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  1. Feisty Mouse

    Have You Seen This Woman?

    Adding to everyone else's... my warm thoughts that your mother be found safe and sound soon.
  2. Feisty Mouse

    Why Time is Worth More than Money

    There you go. :)
  3. Feisty Mouse


    Shesulsa - Um, where *is* that pesky tatoo? :D Bob - I like the fighting Lum. I'd have chosen electric shocks, but a sword works too. :)
  4. Feisty Mouse

    Global Warming and Katrina...

    Well, Tgace, with that one witty and decisive comment [/end sarcasm], you have demonstrated one of two things. #1 You, as you have stated in the past, are just here on MT to "rile people up", and don't really stand behind, or mean, any of your posts. So we should disregard what you write...
  5. Feisty Mouse

    Global Warming and Katrina...

    Uummm... scientists have data that goes back much further. Tree ring data. Ice core data.
  6. Feisty Mouse

    Global Warming and Katrina...

    lol, for a site that has things written such as I'm not amazed. What exactly is an anti-correlation? A negative correlation? A zero correlation? May sound like nitpicking, but if the writer were in my Research Methods class, that would earn him or her a 0.
  7. Feisty Mouse

    A money-sucking, time-vacuuming thing... eBay. I resisted for years. I recently signed up. What the heck am I doing? Bidding is competitive. I want to win. I have to walk away from it. Anyone else given up online auctions?
  8. Feisty Mouse

    What Is Science??

    Science is an approach to gathering information in what is ideally a testable, methodical, reproducible manner, based not on personal opinion or bias, but on what is empirically measurable (for a bit of a redundancy there). Boo-yah.
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    Global Warming and Katrina...

    If we all waited for a 100% consensus on anything in the field of science, which at the higher levels is remarkably democratic, we'd be waiting...well, a very long time. Is string theory valid if it's descriptive but not testable? What's the deal with all that dark matter? OK. The majority...
  10. Feisty Mouse

    Its offical now

    (minor thread gank - gas prices shot up by $0.50/gallon all over town yesterday. I actually gasped while in my car and said, "no!" )
  11. Feisty Mouse

    Its offical now

    WOW. Some handler screwed up somewhere. I can imagine a bunch of sackings after this! Good thing Halliburton's there to remove...I mean, protect...all that oil...for the Iraqi people, of course!
  12. Feisty Mouse

    Congratulations Kenpo Tiger!!!

    Congrats, kt. :D I wish we could have been there. Maybe for the next time around...! (((((hugs)))))
  13. Feisty Mouse

    Hello Y'all

    Hi Autumn1973! Enjoy your stay. :)
  14. Feisty Mouse

    America Supports You Freedom Walk

    lol - don't worry, you haven't hurt my feelings. A long time ago you said you're only here on MT to "bait the bears" anyways, right? :) I get tired of the fact that if someone disagrees with the status quo in this country right now, because we've got a war on, it's "unpatriotic". I am not...
  15. Feisty Mouse

    Marine Accused of Firing on Crowd in Mass

    Unbelievable. So if someone breaks a window in your house, that entitles you to go shoot into a crowd - or kill them and bury them in the woods? And folks firing into crowds of civilians in the South are given, what, a ticker-tape parade? Aren't we all civilized and law-abiding. And of...
  16. Feisty Mouse

    America Supports You Freedom Walk

    So if I'm from a military family and I find it offensive (and politically motivated), that doesn't count? Right, I forgot, it's "unpatriotic" to have your own opinion these days.
  17. Feisty Mouse

    America Supports You Freedom Walk

    Marginally. What do you prefer for memorial services? I'm far more impressed by the folks sending care packages, letters, and supplies to the still-living troops, myself - and the folks who are remembering their dead with solemnity. I must be terribly old-fashioned.
  18. Feisty Mouse

    The Many Vacations of Dubya.

    Really? So what's he up to all day, every day?
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    . :asian:
  20. Feisty Mouse

    Cindy Sheehan

    Really? The President is so busy he can take a month vacation at his ranch? Wow. We should all be so busy. I think it's ridiculous to say that a mother is cheapening her own son's death. I believe Mrs. Sheehan finds her son's death cheapened by being used to continue a war which fewer...
  21. Feisty Mouse

    America Supports You Freedom Walk

    Oh of course not - because a rock concert is the way to go. You can go one of two ways: 1) Throwing a big party with a rock concert is kind of a tasteless way to remember the dead, and those currently dying in Iraq, for an event unrelated to Iraq (but who remembers those pesky WMDs and...
  22. Feisty Mouse

    Cindy Sheehan

    I leave for a while, and the "we're at war, and you have to love the war and die for the war and put up and shut up!" folks have arrived. lol! Simply because other families have not been granted an audience by no means limits Mrs. Sheehan from demonstrating to get the President to listen to...
  23. Feisty Mouse

    America Supports You Freedom Walk

    Another bit of distracting fluff fanfare, attempting to roll the 9/11 terrorist attacks into the war in Iraq, still trying to make that nonexistent link. Maybe I'd be more impressed if our President, who has taken another full month off (since when did Presidents get months off?) on his ranch...
  24. Feisty Mouse

    The Civil Liberties Show

    Sad, very sad. It seems that people have forgotten what makes our country truly great - its ideals of liberty and freedom...rather than bankrupting the nation to give gifts to multinational corporations, and continue a war on a noun. But I digress.
  25. Feisty Mouse

    Julie Kedzie MMA Seminar - WNY

    Julie rocks, is a sharp cookie and a kind instructor.... And none of you can have her, 'cause she's mine. :D
  26. Feisty Mouse

    US Law now enforcable in Canada?

    lol - just like we decided that the Geneva Convention no longer suits our purposes?
  27. Feisty Mouse

    Take a look at the 10 rules of Kempo?

    Mod. Note. Please, keep the conversation polite and respectful. -Thalia Brine- -MT Moderator-
  28. Feisty Mouse

    Ooops...a little, P.R. slip....

    Not surprised. But still disgusted. We need our free press back.