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    Black belt on your resume?

    This is one I tinker with myself. If your applying for security or a bouncer position then It's a plus, but some people might be intimidated by it. On the other hand it does show that you consistently showed up on time for something which adds to your credibility if your trying to prove a...
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    Lawful use of force or excessive?

    Most people don't know there are a lot of politics in police work, and if the guy was right or wrong really doesn't matter. If the higher ups decide it looks bad for the department he'll lose his job and have a hard time getting a new one.
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    Yeah I never seem to get around to that lol. Anyway I'm up north in michigan. Nice to meet a...

    Yeah I never seem to get around to that lol. Anyway I'm up north in michigan. Nice to meet a practitioner of mu duk kwan. I was a judakwan guy before I left at illdan. Now I kinda do a mix of stuff. JKD concepts, a little judo and BJJ I picked up here and there, and some Filipino stuff that I'm...
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    is there a less complicated form of jujitsu

    Every martial art is simple but effective. Martial arts do not work like in the movies. Out of all the kicks you learn in TKD there about three that you will actually use in a fight. However there are an unlimited number of uses for those three, and even two or more versions of those that you...
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    How To Shrimp

    You are a good instructor. I'm looking into doing BJJ myself at the moment. Any tips on how to find a good instructor? I know what to look for in a MA instructor but every art is different.
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    A positive thread

    Yeah I suppose so, but sometimes it not about the destination, but how you get there.
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    anyone here ever tried to do a kata with their eyes closed?

    I have tried it a few times but only with poomse I was very familiar with. I did okay until I had to do the ones with jump kicks. It is kinda fun to try, though you will fall a lot lol.
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    Congrats. The first test is always the worst one because you never know what your getting into, but you have taken the first step down a long road and should be proud. Best wishes to you on your road to shodan.
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    Strength vs Technique

    I don't do BJJ though I have dabbled in it a bit and really like it so I thought I would poke around the board a bit. In any martial art this question is relevant. This however is not an easy question. Strength is important no doubt. Without it there would be no technique to begin with as some...
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    I can see where your mad and it is somewhat misleading of them, but there probably is not a lot you can do unless he has a no compete clause in his contract for classes. Personally I think that since you feel so strongly about it you should teach. Who cares if you make money at it? That is only...
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    Tae-Kwon-Do rules?

    Olympic TKD considers any foot tech to be superior to any hand tech. Blocking is allowed, but it's not worth your time in the sport. It works like a super fast chess game. Basically if you do not attack first then you must counter. The best way to do so when kicking is to move out of the way...
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    An employment seekers warning

    I recently called on a job in the paper. It was listed by an employment agency called employment one. I am in no way slandering them with this as it is just my personal experience with them. I called and they asked about contact info and all that like agencies like these do. They explained how...
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    A positive thread

    Is there really a best self defense martial art? This is a question that many people have and that many martial artists argue over. I would like to hear what the community has to say, but first here are my thoughts on the matter. There really cannot be a best martial art, because each art has...
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    How do you train for the psychological portion of a confrontation

    I'm sorry man but to me this whole training from a state of fear sounds like total BS. Their is no way in hell that is going to prepare you for the adrenaline, or really anything else. The only thing I can think of that this would do is create a train of thought that will show up in a time of...
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    Use of Force Law

    I don't know about ohio but here in michigan the castle law which I refer to as the make my day law works like this. If someone is in your home (uninvited) in the middle of the night you don't have to ask questions you can just shoot them. There is a catch however. They have to be facing...
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    I need advice from this community..again

    I say go for it. Learn what you can while you can. Never know when that one move you don't know might be the one you need.
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    The Um of Perseverance

    Sir you are not joking! I'm twenty two and I get back problems which make it imposable to throw kicks above knee high sometimes. What are some of your recovery schemes? Cause I have nothing.
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    Help with a difficult decision.

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
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    Help with a difficult decision.

    Yes we do train when able, but its a lot harder these days. One is going to college soon and is on his fifth year training. I would really like to see him get his black belt before he goes as it is very important to him. The other has been kind of down lately. He has a really crappy job and...
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    Instructors' Code of Conduct and Ethics

    Yeah I would have to say no to that. Sorry but I'm one of those people who DO NOT SIGN THINGS! I'm even leery about online job apps. You could lose a lot people that way. I mean this is a free country ( I live in the US) and I'm not signing my rights away. It just comes down to over stepping...
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    why so many seem to dislike MMA

    The reason people have a problem with it is because at first glance it seems very violent. I really don't think it's any different than boxing to be honest.
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    Help with a difficult decision.

    Well I mean I wish I could have tested with my buddies. I don't really think you could say they were a competing school as we were about twenty miles from them, but then again we did drive a long way to class, so I suppose you could say they were. As for it being a loyalty issue.... Well lets...
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    Bad news and more bad news

    I'm sorry to hear that.
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    Help with a difficult decision.

    I see. What does their own brand mean? Our old 3rd dan test meant breaking concrete. Theirs is bow staff. I'm assuming you mean they have a lower standard?
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    NY bill would require cops to "shoot to wound"

    Thats what the tazer guns are for.
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    NY bill would require cops to "shoot to wound"

    My dad was a cop. So is my best friend's dad. Do the law makers even care what the officers families think? My dad dying for a reason like that.... I would lose it. Grief is bad enough but to make it over something senseless like that. Really? I can't even imagine the amount of anger their...
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    Help with a difficult decision.

    I joined my friend's TKD class about two years ago now and I have found myself in a difficult position. My friend studied with his master for about four years before I joined. Several months ago our school was shut down because there weren't enough students to pay the rent on the building. I...
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    Religion VS.Art

    This is a GREAT point and a very enlightened attitude.
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    Joint Locks

    Well I suppose I had not thought about it that way. Thank you for putting it that way.
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    Need help with a typical HS "bully"

    Yeah fighting and assault will not look good on a college app.