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    Kenpo Stylists

    Parker Kenpo here
  2. evenflow1121

    Desired gifts, undesired gifts, gifts you have no use for...

    I got few things this year, some clothes and stuff that I can use including the wii sports package, lol.
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    Regarding Hung Gar

    Wait til you start learning the Butterfly Knives and Spear and Staff Forms, a lot of fun. Also man taming the tiger, good stuff. Glad to hear its going well.
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    Regarding Hung Gar

    I practiced some Hung Gar back when I was in high school, a lot of years ago. Yeah one thing was that my instructor was in very good shape and so were all senior students. What can you expect? I got a lot of rigorous training some so good, I still incorporate it into my work out. You can...
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    So I went skydiving this past weekend...

    Everything looks like little squares, at that altitude its real funny cause you can actually see parcel divisions. You can see the target pretty well, of course there were no clouds, if it is cloudy it may be a bit difficult. The jump is the scariest part, when you jump off the plane and you...
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    So I went skydiving this past weekend...

    Decided to do a jump from 13, 500 ft, simply amazing. The world looks so small as you are falling down at around 150-180mph. Funny thing is it makes you think how insignificant one is when compared to the forces of nature. Gravity I tell ya.
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    Essence of Kempo?

    I consider it a philosophy, not necessarily a particular style, it is when you add the prefix to it that it becomes a style.
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    The year 2012, the end of the world?

    What is everyone so worried about, we still have 5 more good years left.
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    Best Buy's dirty secret

    I used to shop there a lot however, after purchasing their insurance plan on my laptop, and after having the lap top malfunction and their failure to replace or fix the problem without charging me, I decided to take my business elsewhere. The customer service there sucks for the most part, I...
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    american tiger jujitsu

    How could you train jujitsu through a video tape, just a thought.
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    In Preperation of the BAN.

    I am sorry but I must say I disagree with this statement, if a person is willing to break into my home, then they must be willing to accept any consequences that may arise as a result. And that being, that they may have mistakenly thought I was on vacation or at work or out and that I may be at...
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    Secrets of the Ultimate Martial Artist!! The REAL Knock Out MASTER!

    Man that was funny it is so well coordinated to the song.
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    Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise

    This is an excellent post sir, everyone especially when they are growing up needs a couple of smacks just to put them in line,I know my dad didnt play around when I got out of line, but it made me a better person. A lot of parents are not taking responsibility for their children these days, and...
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    If you could go back in time

    This is an excellent question Terry. I am grateful for how and when I started, perhaps if I started earlier I would not have appreciated it as much, and if I would have started it at a later age, I would not have been able to stick with it, due to other responsibilities.
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    Ninjutsu vs BJJ

    Sure you were in a fight, you just struck him, the question is, is he getting back up, that is has his training prepared him for such a scenario, and if you ve been in a few real fights on the street you will realize that most of the people you will fight will try to ambush you and are for the...
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    Monkey or Mantis...?

    This is very good advice above. I would also ask why your teacher prefers monkey over mantis. I studied Chow Gar and thought it was quite an impressive system. One more thing, there are many different styles of praying mantis and even more hybrids, which one is he teaching?
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    Bruce Lee.. Overrated?

    Yes I am sure he was over rated but like many other martial artist that fell upon fame and the media no matter what medium or source, most were or are over rated too, that however does not mean they are bad martial artists. Think back to the Wuxia novels in China and the kind of stuff they...
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    In Preperation of the BAN.

    I am not particularly sure the federal congress could if they wanted to, ban all guns that is I thought that was a state issue, with each state determining as to whether it should ban fire arms. Though banning non traditional fire arms, I am sure they can, however, as to the part where the...
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    bowing at a store doorway

    I remember going into a front stance once in phys ed class, way back when, and all my class mates looking at me like I was from Mars or something.
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    who?!? for president 2008

    I think the democratic ticket will go to Edwards, and Giulliani has a good chance for the Republicans. I d vote for Edwards, if Hillary gets the nomination, I may consider her, if anyone else like Christopher Dodd for example, I may vote Republican or not at all.
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    Happy Valentine's Day

    aawww that is the cutest cupid ever, like wise to all of you
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    some things in my mind/rant/ I have no idea *** this is

    Its change, its a good thing, you are adapting to a different scenario, that is life, it constantly changes on you man. I am 28 years old, and chances are you are probably going to go through this feeling several more times during your 20's decade as you become more responsible and more stable...
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    Another addition from South FL

    Welcome to MT
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    Ends and Means

    It makes it exciting, while I do not think that being a criminal is appealing to most, it is the fact that this particular character lives on the edge. I also think that 100% do-gooders have been overly explored and people want something different, something that perhaps they can relate to, a...
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    Anna Nicole Smith (celebrity)

    I felt very bad for her, I dont think she was a very happy person, nor do I think she was as bad as some in the media portrayed her to be. I hope she is in a better place now.
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    Signs That You have Grown Up (and Old)

    20, 21, 22 are great
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    Amost cashed in my chips...

    Michael I am very glad to hear you are ok.