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    Your Enemy Is Training...

    Maybe I misinterpreted, it sort of seemed to be a defense of mediocrity to me.
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    Your Enemy Is Training...

    My friends are always training, and they are going to kick my *** the next time I see them if I don't get better. I can't imagine studying martial arts for 20 years with the target of skill acquisition being "being better than a drunk mugger." Is any practice better than nothing? Maybe, is...
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    2021 Goals!

    Dog Brother videos are controlled, as members of the Tribe we all get access to the videos but we do not l publish them publicly. They have had problems in the past where students have pointed out fights and essentially said; "look my instructor beat up your instructor," and that really isn't...
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    Smoking in Kung Fu

    My sister was a professional ballet dancer (read professional athlete) with a major US company, the smoking was prolific. But a lot of these grandmasters weren't professional athletes and weren't getting in 10 round matches with whoever they fought (if they fought), so smoking probably wasn't...
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    Started my sparring training with staff - Is it possible to learn on my own

    they are rattan, about 1 inch in diameter. We had previously used thinner ones but they flexed too much. The rubber caps are these: Blunt Thrusting Tip, Black They just spread out the impact a bit and cover any sharpish edges, they aren't really "padding,' they are pretty solid.
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    2021 Goals!

    Copies and pastes last year's goals that were all F'ed up due to COVID: Goals for 2020 2021 Fight in 2 Dog Brothers events -for those events focus on double long weapon fights (first one in 2 weeks) Fight in 2 HEMA events -for those events fight in sword and shield/buckler tourneys (this isn't...
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    Started my sparring training with staff - Is it possible to learn on my own

    You can still go fast and light with the right gear and some level of control. It is the equivalent of a boxing sparring match, it isn't full force all the time, that is for the ring (park?). I am not a good staff fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but I have people I can train against...
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    FMA in Tokyo, Japan?

    There is also Kali Himagsikan, looks like they follow the PTI system.
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    Kali/arnis/escrima in austin texas?

    I am going to second this, Tuhon Leslie is superb, literally one of the top three PTK instructors in the US IMO and he is in your backyard. Kali, escrima, and arnis are basically the same thing, don't sweat the differences.
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    Sensei YouTube?

    See if that Judo instructor that is an hour a way will take you for private lessons. If he will, have him teach you to breakfall and then pick 3 throws that you want to focus on and then focus on those.
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    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    Here is a inexpensive hickory cane, hickory is a great wood for hitting and hurting people with. Also look at the page where those are sourced from for other options. As for what...
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    Short Blade cutting competition

    Mine is an old (20+ years) Kris Cutlery Pinute, something like 90 USD when I bought it. I think they got out of the sword making business in the last couple of years, but when I last saw the price it was going for 120USD or so. Some of my classmates have some of the Condor offerings and they...
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    Short Blade cutting competition

    There was a requirement on that particular cut that you had to do continuous step and cut without stopping the blade so I tried moving through it too fast and outran my feet. Watching the other guys on that stage they had a far better pace.
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    Short Blade cutting competition

    I think everyone who wants to train in swords should cut, heck I have my 8 and 14 year old cutting water bottles and pumpkins. This is my 14 year old using his baseball technique (he doesn't train anything except whatever he got by osmosis watching in the dojo since he was a kid) and I am...
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    Short Blade cutting competition

    The long blade was BYOB (blade) but it had to be traditional to the culture. The bowie was used by everyone and was assigned by the competition. I hadn't cut with the bowie before and it showed, to get get clean cuts you really have to be dialed in on your understanding of the distance...
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    List all of the Weapons at your house

    I would not grapple (or kick or punch) this guy. Also Victorian era Russian bear hunters were nuts.
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    Short Blade cutting competition

    This is highlights from the first (and only) cutting competition I had the chance to compete in. Very educational and I hope we can do another this year. Cutting is like golf, it is just about you and the target, it puts a pure focus on your skills, not the comparison of your skills to...
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    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    One option in the duel is to oppose the fighter with non-contact moves against the other fighter or to parry the blade rather than meet the other sword. It isn't impossible but just really really hard. :D If you are looking to take advice from movies I like the bit where Li Mu Bai uses a stick...
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    Mystery weapon

    I think your soulmate is a klingon.
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    How many weapons have you broken?

    I have broken many weapons but most of them are rattan and designed to be used up. According to Sharkee knives my group is the only group to have ever broken their training knives and we have done it twice. I broke a polymer training sword through repeated spine hits that delaminated the HDPE...
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    Black Belt in FMA

    My larger association has a curriculum with a fairly extensive rank system. In my club there are no symbols of rank or titles. Everybody knows who the instructors are. The first promotion a student of mine would receive is to "lakan Guro" or roughly "assistant instructor."
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    Any online resources for a FMA beginner training solo?

    Another option compared to buying the Dog Brothers videos is to simply join their association for 30 something per month. As a member of the DBMA you get access to pretty much all of their videos as well as many individual lessons outside of what is published on the videos. Join and try it out...
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    Do you still go to your class?

    Still open, we have no documented cases in the county as of yet. We will be shifting to long range material though, so no grappling for the foreseeable future, I see a lot of staff, spear and sword and buckler/shield work in the next couple of months. And obviously if things do get more...
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    Coronavirus/Covid 19

    Why put a bucket in it? Dig a deeper hole put a board with a hole over it. Fill hole back in when half full. If you want to interrupt the fly cycle get a good seal to close the hole (like another board) when not in use.
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    reaching out to schools for PE or after school program

    You should look at an afterschool program. Possibly at a particular school, but also look at opportunites in Boys and Girls Clubs or YMCA or something similar. I ran an afterschool program as a brown belt (gulp, 20 years ago) though I was essentially employed by a larger company/non-profit who...
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    Coronavirus/Covid 19

    This is why I do weapon arts, so I don't have to like, touch people. :D
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    Recent full contact stick fight

    You will probably enjoy this:
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    The claim edge blocking and flat blocking doesn't matter because weapons get damaged......

    I am sure with a better steel the chips would have been smaller than we got with these. That said it probably depends on the steel, one of the biggest proponents of the "don't go edge to edge" is from the Japanese sword arts where the steels of the edge were hard but brittle.