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  1. MA-Caver

    Need Arabic Translation

    I'm trying to find a translation site beyond Babelfish and all the others and they're not giving me what I need. Basically the phonetic translation from english to arabic where it's written in english not arabic script... this is for a novel that I'm working on that has an arabic speaking...
  2. MA-Caver

    China VS US a novel research project.

    Greetings all... I'm in the midst of writing a second volume of a (still) unpublished series, shameless plug , was thinking of theoretically about the possibility of China being able to invade the continental U.S. (ala Red Dawn). Particularly they'd be able to do it with just their infantry...
  3. MA-Caver

    FAST Gun disarm!

    Having a gun to my head and at another time one to my FACE... either way, you're going to be either pretty ballsy and take the chance and try to take the weapon away or be standing there making wee-wee in your pants and waiting for that sudden flash and millisecond of pain as the bullet enters...
  4. MA-Caver

    Dirty Laundry - A PUNISHER short film by Jane and Ennis

    It's because I saw the film on another site and was going to post it here but you beat me to it. :uhyeah:
  5. MA-Caver

    Dirty Laundry - A PUNISHER short film by Jane and Ennis

    I thought I recognized the actor but didn't make the association until the reveal at the end. Pretty awesome. Trying to ignore all that around him ... but just can't. Great little flick.
  6. MA-Caver

    Defence with a knife: To show, or not to show...

    Long time ago I wrote in detail in a thread relating to this topic. Long story short... I don't show you my blade. It'll flash out and cut you then go back into hiding. I've learned to switch hands quickly so you won't know which hand to watch for that has the knife. Years ago I was at a...
  7. MA-Caver

    Bob Hubbard for President 2012 - Platform

    I'd vote for ya... Can I have the job of head of Dept. of The Interior? There's a lot wrong with our national parks that could be fixed... among other things along those lines. Oh and if that's filled by someone better then I'll take Dept. Of Transportation. Give me the funds and I'll get that...
  8. MA-Caver

    Crazy Baseball Batting Practice? Or Computer Hoax

    Watching this guy (with his friend) you can't help but be amazed. But the article and video bring up the subject that it would be just as easy to fake this. If it's real then the guy is simply amazing and his knowledge of angles, implied force and probabilities is up there. Check 'em out...
  9. MA-Caver

    Get Ready To Feel OLD ... The Sounds Of Yesterday's Technology.

    What is sad is that I recognized each of these sounds. Particularly the rotary phone dialing ... SIGH. Thinking someone should collect them and play them to any school class-room of any grade (college to first grade) to see if they can (accurately) identify what the noises are.
  10. MA-Caver

    When recreational drugs are legal...

    Synthetic marijuana has now been linked to the "zombie attack" in Florida. It's like the acid (LSD) they are manufacturing today... just a bunch of chemicals that'll mess up the already messed up brain. I predict that at least (real) marijuana will end up being legalized. There's nothing...
  11. MA-Caver

    North Korea, What to do?

    As I've said, a people oppressed will rise up against their oppressors when they get sick and tired of being sick and tired. It happened in Egypt, Libya and other places it will eventually happen in North Korea. Until then it's not our say to intervene. It's horrible, it's inhumane but at the...
  12. MA-Caver

    40 Powerful Photographs

    The actual title reads "40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken" Now I'll admit that the pictures shown are "powerful" in their story telling and their composition. But "THE MOST" powerful? Somehow when I see a...
  13. MA-Caver

    Cleveland Truck Driver Ditches Local AIDS Group Over Gay Pride Parade

    Agreed... it's called thought policing, and it's wrong, wrong, wrong. Our thoughts and opinions have always been the last vestiges of privacy that we have. We can choose to share them or not that is our right as free thinking citizens of this planet. To say you're not allowed to have those...
  14. MA-Caver

    All the President’s Privileges

    Both (political) parties have been in power for so long that they have become one and the same. They are all just "what's in it for me, when my term(s) expires".
  15. MA-Caver

    Sunburned Kids At School Who's To Blame?

    That I think is the crux of the whole situation across this country. Our society is becoming dumber by the headline it seems. This situation for the teachers is a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" kind of thing. In this instance the teachers hands were tied because of rules imposed...
  16. MA-Caver

    Obama Spends More Than He Raises as Aides See Romney Advantage

    Yep, a good president has to stay in practice for the next four years. But of course with other people's money. Me thinks he's getting desperate.
  17. MA-Caver

    Texas Dad Beats His Daughter’s Molester to Death

    Ya gotta love Texas. Attacking the guy after the fact is different. Attacking the guy during the act is definitely in defense of the girl. One thing I think stands out in the father's favor was that he used no weapons, this would've shown signs of premeditation. He went out into the field...
  18. MA-Caver

    Jujutsu Gi Choke Video... You Did It A Wee Bit Too Much

    Yeah, well, at least it's an example of what NOT to do.
  19. MA-Caver

    Jujutsu Gi Choke Video... You Did It A Wee Bit Too Much

    I'm not sure what exactly went wrong here but the instructor definitely wasn't paying attention to EVERYTHING that was happening. cwbnESDByLA apologies if this has already been posted previously
  20. MA-Caver

    Christians can't catch a break...Rock of Ages movie...

    I am a Christian (at least by definition... if not by ACTIONS). I"m not offended but I don't appreciate how they'll vilify or poke fun at one religion but not another. Would they make the same type of comedy poking fun at Muslims? Prolly not, they don't want to be blown up. Nearly every...
  21. MA-Caver

    Pens as Weapons.

    If I don't have my knife then my go to is a pen. Honestly if I had gotten to where I would use a pen in a fight... I'm not going to care if it writes afterwards or not. Lots of good vulnerable soft spots on the human body where a pen would have no trouble entering if enough force is applied...
  22. MA-Caver

    3,000 US soldiers to serve in Africa next year

    Yeah I realize that. Still it's mass murder by any other name, only complaints have been through non-diplomatic channels. Either way I've of mind that we here, in America anyway need to focus more upon our own. We've got starving people here, unemployment, businesses going bankrupt and lots of...
  23. MA-Caver

    3,000 US soldiers to serve in Africa next year

    It WAS genocide... those people were nomadic by being forced out of their lands by the same group of warlords that are waging terror today. Why don't those people keep nomading about to areas where there is food? They can't because there are large groups of heavily armed men who are keeping them...
  24. MA-Caver

    3,000 US soldiers to serve in Africa next year

    Morally NO it's NOT okay ... but is it ok for us to arbitrarily decide (when) we need to stop them? I've said they've been doing to themselves for centuries. They've gone to war with each other, captured prisoners sold them as slaves, slaughtered entire villages/tribes for centuries, even way...
  25. MA-Caver

    3,000 US soldiers to serve in Africa next year

    True, genocide is a terrible thing. Yet they're doing it to themselves. They've been doing it to themselves for centuries. Same race, whereas in Europe it was more than just genocide. It was a quest for world domination. The genocide was a side thing the nazzis had going. I guess the phrase...
  26. MA-Caver

    LOTR - A Better Plan

    If Sauron and the Witch King of Angmar was pre-occupied with the siege of Minas Tirith then the Eagle could've flown around, i.e. the route that Frodo, Sam and Gollum/Smeagol took. Volia ... Could've given the ring to Smeagol to hold it and then drop him AND the ring into the mountain. Heh...
  27. MA-Caver

    Fit To Fat To Fit: The Year Long Journey Of Drew Manning

    This guy used to be one of those hard-assed trainers until he decided to take a lesson in empathy. Went from a totally fit bod to being over weight and then took it off again. His story is inspiring because it shows how a person can learn about walking in another's shoes and to show others that...
  28. MA-Caver

    Martial arts spider

    With 8 legs... I doubt sincerely that even Chuck Norris could handle the creature. But call Samwise Gamgee... he's handled spiders before.
  29. MA-Caver

    Judge A Book By It's Cover? Pretty dang stupid if you ask me.

    America's Got Talent. Sometimes it's definitely not what's on the outside. I didn't know what really to expect from this guy. With the white contacts and his emo/gothic nature. Admitting that he's never let anyone see what he can do. Then he opens his mouth and sings. Sing? That's not a good...
  30. MA-Caver

    It's UFO Time Again

    That poor guy on the Art Bell radio program... not aliens but extra dimensional beings? hmm. might explain some ghost sightings as well... I've have had my share of seeing odd objects in the sky both during the day and night. What they are ... unidentified flying objects... just have no idea...