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  1. Gentle Fist

    Pinans and SKK

    In NCK (Cerio's Kenpo), 1st Pinan was based on the basic block/punch form (1 Pinan) from Kushinkai Karate. The foot print of this form resembles an "H". 2nd and 3rd Pinan were the same foot print but with different Combinations used instead of the basic block/punch combo. In NCK there was 4th...
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    We Are A Black Belt School

    If you are getting something out of it (fitness, fighting skills, etc...) then that is all that matters. Black Belt means nothing without heart and guts behind it...
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    My 50 kick challenge

    Got dizzy watching that :) I think you can shave some time off that as well... good post!
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    The Last Person Thread - 3.0

    more reason to show that we need a playoff system...
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    But you're not a black belt.

    No strikes or kicks, which is good since the white belt had done Muay Thai for a few years prior to joining Judo :)
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    But you're not a black belt.

    I agree. I was referring more to the combat logic and playfulness. Most BJJ white belts don't have egos and will go hard with anyone to try out their new arsenal. I would dare say that "some" white belts in Judo and BJJ could take (submit/defeat) a TKD black belt who has no grappling game...
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    But you're not a black belt.

    Your friend with the black belt needs to spar a BJJ white belt so he can be humbled...
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    Learn from Youtube

    As stated earlier hard to learn from videos without a proper base that was given by a "real" instructor.
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    Tracy's Yellow and Orange

    Cool :ultracool
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    Muscle training?

    Depends on the martial art and your focus. I train heavy on the side since I practice Judo and compete in the heavyweight divisions. So when I am not training, I am either running or powerlifting. This topic has been discussed before in great detail so try doing a search to see some of the...
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    Kenpo is BS!

    Love it!
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    How old is too old to start BJJ ?

    He passed away at 96... Hence why I said 97 :)
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    The Last Person Thread - 3.0

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    Inspiring video One-legged Judoka

    Pretty impressive to see that and humbling at the same time... Thanks for posting!
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    So what do We do about Zombies.

    Now just think of a zombie honey badger!!! He will just laugh at your silly little weapons and just take what he wants!
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    Lifetime memberships

    I am a life member of USJA (organization). Most regional and higher level Judo tournaments require a membership from one of the big three judo organizations. You must also have an active membership in order to collect points for rank promotion. An annual membership is around $40 while the...
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    How Many Kata are necessary?

    I had close to 30 when I was involved in Kenpo, now I only have 2 so far in Judo :) (Kata are not taught until BB in Judo)
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    The Last Person Thread - 3.0

  19. Gentle Fist

    Maybe a third dan next year

    Good luck! I was told I can go up for my 2nd Dan (Judo) in the Spring...
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    Random Guy Versus Judoka

    haha Own-age!
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    Honorary Black Belt certifications and wording on them. Need suggsetions

    Why the need to have a honorary belt? Won't a simple plaque or dozen roses do the trick? :)
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    Woman, 83, is shot by police after calling 9-1-1 to report a burglary

    Yikes... Once saw a bumper sticker : No Warning Shots Authorized
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    Shaolin-Do Curriculum?

    Sorry didn't read through the 100+ posts on this thread... What is with the name and uniform choice? Are they Japanese or Chinese? After watching the videos on Youtube...not really convinced that it is an ancient martial art...
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    The Last Person Thread - 3.0

    drive by... :s192:
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    WTF is this

    as long as they are having fun I guess :)
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    Overweight Karate Instructors

    Unfortunately the public sometimes has this perception that a martial arts instructor is supposed to have the body of Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris (in his prime :) ). In judo for example, many instructors are retired from competition and aren't the physical specimens they once were... Our head...
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    What dose your MA use for Black Belt Ranks.

    In USJA Judo, we either wear just a plain black belt or have our name and club embroidered on the ends of the belt. I haven't seen anyone that uses stripes to signify rank. We also have alternative instructor belts that are used for testings and formal events. They are as follows: 4th/5th...
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    The Future of Ryu-Te?

    Nick Cerio's Kenpo had over 10,000 students across North America in 1998 when he passed away from cancer. Within only a few months after his passing, the organization had some major splits and not to long after that some legal issues arose regarding the name and trademarks. Senior Instructors...