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  1. charyuop

    Moving from the center

    Place a tanto under his armpit and tell him not to make it fall during the tecniques. It might create tension and make it move a little bit in an uneasy way, but it will make him see when and how he uses his arms and not his hips. Once the tanto goes away he will probably go back to using his...
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    Reality about Aikido

    I have found on youtube this commercial about a reality where Seagal (so yes of course it is about Aikido) will pair up with a real police officer and they patrol streets and even arrest people. The show should come in December, even tho in this video Steven looks younger...or he may have...
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    Sarcasm is nice and fun and we can all have a nice laugh at it. But truth is that question, which is often asked, has a very solid base. I mean, I have been doing Aikido for 3 years now and sometimes when I watch demos of Aikido online I laugh. Many demos are really made in a very poor way. On...
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    I think this will be soon introdiced in next dan tests :)
  5. charyuop

    Technique Variations

    I couldn't find it coz I wrongly remembered it was an Italian video. I found today, again by chance. Hopefully it helps to answer your question.
  6. charyuop

    Technique Variations

    Unfortunately I cannot find the video anymore. A teacher in Italy was showing different ways to apply ikkyo principle and it managed to show 20ish different ways. He started on the base that ikkyo is the control of uke's body through the elbow (disrupting through the shoulder's movement the body...
  7. charyuop

    An opinion please?

    Apart from the fact that I don't believe it is a real exam, but something staged, can I have some qualified technical opinion? I get excited too easily and all that movement gets too much into me so I can't tell if it is really as good as it seems.
  8. charyuop

    Aikido vs anything?

    I think this thread is a very good one. It highlights the very first opinions of people who trained in the art for few months/1 year. Where they think they know the art while they barely get a little taste of it. There are certain things that are kinda misleading in my opinion and that reading...
  9. charyuop

    Question about learning TC << I was this one ;P Thank you for your answers. I asked that question because I thought (clearly I was wrong) that when you learn TC you go on a long time just by learning the form before actually having kind of contact (and I repeat I...
  10. charyuop

    Question about learning TC

    Hello. I doubt many of you will remember me so before asking my question I give you a little background. I started doing TC under the training of a Chinese sifu (well, I had done it before for almost 2 years with videos, but that was my first with a real teacher), but she just teaches it for...
  11. charyuop

    Basic Aikido class questions

    I noticed my sensei uses the "theme" thing too. Usually it throws in many techniques in a class, but they all have something in common. An Ikkyo can have many different tone of colours even tho it is the same technique and so do all the techniques. Many times sensei stops me and tells me "yes...
  12. charyuop

    Black # 1 (no, not belt)

    After 3 years of practice I got it finally...and I am cherishing it: my first black eye! Too good of an attack from Sensei or I was too soft or whatever...thing is, it's here with me now :)
  13. charyuop

    Giving weapon back to attacker?!?

    I remember the first time we used a tanto in class. I did just like that video and gave the "knife" back with the handle towards my opponent (wanted to be nice): Got my hand sliced and stabbed. I was taught that if I want to give the weapon back to hold the handle and give knife horizontally...
  14. charyuop

    Is this , or is this not aikido?

    Mind I am not that great expert of judging Aikido...but this to me doesn't really look like it. I understand the techniques are broke down for demostration, but I don't think I can recognize any harmony in those movement, on the contrary it seems to me that every movement tends to block the...
  15. charyuop

    Perception of aikido by non-practitioners

    That is an old answer given to a student from a teacher...that who knows why it became famous. But to remain in the subject...mine is not.
  16. charyuop

    How to you handle punches and kicks

  17. charyuop

    How Do You Add Softness to Your Form?

    Softness is practice...nothing that you will ever be able to find in written words or nice videos (BTW, East Wings, I really loved that mesmerized me! Long time that a Taiji video didn't have this effect on me). Practice your form an reach softness there and then practice with a...
  18. charyuop

    Two questions from a noob

    It seems you are enjoying it and that is great...
  19. charyuop

    They all give up to youtube

    I found on youtube several videos (freshly added) of the person whose video introduced me to Tai-Chi and convinced me to find a teacher.
  20. charyuop

    Most important thing

    Trust I wish it was true, I really wish it....
  21. charyuop

    Congratulations Tempus!

    Great achievement! Congratulations!
  22. charyuop

    Plural of Sensei?

    Yes they do have different ways to use numbers, but it all comes down to the word order. &#20108;&#20154;&#12398;&#20808;&#29983; &#20108;&#20154;&#20808;&#29983; (not grammatically correct, but used in talking) &#20808;&#29983;&#20108;&#20154; &#20808;&#29983;other part of a...
  23. charyuop

    Plural of Sensei?

    I am not an expert of Japanese, but I would simply use sensei (&#20808;&#29983;). Japanese is a language which does not distinguish sex or number, so words do not have plural. Moreover Japanese people is very proud and like alot the ambiguity which is in Japanese seems the more...
  24. charyuop

    Musashi said...

    Been a long time since I read Musashi, but wasn't he himself who defined his art and weapon the only one which is the true art and weapon? There is a section in that book, if I well remember, where he talks specifically of other bujutsu and weapons and basically puts them all down badly. I do...
  25. charyuop

    Kyokushin Karate vs Shoalin Xanda

    Amazing match. Wow those kids will have a sure future in MA. I don't agree with the final result tho. The Shaolin kid in the third round showed he had no more energies, while the karate guy had a much better conditioning.
  26. charyuop

    Best Newspaper Article (for us) Yet

    Good video, but...what an #$%@#, locking a kid on the ground and having fun punching his thigh muscles. I remember when my father used to do it to me, I would mostly laugh instead of screaming LOL.
  27. charyuop

    Two questions from a noob

    I wouldn't worry too much about style or best school for now. I think the important is find a school and start. Learn the basic and above all see if you like it. Later on you will be more able to see if that style is good for you, if the school has the right of Martial in it...and more.
  28. charyuop

    The "ki drop"

    It's funny coz it happened right the other day. I don't remember what I was doing, but it was a katadori technique. Sensei notice I got stuck (as usual LOL) and he asked me what I was doing. I said I was going to Uke's center. So Sensei asked me to show him where the center was and I pointed...
  29. charyuop

    The "ki drop"

    Why don't you just tell him what to do? I still after 2 years get a nice "WTF you talking about Sensei" look on my face when he tells me those phrases including center, sphere and esotheric things like that. I got to the conclusion that the reason why Aikido takes longer than other arts to learn...
  30. charyuop

    This really creeps me out!

    Now that creeps me out. The poor guy might end up in jail as sex offender even if he actually did nothing. NOT SAYING THIS IS THE CASE, but it is enough that the guy jokes with the girl coz they are friends and someone gives a friendly tap on the back a different meaning, that it is enough to...