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  1. Gentle Fist

    Recording the images of the human brain Seems pretty crazy when you think about. Just think how many crimes could be solved in the future with this being possible. Will also make some think twice about what they choose...
  2. Gentle Fist

    Train Jiu-Jitsu Poster

    Anyone have a good site to buy a train jiujitsu (or judo) poster?
  3. Gentle Fist

    Mother drives off with infant left on the roof of the car... :uhohh:
  4. Gentle Fist

    Toshihiko Koga

    Haven't seen this vid posted on MT, so I figured I would do the honors :)
  5. Gentle Fist

    Nokido Jujutsu in Chicago?

    Has anyone on this board (or possibly lurking) ever studied Nokido Jujutsu in the Chicago Area? The head instructor was Andrew Gruenwald back in the 80's and 90's.
  6. Gentle Fist

    Sarasota Karate Teacher charged with Sexual Battery on student

    From my hometown... Absolutely despicable :angry:
  7. Gentle Fist

    Video of the Alphabet Techs A - Z

    Found this while browsing the other day... Is this a pretty good representation of the Kajukenbo Alphabet Techs? From my understanding the alphabets aren't taught until the brown belt and black belt level, right? Tell me what you guys think...
  8. Gentle Fist

    The Black and Red Panel Belt

    How may judoka use the Black and Red Panel belt in their club to represent 4th and 5th Dan? I have heard that only USJA clubs use it but few actually utilize the variation and just use a plain black belt. We have one 4th Dan that wears it on rare occasions but primarily dons just a plain black...
  9. Gentle Fist

    MT Black Belt in Eight Years

    With this post I am now an Official Black Belt on MT. I would like to think all the kenpo peeps who kept me posting over the years and most of all the LPTv3 that probably amounted to 1/4 of my posts on here. :) And to think it only took me eight years and 14 days!!!
  10. Gentle Fist

    The Forms of Nick Cerio's Kenpo

    For those interested in Nick Cerio's Kenpo (NCK) I compiled this listing of all the forms taught in the system. Some of this information is scattered amongst various posts here on MT. So I figured I would post it all in one place. Kata - Origin Blocking Form 1 - Stationary...
  11. Gentle Fist

    Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo

    Found this on google a few weeks ago and shot him an email (no reply as of yet). He is just up the road from me (10 mins) and teaches kenpo. Wanted to see if anyone as heard of this style of kenpo or knows about the head instructor John Enger. If you search the site a little bit it appears...
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    Forum Labeled Wrong

    Should be Jiu-Jitsu not Ju_Jitsu. Sorry
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    Karate won't be paying for their college tuition

    Full Article These kids were scammed into thinking their martial arts school would pay for college if they stuck it out...Anyone from Florida willing to help them out?
  14. Gentle Fist

    When do the frauds come out?

    After seeing some of these ridiculous internet soke boards and individuals that have posted here in the past (Bruce C), I have a question to throw out to the members of this board.... When do most of these frauds start making false claims. Does it start once they receive a legit black belt or...
  15. Gentle Fist

    Newbie today - Soke tomorrow

    This is just plain sad. Another place to buy rank and monk titles.....:bs1: For some image is more important than self improvement I guess....