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    I dont really have any experience with boxing but I have heard it mentioned quite a few times by an instructor that the hooks are usually quite a bit different in boxing and muay thai/kickboxing, it sounds like in boxing you twist your body and your front leg a lot more when doing a hook to put...
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    Mapping school in a video game = Terroist threat

    This is just outright stupid. I have mapped out my old high school in countless games when I was going to school, hell I am even thinking about making it in FEAR right now like 10 years after I have been in school. Does that mean if I do I am a terrorist threat on the school even though I...
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    Movie Star Martial Artist, what Style and Rank are they?

    Not sure what she has but im pretty sure Hilary Swank has marttial art training and did not see her mentioned here.
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    Are low kicks underated ?

    Also a good video I watched that shows how great leg kicks can be was that Muay Thai guy fighting butterbean, I imagine just searching for butterbean on youtube will find it. He barely did anything other than leg kick, eventually butterbean just fell over.
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    Are low kicks underated ?

    Leg kicks can hurt like hell, I dont think they are under rated but I think you do see a lot less of them in Muay Thai fights than you do in other fights due to the amount of training that goes into blocking them. I have never had a full force leg kicked blocked with no shin guards but even...
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    Hey what's up ya'll ?

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    15 basic Muay Thai training clips at expert village!

    Nice, I like that site, I found some really good workout and stretching ones on there before too. Also some good kickboxing ones.
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    The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer

    I still dont really get this, wasnt the 3rd book all about his wife (who they killed in the second movie) and his kids with his wife (who they killed in the second movie). Been quite a few years since I read them all but im pretty sure thats what the third one was about.
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    GPS... is it worth it?

    Been debating about getting one for my car as well, I think they would be great for work when I have to drive to appointments at weird little shops on streets no one has heard of.
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    The Last Person.....

    It tastes like burning......
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    Yeah when you view your older posts it wont show the amount of posts you had at that time, it will show the amount of posts on your profile so even if you view your very first post it will now show your total not 1.
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    Subservient Chicken

    This website is insanely stupid.....yet I spent like 15 minutes there.
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    Wish I felt that way with round kicks, mine still feel/look feeble.
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    Hello fellow Martial Artists

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    Sparring quirks

    The hissing sound is pretty normal, well atleast from what I have seen in Muay Thai, we are taught to breath out with really quick breaths when striking. Not sure the whole reason behind it, was explained to me before but I cant seem to remember.
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    I don't know... just cause.

    The penguin trip will never get old, priceless.
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    Classic Dumas!

    Thats the one alright.
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    Classic Dumas!

    Gotta love morons with guns, I spend most of my time in the country or semi-country just outside of a city and cant believe some of the stupid stuff people try. Although I still love that video of that guy (he was a cop or some type of law officer) doing a firearm safety seminar and was...
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    Jump Rope tips

    Just came across this while browsing at work and has some pretty good tips for starting out at skipping.
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    Has anyone used these books and if so what do you think of them? I have heard a few good things but nothing too much so far, I am thinking of ordering them since I have looked through the samples and really like them.
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    lurking no more

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    Hello from Flagstaff, AZ

    Welcome to MT, good luck finding a gym you like, im sure theres gotta be people on here that know some.
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    Obligatory New Member Thread

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