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  1. Tames D

    Villari Organization Confusion...

    Are you looking for this? Online martial arts training | Villari's martial arts | Villari Global Media
  2. Tames D

    a weak woman

    Ah, but is She or He new here?? ;)
  3. Tames D

    9th degree promotion from a man who died 2 years ago

    I hold rank in Kenpo and one of my certs has Ed Parker Sr's signature on it as well as my instructor at the time, and witnesses. Parker was dead long before I tested for rank. I never thought of my rank as not being legitimate.
  4. Tames D

    80s Music Johnny Is Stuck In

    I don't like that kind of talk :);)
  5. Tames D

    Anyone in the Denver area?

    Welcome Lindsey. I love Denver but don't get a chance to get there much lately. Good luck on your search.
  6. Tames D

    What are your thoughts on knee on the back of the neck.

    Interesting. Out of curiosity, How good is his track record for overturning original autopsies? When I say overturn, I'm referring to his influence on Judges, Juries and the outcome of trials.
  7. Tames D

    Just Joined

    Welcome Dan. Are you related to Dave?
  8. Tames D

    Wong Training

    So, I'll ask again - who trains golden bell? Ok, Ok, I really don't have experience in Golden Bell, but I have on occasion dabbled in Golden Showers.
  9. Tames D

    Sometimes You've Got To Embarrass Yourself

    This thread embarrasses me :smuggrin:
  10. Tames D

    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    Absolutely agree. This has always worked well for me:)
  11. Tames D

    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    I think Milli Vanilli should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  12. Tames D

    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    Well... MLB did name it the 'Hall of Fame', not the 'Hall of Virtues' :):D:p. And Damit, Pete IS a famous man, and arguably the best player the game has seen. Ban him from baseball AND put him in the Hall.
  13. Tames D

    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.
  14. Tames D

    Sup brahs?

    Welcome to MT my man. You have the right attitude and I like that. I have mastered every martial art known to man and a few unknown to man. You are on the right track, just keep training. You will love the feeling.
  15. Tames D

    On Scouting (and advancement)..My first blog entry

    Thanks for sharing. I can relate to every word you said, having been in the same leadership position as you. Nine Summer camps as an adult leader and I often wonder if I made a difference in any scouts life. I like to think I did but who knows. I remember working with a scout who struggled with...
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  17. Tames D

    Dojo location etiquette

    Not that it makes any difference but he's not a TKD guy. He's a Kenpo guy.
  18. Tames D

    Self Defense in a McDonald's in Arkansas

    That's an awesome feeling to be acknowledged like that. Probably had that guy seeing you in a different light :). Two seasons was my limit too.
  19. Tames D

    Self Defense in a McDonald's in Arkansas

    I can't argue with that :D
  20. Tames D

    Self Defense in a McDonald's in Arkansas

    I get it. I was a bouncer at little league baseball games for two seasons. I was responsible for protecting the umpires and keeping peace in the bleachers. You'd be surprised how busy I was, lol.
  21. Tames D

    Closing shop...

    Just kidding Bro. Good luck!
  22. Tames D

    Boy Scouts

    Latest update: My sons have left the scouts. My older son is focused on his music degree in College. My younger son just turned 18 and immediately enlisted in the Marine Corps. I'm equally proud of them both.
  23. Tames D

    RIP Hawkins Cheung

  24. Tames D

    Going To Try Again, Wish Me Luck

    Best of luck Doc. Just keep showing up.
  25. Tames D

    Me Again

    Congrats on your sobriety. Stay with it. I had my last drink August 7, 2016. Best decision I ever made.
  26. Tames D

    New Staff

    Otto,The only advice I can give you is when things get really rough (and they will) remember that you have that bullet in your shirt pocket. And don't be afraid to use it!!