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    old video

    My senior student just downloaded some footage of a seminar I taught in Atlanta prior to my moving there. In the video is my former student Mitch Mills ( brother of Mike Mills)(yeh that Mike Mills). bobquinnarnis
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    Master Bambit Dulay

    Congratulations to Master Dulay for MAN of the Year FMA Digest Your Brother Bob
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    Thank to Bob Hubbard

    We all enjoy talking and voiceing our oppions! We need to give thanks to the guy who keeps us there! Thank you Bob Bob Quinn
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    Atlanta Arnis camp

    Philippines comes to USA. GM Rene Tongson(classical Tres Puntas),Datu Shishir Inacallo,SM Edessa Ramos,SM Dan Anderson are coming to Atlanta in June of 2008.Also sport arnis tournament. Call Bob Quinn At (770)493-8970 for details.
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    Hello from Georgia

    Hello, I'm a newbee, so take it easy on me! Georgia is cranking out some good martial arts! Bob Quinn
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    New Year

    I want to wish all of you a great and healthy new year! Bob Quinn