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  1. Laurentkd

    Dojang Facebook Page

    Do you have one? If you do is it a person's page, or a fan page? What do you use it for (pictures, event info, etc)? How have your students responded to it?
  2. Laurentkd

    Hey Master Southwick

    MSUTKD has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. :)
  3. Laurentkd

    Belt Exam Schedule

    How often does your dojang have a belt test day (or even have a specific day for testing). I have seen testing done every 2 or 3 months and everyone has to test on that day or wait another 2 or 3 months. I have seen the same system but with testings done during class time for a week. I have also...
  4. Laurentkd

    Century VTS Wave Master I am looking for something to use for paddle drills solo at home. Has anyone used this and have any reviews? Is there something out there that is better?
  5. Laurentkd

    Christianity and Self-Defense article

    Hi all, I have searched and searched, but can't find it. I know a year or more ago there was a thread about whether as a Christian you should defend yourself, and there was a link to a good article about it with Biblical support. Does anyone remember that and could you point me to the...
  6. Laurentkd

    Government take over of the Kukkiwon?

    Has anyone heard any news?
  7. Laurentkd

    Black Belt Breaking

    What breaks do you require for your Black Belt test (or think should be required) if any. When I tested for black belt (as a kid) I had to break 10 boards in 8 seconds with techniques of our choosing (although I think there had to be a certain number of leg techs included). We currently do...
  8. Laurentkd


    Anyone know what happend to him? I enjoyed his posts even though they often took forever to read through:erg:
  9. Laurentkd

    read threads still marked unread

    This is probably something very simple for someone with more computer skills than me, but I can't figure it out. And I have searched for an answer but couldn't find anything. For the last few days if I read a thread and go back to the forum page the thread still looks unread (still bolded). I...
  10. Laurentkd

    Usagi Tobi

    I normally hang out in the Korean Arts section, but I am reading a book that mentions usagi tobi or "bunny hops". Can someone tell me what these are? thanks!
  11. Laurentkd

    Kukkiwon Patch

    So at the FIC Professor Ahn had a cool Kukkiwon patch. Does anyone know if these are available to the public? Or do I first need to become an instructor at the Kukkiwon in order to get one?
  12. Laurentkd

    How do we stop the MT TKD madness!?

    Maybe you all don't agree with me, and maybe I am just "too nice" but it seems the TKD section here has been more mud slinging than anything else for the last couple of months. We have ended up with tons of locked threads, and mod warnings to keep things civil, and it looks like another thread...
  13. Laurentkd

    New Kukkiwon President

    The USTC announced last weekend that the Kukkiwon has a new president, GM Lee (current Jidokwan president). I have since been told by my kwanjangnim that GM Lee is actually just an acting, or temporty, president (my kwanjangnim was GM Lee's student). Does anyone else have any additional or...
  14. Laurentkd

    those new black belt forms??

    I tried to find the original thread but couldn't come up with the right combo of words to pull it up in the search. You guys remember those two new black belt forms that were supposed to be for tournaments (that was the thought anyway). I think one was called Peacock?? Has anyone seen or heard...
  15. Laurentkd

    10 gups, 8 jangs

    ok, So this may or may not apply to a lot of people.... "Traditionally" (whatever that means) there were 10 gup ranks. But, the WTF only has 8 color belt forms (not sure about other orgs). For those of you who follow this format (or something similar) what do you teach when you run out of...
  16. Laurentkd

    school uniforms

    OK, who is required to wear a special type of uniform depending on rank, or rather, what are you NOT allowed to wear until you reach a certain rank? When I started training at my dojang only black belts wore black collars, all color belts wore white. Also black belts could wear black uniforms...
  17. Laurentkd


    Ok, So I know everyone is going to say to see a doc, and I will but I was just curious... So I had to not train for a couple weeks due to a job, and now my schedule is making me have to train at home a lot more often than at the dojang. I had some of these issues before, but basically this has...
  18. Laurentkd

    Dog Names

    Ok, so hopefully in the next six months or so I am finally going to get a puppy (probably a male boxer). So I want to think of a cool martial art/asian name, but one that doesn't scream kaRAHtee. Some thoughts so far: Bushido Taiko (as in Japanese drum) anyone have any suggestions? I am up...
  19. Laurentkd

    martial art lanyard

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a cool martial art lanyard for a gift (they are all the rage with the kids you know). I have looked online but haven't found anything worthwhile yet. Any recommendations?
  20. Laurentkd

    A "hypothetical" question for anyone

    OK, so here is the hypothetical: And I would like responses from everyone, even if you aren't yet an instructor. There is a student at your school who has been training for about a year. He is mid 20's and is athletic and picks techniques up easily. At a recent tournament he did very well...
  21. Laurentkd

    instructor/student relationship- what to do?

    Ok, I have a question for you guys. I plan on letting my instructor know what happened and do whatever he thinks I should do, but he may ask my opinion so I thought I would get your opinion... We have discussed before the pros/cons to a instructor dating a student and I think most of us are in...
  22. Laurentkd

    "Inside student"

    Uchi-deshi is a term I have heard often in Japanese MA areas which refers to an "inside student" or a student who devotes more of themselves to the arts than the average student. Many times these students live in the dojo, or are there whenever it is open, not only training but taking care of...
  23. Laurentkd

    USTKD Des Moines tournament

    Anyone able to compete or just going? I think some of the Black Belts from my dojang are going to drive up just to watch (it is always fun to have an excuse to get out of town!). Anyone know when the "big kids" are competing (namely the Lopezs!)? I looked on the website and it looked like...
  24. Laurentkd

    Another Floor Question

    I didn't want to pull the other thread off topic, but since puzzle mats tend to be the top vote, what do you guys do to clean yours? Previously we have used a mop and bucket withpine sol, but they take forever to dry and just the Pine Sol makes me a little nervous. We haven't had any issues...
  25. Laurentkd

    A little investigation

    Hello everyone, I don't normally post in here but I thought you guys could help me out. I have "friend" who is claiming some really big accomplishments in Judo. He is the type of guy that is always telling a big story and so I don't really believe him, but don't want to assume the worst. He...
  26. Laurentkd

    Working Out II

    What is the one part of your workout that you do not enjoy doing at all, and you know before you begin that you are going to have to really force yourself to do it?
  27. Laurentkd

    Human Weapon- TKD

    It is supposed to air next Friday (the 21st). While this show could definitely use some improvement, I'll watch a poor-quality martial arts show over any other show on TV. My main worry is that it will only show Olympic sparring, which won't really give people a true idea of true TKD (at least...
  28. Laurentkd

    Higher Ranking Black Belt Poomse

    What do you think? Should a student wait until the specific rank (i.e. 7th Dan, 8th Dan, even 3rd Dan) to learn the form that corresponds to that rank? Or should a student learn them at any rank and figure that by the time they are testing for a specific rank they better just be really good at...
  29. Laurentkd

    Poom Belts

    I did a search and didn't come up with anything, so I want to ask, how many of you use poom belts at your school and at what ages? At my dojang, we have just implemented Poom Black Belts (before we gave all kids solid Black, but we never had very many kids reach that level). Our kids know the...
  30. Laurentkd

    Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit

    I assume many users here use the "5 tenants of Taekwondo" (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit). I always have a hard time finding a way to define indomitable spirit in a way that is different than perseverance. I end up discussing and giving examples for about...