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  1. Tony Dismukes

    Rokas Is Coming for the Military

    The primary martial arts trained in the military are concerned with usage of tools like rifles, artillery, grenades, machine guns, tanks, helicopters, submarines, fighter jets, communications, transportation, logistics, etc. Well established military organizations, such as the British military...
  2. Tony Dismukes

    Troubling Racism and Xenophobia in Sumo Reforms

    It might be relevant to note that international amateur Sumo (under the umbrella of the International Sumo Federation, headquartered in Japan), was started and continues to be promoted by the Japanese. There are 87 national Sumo organizations under the ISF umbrella and the ISF is working towards...
  3. Tony Dismukes

    Your Enemy Is Training...

    Maybe the other 24814 members are out there training now instead of talking online! The offline members are the true enemy. They're getting ready to come for us any day now. We need to hone our keyboard skills in self-defense.
  4. Tony Dismukes

    Have you ever considered quitting your MA(s)?

    I've moved on from some of the arts I used to train, but I've taken up others in their place. I've had a few times where I couldn't make it to official classes for an extended period (most recently the pandemic had me off the mats for a full year). However even when I wasn't attending a regular...
  5. Tony Dismukes

    Footwork and Movement

    "Never" is a word to be cautious with. I tell all my students "every 'rule' I give you is just a general guideline for where you are right now. Eventually you'll learn the right time and situation to break those rules."
  6. Tony Dismukes

    Sensei YouTube?

    I'll second all the comments that Judo is very difficult to learn from video unless you have prior relevant experience and that you are risking injury to your daughter without a proper foundation in ukemi skills on her end and proper technique on your end. However I will add that if you are...
  7. Tony Dismukes

    Dan Ranks: A Comparison of Ideologies

    I've got a question regarding the material you learn at these KKW courses. Are you primarily learning functional improvements to your skills? I.e., do you come back from the seminar having discovered details that seem to significantly improve the percentage with which you land your side kick...
  8. Tony Dismukes

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    Yeah, I acknowledge that a katana is more of a slicer. I don’t know if the OP understands swords enough to make the distinction between different type.
  9. Tony Dismukes

    II dan certificate lost - United Tae Kwon Do Union

    To the original poster, how long has it been since you actually trained regularly? If it’s been 30+ years, then I’d second the recommendation to just start over at the beginning. You’ll probably be able to pick things up more quickly the second time around. However the odds of you still being...
  10. Tony Dismukes

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    It depends a lot on the type of sword. Some are optimized for slicing and the arts which use them reflect that. Others are more optimized for a hewing action and the body dynamics for those are very close to those for impact weapons (except that edge alignment is much more important, obviously)...
  11. Tony Dismukes

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    A stick isn't the best analogue for a katana, but there are a number of stick fighting systems based around sword technique and sword systems which have traditionally used sticks as training tools for the sword. For example, much of Irish stickfighting was apparently based on broadsword...
  12. Tony Dismukes

    Why is their so much disrespect for Karate? And what can we do to stop it?

    I believe Yokozuna514 was referencing Jon Bluming, who was a high level judoka as well as a high level kyokushin karateka. I don't know how much of his grappling/judo experience he passed on to his karate students, but it's perhaps notable that one of his students (Takashi Azuma) went on to...
  13. Tony Dismukes

    Why is their so much disrespect for Karate? And what can we do to stop it?

    It's right there in the title: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Did Captain America ever take down Thanos on his own? I think not.
  14. Tony Dismukes

    Newly rebuilt Dao

    I’ve seen some good reviews for swords from L.K. Chen, but I haven’t tried them myself.
  15. Tony Dismukes

    2021 Goals!

    Well, let me know if/when videos of the gathering go up on YouTube or on the DBMA site. I have a DBMA membership so I can check out the videos there.
  16. Tony Dismukes

    2021 Goals!

    Be sure to get some video and post it when you get back. I'm not sure when HEMA events are going to get started back up around here. I just started training HEMA (Meyer longsword and dussack) a couple of months ago and I'm really looking forward to trying some competition. Hopefully by the time...
  17. Tony Dismukes

    Started my sparring training with staff - Is it possible to learn on my own

    Hmm ... those look like the right size for my rattan staff. Maybe next time I order something from PurpleHeart I'll add a couple of those to my order. Still have to be careful with thrusts, though, especially if your sparring partner happens to walk into them.
  18. Tony Dismukes

    Started my sparring training with staff - Is it possible to learn on my own

    Nice! I've been thinking about how to safely add some staff sparring to my training. It looks like the staffs you're using are pretty light and have a little bit of flexibility. Are those rubber tips on the end to give some padding for thrusts?
  19. Tony Dismukes

    Kali/arnis/escrima in austin texas?

    To clarify a little bit, "Kali", "Escrima", and "Arnis" are generic names for various Filipino martial arts - much like "Kung Fu" can refer to anything from Wing Chun to Choy Li Fut or "Karate" can refer to anything from Kyokushin to Goju Ryu. Individual styles of Kali/Escrima/Arnis would be...
  20. Tony Dismukes

    Been a white belt for 5 years

    I'm not saying that none of these stories are true. I will say that with 21 years in the art and experience with multiple schools and instructors I have never observed such a situation myself. I don't think I've even heard second or third hand about a situation quite as drastic as the "white...
  21. Tony Dismukes

    Dan Ranks: A Comparison of Ideologies

    Just to clarify the situation for BJJ, having a black belt certainly doesn't mean that a practitioner is expected to stop progressing technically. Nor does it mean that they can apply "the entire system" exactly, because there is no fully bounded "entire system". The art is continually growing...
  22. Tony Dismukes

    It feels good to be back.

    Well, technically today is day 8 of being back to daily training. I felt the sore muscles earlier in the week, but now my joints are joining the complaint choir. I’m probably just going to be abusing the naproxen for a little while until my body adjusts.
  23. Tony Dismukes

    It feels good to be back.

    I guess I spoke too soon on the “not being as sore as expected“ front. It all caught up with me overnight. I’m feeling thoroughly achey and arthritic. Still going to class today though.
  24. Tony Dismukes

    It feels good to be back.

    As of last week, both my wife and I were two weeks out from our 2nd covid shot, and I felt ready to get back to regular training. Over the last 7 days I’ve done: 6 hours BJJ 5 hours HEMA (longsword and dussack via Joachim Meyer) 2 hours archery 1 hour Capoeira ... so an average of two hours...
  25. Tony Dismukes

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    There isn’t any set weight which is necessarily appropriate for building strength. It depends on where you currently are as an individual. If you can swing a stick full power for an extended period of time and don’t feel any muscle burn or fatigue, then it’s too light for you as a strength...
  26. Tony Dismukes

    Long Fist Systems... The reality?

    You do know that JowGaWolf trains in a long fist system, has done so for a long time, teaches that system, believes in its functionality, and has spent a significant amount of time experimenting to find the best ways to train and apply it, right? I wouldn’t say that he’s attacking the system...
  27. Tony Dismukes

    Another good day of training

    I got this one: Amazon - Massage Gun for Christmas and I've been very happy with it.
  28. Tony Dismukes

    Aikido has no reason to prove itself!

    For the most part, no. BJJ doesn't have an official title of "master" and I've never heard a BJJ practitioner (even a very advanced one) refer to themselves as such. I remember a seminar once where the host tried to refer to Renzo Gracie as "Master" and Renzo's response was along the lines of...
  29. Tony Dismukes

    Aikido has no reason to prove itself!

    Counterpoint - BJJ has evolved tremendously in recent years. Heck, just since I started training a couple of decades ago the "best practices" for a number of fundamental techniques have changed drastically. (For example, the body mechanics for a guillotine choke as taught by the best...
  30. Tony Dismukes

    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    I'll let others chime in with the best hardwood options, but I wanted to make it clear that you can do serious damage with a rattan stick (up to and including concussions and broken bones), assuming that you have decent technique and are using a relatively substantial piece of rattan. Maybe not...