulders and back. I haven't trained martial arts in a couple years but am dying to return to them. I live in the West side of Phoenix, AZ and was wondering if anyone else on this forum suffers...
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    Emerging hybrid school trend

    I've tried to search the forums and am unable to find any other posts on this subject. I see a constant trend these days of a martial arts school gym saying they offer styles like Shaolin KF + every other style, japanese/korean/etc... Is this because of the new MMA popularity or a marketing...
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    Distance to school

    I was just wondering what the distance is everyone travels to their martial arts school/gym and if they have changed schools to one closer recently? Or does distance affect anyone as far as how often they go to class or do you prefer to find a school close to home that may not be your first...
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    Choosing a martial art and Fibromyalgia

    Hello everyone I apologize if you are getting tired of these "which style should I do?" threads but I am stuck at this point. I have developed fibromyalgia over the last year or two and was wondering if anyone else on this forum has this health issue? It is similar to arthritis in some ways. I...
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    Kenpo vs Kempo

    Hey everyone I know it's just spelling differences between these 2. However, there are two kenpo schools near me, one is Ed Parker style and the other is chinese 5 animals Kempo. I was wondering if any of you study either of these arts and what its like? Also how does it compare to other arts...
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    Returning to martial arts. Can't make up my mind which.

    Hi everyone it's been a little over 2 years since I last did any martial arts. At the time I was doing some northern shaolin off and on and before that I did taekwondo. In my area I have these choices available: Taekwondo school where the BB's move to Hung Gar Shorin-Ryu ( School hasn't...
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    Chinese Kempo or Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu

    Does anyone train in either of these two systems and which of the two would you recommend most based on if both teachers were equally good?
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    choosing a style

    Hello everyone I haven't posted in a few weeks but here is my question. I'm trying to decide between two different schools in my area. One is a Shorin-ryu school that also teaches some jj and judo techniques as well, the other is a 5 animals school that also teaches Chen Taijiquan. Which school...
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    Distance to train

    Hey everyone i've seen threads similiar to this one but I wanted to go ahead and ask as I find this interesting. What is the distance everyone currently travels to their martial arts schools? Has this distance if far affected their amount of time they spend on training? Also has anyone recently...
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    I saw that a thread similiar to this maybe more then one has been posted before. I come from a background in CMA mainly and am looking to get back into martial arts. There is a Shuri-Ryu Dojo near me and I was wondering what people's opinions are who have trained or currently train in the system?
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    Ready to return to MA

    Hi someone asked me to introduce myself. I live in NW Phoenix, AZ. I've lived out in Phoenix for about 8-9 years. I have been studying martial arts off and on now for about 6 years. My most recent training was ITF Taekwondo where I studied for a year. After that I went to Northern Shaolin where...
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    NW Phoenix Teacher

    Hi I live in far northwest Phoenix in the Peoria, Sun City areas and i'm having trouble finding a legitimate teacher with a lineage. Does anyone know of any good teachers around here? system is not as important as quality.