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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    All of my poems are in storage in Alaska. Hopefully, I can get them soon enough. There is one line I remember, and I don't know why but... "It is the lack of divinity that makes LAW the new religion"
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    Spirituality Versus Religion

    I would say I am spiritual over religious. I believe in that 'spirituality' is belief in a greater thing, perhaps divine. I also believe that 'religion' is spirituality smeared with dogma. Dogma, methinks, is what wars are made of. If one looks closely at the teachings of most religions...
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    Greeting from new person

    nice to meet ya Mike.
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    Summertime uniforms

    We wear normal street clothes in our class. I choose to wear shorts for the flexibility issue. The only guideline we have is to wear those shoes designed not to leave blackmarks on the expensive matting.
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    What is Krav Maga?

    I've also just begun my study of Krav Maga a few weeks ago, so I don't know much about it yet. What distinguishes from traditional or other martial arts? Don't really know at this point, as I'm so new and only have a tiny background in kung fu and karate. My first two weeks have been a lot of...
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    What is Krav Maga?

    Krav Maga is the fighting techniques employed by the Israeli military and police forces. It is considered more 'modern self-defense' than 'traditional martial art'. There is a thread here under the Western Martial arts that has more discussion on it. I would link to it if I could figure out...
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    Martial Art Aliens

    And just when I thought I've seen it all....
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    What goes around comes around in a good way

    That was karma in full force there. If only everyone would practice generosity like that.... world might be a better place.
  9. T - Anyone Belong?

    well, it is good to know that myspace has a real purpose, besides highschool groupie hang out arena. Perhaps I should check it out and find some of my old Air Force buds... or perhaps a Jedi Master... yes, you aren't the only Jedi wannabee!!
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    Martial Art Aliens

    hahaha.... kinda disappointed that pirates aren't aliens. perhaps they are crossbreeds? Raygun-fu or martialmartian-do. What would they teach??
  11. T - Anyone Belong?

    Personally, don't know anything about myspace and don't care too. Isn't that really just the new 'neighborhood', kind of like what AOL used to be back in the mid-90's? I'll stick with the MT neighborhood.
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    Martial Art Aliens

    if ninja's are aliens, what about pirates. And then again, what about ninja/pirates?
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    What "God" Do You Worship?

    Thanks for the reading suggestion. Always looking for new thoughts on physics and philosophy. Gotta say the "martial tucker" name, much more imaginative than I am!!!
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    Martial Art Aliens

    are we talking about ray-gun and anal-probe aliens, or our illegal brothers and sisters?:)
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    What "God" Do You Worship?

    Sorry for reopening this old conversation... but "metaphysical gobbledy-gook" ???? Just because you don't understand metaphysics, which is a large philosophical school in most major universities, doesn't mean it is goobledy gook. It is no more goobledy gook that believing there is a man with a...
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    Human Monkey

    that guy is damn good. living spider man! reminds me of a movie preview that i saw years ago. it was a bunch of european kids that created a new type of "dance" based on street movements like that guy was doing. I just wish I could remember what the name of it was. I believe it was a kind of...
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    The stupid things people do!

    Thanks for sharing that story. I agree that the greatest sillinesses come from looking at ourselves. No great stories come to mind of myself ( I know they are out there) but I do recall looking for pens for minutes at a time, only to discover they never left my hand!!!
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    a thought

    Not talking about Chi as a mystical presence, more like the natural flow of energy in the body. The body is a bio-chemical. mechanical, and electrical construct. If the chemicals and mechanics are sound, the energy will flow smoothly. Also, the concentrated focus of willpower, i.e, that which is...
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    How Much Emphasis Is Put On Conditioning?

    Conditioning in my Krav class takes up a good 10 minutes out of every hour class. I wouldn't have it any other way though, as fitness is another reason I started taking classes in the first place. I do agree that performing additional conditioning/stretching before class is beneficial. If I...
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    2nd stripe test - DONE!

    yes, congratulations!!
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    My first day was a few weeks ago. I think I'm still sore!!!
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    Hi all

    Hey everyone. Name's Travis. Just started to going to a Krav Maga school in Tucson. I have a very little experience back in high school (12 years ago) with a generic karate school, but I consider this my beginning in the martial arts. Look forward to the discussions here and hope to meet some...
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    Sylvia vs Arlovski

    you know it's going to be arlovski. I think sylvia is a good enough fighter, the militech guys are generally very good, but he just got a lucky punch in their last fight. And I definitely agree on Sylvia being oafish. I'd never want to fight either of them though.