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  1. Raynac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    HAHAHa martial talk just send me an email saying that it missed me! how many online forums will do that for you eh?
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    Newbie Popping In to Say Hi

    Hi diddly-ho neighborieno
  3. Raynac

    'Dungeons & Dragons' co-creator dies

    geez all the creators are dying off. =p oh well I imagine wizards of the coast will keep it going anyways
  4. Raynac

    First thing you wanted to learn

    Well i went in wanting to learn how to use a weapon like a staff, somthing were the equivalant would be very easy to find in the immediate enviroment. a couple minutes into the class i decieded that i wanted to learn breakfalls really good and be able to do diving rolls. but i still would like...
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    Why it is great to be man

    toche i should have more specifically mentioned on hot summer days taking off the t-shirt/muscles shirt or in the ladies case a tanktop. as for you not being able to... well i guess if you and your coworkers were comfortable with it you would be able to walk around in a bra but you can't...
  6. Raynac

    Why it is great to be a woman

    little known fact, a very small percent of the male population can experience mutiple orgasms yeah but how much easier are ours to achieve than yours? :) plus bubble baths are totally manly!!! I know from experience that there is nothing better than a hot bubble bath after a long day of...
  7. Raynac

    Why it is great to be man

    I can take off my shirt when im working and it gets too hot :uhyeah: although i don't that often, increased risk of sunstroke and such. i usually have a pretty good farmers tan by the end of the summer. not bleeding once a month is pretty nice. not having to wake up early in the mornings just...
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    Stephen K. Hayes' To-Shin Do

    it is indeed a vampire thread, it just got a taste of some newblood that has joined the sight so now its alive again
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    Hi from the new one

    Aloha maria!
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    To-Shin Do Weapons Training

    well we do learn to fight with an assortment of stick like objects, which if im correct all follow basically the same principal. Im not sure if to-shin do teaches "walking canes" specifically but im sure if you went you would be able to use your cane proficently should you be attacked. as for...
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    Returning to martial arts. Can't make up my mind which.

    Is mine one of those =(. I'm sorry I tried to put it in a fair light, he wanted to know which one would best fit him so i tried to answer his question with a focus on my area of expertise, I did meantion about how his arthritis may come into play (i should add it probley will even more if...
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    Best day/s you ever had in To-Shin Do?

    Im wishing you the best of luck. as for the best days I've had in To-shin do... well I've only had a few months so far, and every class is filled with so much learning and excitement. a couple days stick out in my mind. My first day, of course was amazing, because I walked into the class (a...
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    How did you get started with ninpo?

    Hmm i see your point. it was also late then, and I tend to get really stong opinions when im tired ;). yes your definatly right there are probley alot of really good ways out there to train in more than just the martial form of ninjutsu. I should like to see these books sometime they sound...
  14. Raynac

    Ever been knocked out?

    hmmm I am now really begining to wonder what being knocked out feels like. I don't think I've ever been close before. I can think of two instances, one were one of my fellow to-shin do students wa practicing a wind move on me. luckly im good at my breakfalls and did it near perfectly. on the...
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    thanks ^_^
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    How did you get started with ninpo?

    hmmmm from what I have heard, it is impossible to truely (what would the word be here, have or follow) a ninpo. simple put we are only learning the self-defense aspect and are not living a life completely devoted to the art. but that aside, my reason for getting started with the ninpo... well...
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    Discovery 2009!!!

    you mean how it started... what's with that smile *GASP* did YOU start the annual texas hold-em game!!!
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    New take: What Martial Art is the most damaging?

    in my very biased opionon ninjutsu is pretty damaging. i dunno how many injurys I've seen in my fellow students and my teachers even when they were taking every precation to be safe. ... my day is comming i haven't been hurt yet but... I have seen the art practiced and I have seen the people...
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    aww shucks I lost the game besides that however, I declared i win because i though i was gonna have the last post until morning,
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    Step Through Punches NEVER Happen

    well of course people are going to throw step though punches if they havn't been trained. how else are you supposed to deliever a haymaker! your gonna throw your whole body into and walk forward trying to drive that fist as far as you can into the opponent. exsecially in that first video where...
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    i win?
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    Let's talk about fat people

    =o i hope you get alot of veggies in there, Im not sure your hearts gonna thank you for the rest of that diet.
  23. Raynac

    Being overweight, judging overweight, judging others generally...

    also i think you guys are being a bit hard on omar, I think his comment about it not mattering what you think of me unless your handing me a paycheck, was more about how he feels comfortable with who he is and feels no need to impress other individuals when hes ok with being himself. plus he...
  24. Raynac

    Let's talk about fat people

    hmmm well Im not sure what to argue for an experienced martial art fighter, but I have found when sparring with inexperienced fat people (of course i was only one belt higher myself) that speed and balance were their weak points. the one i fought had madly powerful kicks, simply put he had...
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    Discovery 2009!!!

    Awwww this reminds me that I missed the annual texas hold'em game (I think thats what they called it) I LOVE texas hold them T_T
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    hello goodnight
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    People Dissing Ninjutsu

    hmmmm I agree with all the points about how we are all martial artists and how we are all essentually doing the same thing but with different brush strokes. but the word legit is around for a reason, its not there to put down another art as you were implying but rather to show fraudulance...
  29. Raynac

    Discovery 2009!!!

    Well I hope your moving went well... I know discovery did ^_^ awww it was awsome. actually the funny thing is I worked out with Anik for a little while with out realising it. (she must have a soft spot for yellow belts because she was far from mean.) and you were planning on comming carol...
  30. Raynac

    Who Practices a Western Martial Art?

    I practice To-shin Do... I've been told thats a western art.