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  1. mantis

    Wing Chun in Orange County, SoCal. Question

    Hello guys... I have been doing northern mantis for over 2 years. i recently learned that the schedule is going to be changed, making it impossible for me to attend. I thought of switching schools, and since that's the only mantis school in orange county i have to switch styles. Any...
  2. mantis

    Strenghtening Form Name

    Hello... I wanted to get the exact name of strength-building forms that use hard energy or 'gong'... they sounds like "gong lakan' or something like that.. do you guys know the exact name? Thanks!
  3. mantis

    my new toy!

    I got me this before they change the exterior of it next year... this is the picture from the site... and this is a picture of mine taken by my phone! im planning of taking pix of it when i get time.... this is silver.. supposedly, grey interior, black dash/steering wheel... it's 6 spd...
  4. mantis

    Seven Star Praying Mantis Style

    [CENTER] Published in the October 2004 release of Inside Kung Fu Magazine
  5. mantis

    where's my nipple?

    not sure this goes under comedy, but this is hilarious please read all the reviews on this product
  6. mantis

    zhang ma dao (horse blade form)

    the weapon is called 'zhang ma dao'. I only taped 1/2 of the form (the second half is identical to the first but with different direction) i suck haha
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    international arts list

    I ran into this while i was researching "Li Gar" (Li family kung fu style) it's good for reference
  8. mantis

    a story from your MA family

    Every art has its heroes. and every family has stories they are proud of. Does your instructor tell you stories about someone in your art or lineage who did something fascinating? what was it, and what's the moral behind it (if any)?
  9. mantis

    interesting view about MA's

    One of my respected instructors said styles are facades to 'fighting'. We all learn styles but we only use them to 'fight'. Therefore it does not matter if you practice mantis, or judo or anything else. this is only what your style looks like but the bottom line is we all go to classes to...
  10. mantis

    military arts

    what's your opinion on the video?
  11. mantis

    Mentos and Diet Coke watch it and read the 'how does it work' part
  12. mantis

    Technique combinations

    I saw Terry's post on TKD punching combo's and thought it's a good idea to have you guys list combinations of techniques that you think work together promoting flow and promoting your arts principles. Please list one or more of combinations you are comfortable with. please list what principle...
  13. mantis


    Howdy I wanted to have a thread that discusses approaches to improve rooting in CMA's and other arts as well. Do you have any thoughts, do you know of any exercises for rooting while mobile or stationary?
  14. mantis

    has anyone used Atlas

    Hello it's probably the wrong place to put this, but just in case.. has anyone used microsoft Atlas? if yes, please let me know, i have a small quick question on HoverMenu...
  15. mantis

    the world cup.. who's in?

    less than 30 days for the most popular event in the world (yeah, half of the americans havent even heard!) The world cup is starting on june the 9th.. the soccer world cup that is. Who's going to watch it, how are you going to watch it? it's going to be a bit difficult due to timing especially...
  16. mantis

    does your religion

    hi all... i figured since most active threads are religion or politics related that i should post something along those lines! Does your religion (or a religion you heard of for that matter) promote martial arts or any physical activity, and why does it, or doesnt? You're welcome to say the...
  17. mantis

    more on internal training

    i'm re-opening this... i found this article while i was searching for more info and clearer definitions on internal. I started with this article that was right in front of me for months but didnt read it yet...
  18. mantis

    Tan Tui (history)

    I ran into the following article while i was looking for Tan Tui's. I was interested in finding something that helps me remember them. I thought some of you guys may wonder about tan tui's (spring legs routines) Maybe there's not much to comment about in this article. but i do not mind...
  19. mantis

    Contemporary Wushu (revisited)

    hello fellow martial artists... A dear friend of mine asked me about wushu today and I thought you guys might want to participate in the discussion. The discussion was about the effectiveness of wushu. Please note that this thread is not in anyway intended to offend wushu practitioners, or...
  20. mantis

    lap sau exercise

    having little knowledge about WC i cannot recognize the difference between chi sau and lap sau exercises. any hints?
  21. mantis

    flying bug
  22. mantis

    Sifu Hsu: internal vs. external (revisited)

    Here i am going to be quoting sifu Adam Hsu form his book 'The Sowrd Polisher's Record'. ( Sifu hsu learned about 8 different styles until he got to this conclusion. Please state what you think about his argument, or what you think about the subject matter from your own...
  23. mantis

    7 star double cane

    I am not sure this is the proper place to ask this. I was wondering where I can find the 7 star double canes on the net to buy. I am NOT looking for 2 short staffs (which i already have), but i am looking for the metal spikey canes (for reference: the canes michelle yoeh used against ziyi...
  24. mantis

    Guan (or Gwan) Dao

    i wonder what is the difference in combat (not in shape, i can see what the difference is) between a guan dao and a pudao (horse cutter). Does the useage differ between these 2 weapons? i'll ask in another way, just to be clear. Can I practice pudao forms with a gwan dao or vice versa? thanks
  25. mantis

    mantis kicks

    less than a year ago i was very interested in TKD. But i happened to join a 7 star mantis school. Back then i was very much interested in high exotic kicks of TKD and i was complaining all the time that mantis doesnt have those nice kicks. less than a year later, we are learning a 360 or a...
  26. mantis

    keywords of all mantises

    i wanted to talk about the mantis keywords that are passed by Wang Lang to us. I wanted to discuss the word "Nien" or "to stick". But i guess a more thread would be asking you to list the keywords, pick one, and say what you think it is, how it's used, why it's important. I'll start by "nien"...
  27. mantis

    Kung Fu Exchange (North America)

    has anyone been to a kung fu exchange meeting. i hear some schools get together somewhere in TX or somewhere to either chi sau, fight, or maybe compete with their forms.. has anyone been there? what does it take to go there, where is it, what's the purpose, and what do they do? is it only...
  28. mantis

    drunken mater 3

    Jackie chan will be the master in DM3, and his student will be tony Jaa.. what do you guys think! i just hope the old good drunken kung fu doesnt become the exotic muay thai!
  29. mantis

    murphy! i know most know this stuff, but i still think it's hilarious check out the 'women' seciont too