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    nice! welcome!
  2. Christopher Adamchek

    Difference between block and guard

    some good points on block vs guard a bit more on guards - they are positions from which certain blocks and strikes are easier to execute, guards can also be used to show your strengths or weaknesses or fake weaknesses
  3. Christopher Adamchek

    Thoughts on "pop locks"

    We typically think of locks as increasing hold and control until the desired affect is met such as straining, snapping, tapping out etc. But locks can hard to set up an maintain until the desired affect is met under real resistance. And why aikido like styles can get blow back for their...
  4. Christopher Adamchek

    What company made your black belt?

    my black belt and renshi belt are Tokaido brand, i love the quality of them
  5. Christopher Adamchek

    Biggest martial art bs stories

    The mountain punch your refering to can be a throw, body hold escape, an uppercut/shovel hook and overhand combo, ect. - it is a versatile technique
  6. Christopher Adamchek

    Biggest martial art bs stories

    There are some good videos comparring kata to thier exact counterparts in mma
  7. Christopher Adamchek

    Biggest martial art bs stories

    true...sort of - they do use patterns and drill sets and practical applications of kata have been seen in MMA
  8. Christopher Adamchek

    HEMA and Russia

    @lklawson - so knowledgeable!
  9. Christopher Adamchek

    Weapons training for empty hand fighting

    I love weapons training for many reasons, but recently i have a student who loves empty hand fighting and doesnt care much for our weapons training. So here are some points ive noted to him on how it can make you a better empty hand fighter. Additional ranges - improve range management Angles...
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    Targeting biceps and forearms in a fight/sparring?

    Absolutely - especially with weapons training In terms of empty hand fighting ive had two techniques that have worked most consistantly for me in execution and opponent injury is parry/elbow cover - mostly raising the elbow to where their punch is going to be and a hybrid hammer fist/wing chun...
  11. Christopher Adamchek

    A question about pro fighters who HIT HARD.

    i find its usually a mix have a natural talent for it helps you get far but so does a great training program
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    Did you kick anything in your Shotokan or Goju Ryu kick training?

    Odd... we have plenty of kicks in Goju
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    Old Karate Article

    My school uses karate in this way
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    Self Defense Myths

    overall really good, just a few comments on some of the points known strangers is also a good concept to help differentiate it good to watch for un common attacks but if people also have things built up in their head of fearing x attack its still good to give them the peace of mind on it on...
  15. Christopher Adamchek

    Take down with mobility

    i like it, use it, teach it
  16. Christopher Adamchek

    How many weapons have you broken?

    That staff took quite a few of these before it broke lol This was from a collection of shaolin staff training vids, could be a mokey sub style technique Techniques are mostly for coordination, timeing, strength etc - looks good for demos/theater but can have some mild practicality
  17. Christopher Adamchek

    How many weapons have you broken?

    @Chris Parker you are correct, its mostly Chinese theater technique It does entail good coordination
  18. Christopher Adamchek

    I realized why strength training and Taekwondo/KB/Karate do not go hand in hand

    iv had no issue adding weight/strength training in with my karate
  19. Christopher Adamchek

    How many weapons have you broken?

    broken 2 staffs while sparring broken 1 staff while jumping off it broke 1 staff practicing power generation broke 1 nunchaku on a dummy broke 1 nunchaku locking a training partner broke 1 eku on a dummy just before i was about to oil the wood
  20. Christopher Adamchek

    How many weapons have you broken?

    To date ive broken 7 weapons during training really sad :(:(:( about my most recent one lol
  21. Christopher Adamchek

    Which martial arts should I take up?

    Then go kick boxing , much more fun
  22. Christopher Adamchek

    Which martial arts should I take up?

    If you really dont want to worry about strikes and want to take MA for exercise and friends i would suggest BJJ, but it also depends on whats around you
  23. Christopher Adamchek

    Being Bullied and dont know what to do? Having trouble speaking up

    Like @Headhunter was saying, martial arts wont solve the immediate problem but can help you cope and prepare
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    Kids and weapons

    foam covered bo and nunchaku are often good for kids, and helps then learn to be more responsible with thing in their hands
  25. Christopher Adamchek

    Virtual Fight League

    I recently had fun competing in the pilot fight of the Virtual Fight League combining martial arts skill and comedic fun more fighters are always needed full site Virtual Fight League